Genome Mapping and Genomics in Domestic Animals

Author: Noelle E. Cockett,Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540738355

Category: Science

Page: 280

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Genomics research on animals has generated huge databases and several new concepts and strategies, which are used to elucidate origin, evolution and phylogeny of species. Genetic and physical maps of genomes give details on chromosomal location, function, expression and regulation of genes. The series Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals provides comprehensive and up-to-date reviews on genomic research on selected animal systems contributed by leading scientists from around the world. This volume offers information on gene mapping and genomics research in domesticated and farmed animals including cattle, water buffalo, sheep, deer, poultry, turkeys, rabbits, dogs and pigs. While the genome maps for some species are very limited, full genome sequences are available for cattle, chickens and dogs. Genomic research contributes to the identification of genetic regions that control the functionality and well-being of animals. Several farmed species are also used as models for biomedical studies.
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Genome Mapping and Genomics in Laboratory Animals

Author: Paul Denny,Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642313167

Category: Science

Page: 261

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Mapping of animal genomes has generated huge databases and several new concepts and strategies, which are useful to elucidate origin, evolution and phylogeny. Genetic and physical maps of genomes further provide precise details on chromosomal location, function, expression and regulation of academically and economically important genes. The series Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals provides comprehensive and up-to-date reviews on genomic research on a large variety of selected animal systems, contributed by leading scientists from around the world. Laboratory animals are those species that by accident of evolution, domestication and selective breeding are amenable to maintenance and study in a laboratory environment. Many of these species are studied as 'models' for the biology and pathology of humans. Laboratory animals included in this volume are sea-urchin, nematode worm, fruit fly, sea squirts, puffer fishes, medaka fish, African clawed frog, mouse and rat.
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Genome Mapping and Genomics in Fishes and Aquatic Animals

Author: Thomas D. Kocher,Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540738371

Category: Science

Page: 180

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Mapping of animal genomes has generated huge databases and several new concepts and strategies, which are useful to elucidate origin, evolution and phylogeny. Genetic and physical maps of genomes further provide precise details on chromosomal location, function, expression and regulation of academically and economically important genes. The series Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals provides comprehensive and up-to-date reviews on genomic research on a large variety of selected animal systems, contributed by leading scientists from around the world. This volume summarizes the first era of genomic studies of aquaculture species, in which the tools and resources necessary to support whole-genome sequencing were developed. These tools will enhance efforts toward selective breeding of aquaculture species. Included in this volume are summaries of work on salmonids, cyprinids, catfish, tilapias, European sea bass, Japanese flounder, shrimps and oysters.
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Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals

Author: Zhihua Jiang,Troy L. Ott

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470961821

Category: Science

Page: 472

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Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals is a thorough examination of genomics in the livestock industry, encompassing genome sciences, genome biotechnology, and reproduction. Recent developments in molecular genetics and genomics have enabled scientists to identify and characterize genes contributing to the complexity of reproduction in domestic animals, allowing scientists to improve reproductive traits. Providing the livestock industry with essential tools for enhancing reproductive efficiency, Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals surveys the current status of reproductive genomes and looks to the future direction of research.
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Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animal-Associated Microbes

Author: Nene Vishvanath,Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540740422

Category: Science

Page: 237

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Achievements and progress in genome mapping and the genomics of microbes supersede by far those for higher plants and animals, in part due to their enormous economic implication but also smaller genome size. In the post-genomic era, whole genome sequences of animal-associated microbes are providing clues to depicting the genetic basis of the complex host-pathogen relationships and the evolution of parasitism; and to improving methods of controlling pathogens. This volume focuses on a globally important group of intracellular prokaryotic pathogens which affect livestock animals. These include Brucella, Mycobacterium, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia, as well as the protozoan pathogens Cryptosporidium and Theileria, for which genome sequence data is available. Insights from comparative genomics of the microbes described provide clues to the adaptation involved in host-microbe interactions, as well as resources potentially useful for application in future research and product development.
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Coordination of programs on domestic animal genomics

the federal framework : progress report

Author: National Science and Technology Council (U.S.). Interagency Working Group on Domestic Animal Genomics

Publisher: N.A


Category: Science

Page: 29

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Exploring Horizons for Domestic Animal Genomics:

Workshop Summary

Author: Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources,Kim Waddell,Robert Pool,National Research Council,Division on Earth and Life Studies,Board on Life Sciences

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309085055

Category: Science

Page: 54

View: 6451

Recognizing the important contributions that genomic analysis can make to agriculture, production and companion animal science, evolutionary biology, and human health with respect to the creation of models for genetic disorders, the National Academies convened a group of individuals to plan a public workshop that would: (1) assess these contributions; (2) identify potential research directions for existing genomics programs; and (3) highlight the opportunities of a coordinated, multi-species genomics effort for the science and policymaking communities. Their efforts culminated in a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. The workshop was convened on February 19, 2002. The goal of the workshop was to focus on domestic animal genomics and its integration with other genomics and functional genomics projects.
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Genome Mapping and Genomics in Arthropods

Author: Wayne Hunter,Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540738339

Category: Science

Page: 122

View: 7263

The series "Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals" provides comprehensive and up-to-date reviews on genomic research on a large variety of selected animal systems, contributed by leading scientists from around the world. The huge amount of information hitherto dispersed in journals is now available in this clearly structured reference work. Arthropods covered here include honeybee, bumblebee, the parasitic Jewel Wasp, silkworm, pea aphid, mosquito, Hessian fly and tick.
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Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals

Author: Jiro Jerry Kaneko,John W. Harvey,Michael L. Bruss

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080568829

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 928

View: 4966

The 6th edition of a well-known and much used standard text in the field. This book covers all aspects of the biochemical abnormalities caused by various diseases and how they relate to the biochemical changes in the blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluids, other body fluids and in cells. The purpose is to provide the fundamental bases for understanding the biochemical changes that occur in disease processes and in turn to provide the rationale for applying this understanding to the diagnosis of the disease process. A substantial appendix is provided so that the user can quickly identify the reference ranges for a large number of animal species. * An appendix is provided in the book so that the user can quickly identify the reference ranges for a large number of animal species * Explains what biochemical changes occur in disease processes and provides the rationale for applying this understanding to the diagnosis of the disease process
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Molecular and Quantitative Animal Genetics

Author: Hasan Khatib

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118677404

Category: Science

Page: 336

View: 2098

"Animal genetics is a central topic in upper-level animal science programs. Filling a void in existing literature on animal science, Animal Genetics introduces genetic principles and presents their application in production and companion animals. The book details population and quantitative genetics, epigenetics, biotechnology, and breeding among other topics. Useful in upper-level studies, Animal Genetics is an irreplaceable educational resource"--Provided by publisher.
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Genome Analysis in Domestic Animals

Author: Hermann Geldermann,Franz Ellendorff

Publisher: Vch Pub

ISBN: 9780895739681

Category: Medical

Page: 337

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Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals

Author: Temple Grandin,Mark J. Deesing

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0124055087

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 496

View: 900

Behavior is shaped by both genetics and experience--nature and nurture. This book synthesizes research from behavioral genetics and animal and veterinary science, bridging the gap between these fields. The objective is to show that principles of behavioral genetics have practical applications to agricultural and companion animals. The continuing domestication of animals is a complex process whose myriad impacts on animal behavior are commonly under-appreciated. Genetic factors play a significant role in both species-specific behaviors and behavioral differences exhibited by individuals in the same species. Leading authorities explore the impact of increased intensities of selection on domestic animal behavior. Rodents, cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, herding and guard dogs, and poultry are all included in these discussions of genetics and behavior, making this book useful to veterinarians, livestock producers, laboratory animal researchers and technicians, animal trainers and breeders, and any researcher interested in animal behavior. Includes four new chapters on dog and fox behavior, pig behavior, the effects of domestication and horse behavior Synthesizes research from behavioral genetics, animal science, and veterinary literature Broaches fields of behavior genetics and behavioral research Includes practical applications of principles discovered by behavioral genetics researchers Covers many species ranging from pigs, dogs, foxes, rodents, cattle, horses, and cats
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Mammalian Genomics

Author: Anatoly Ruvinsky,Jennifer A. Marshall Graves

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 0851999107

Category: Science

Page: 600

View: 8618

Organization of the Mammalian Genome; Linkage mapping ; Mapping genomes at the chromosome leveI ; Mapping genomes at the molecular level ; DNA sequence of the human and other mammalian genomes; Expression of the Mammalian Genomes ; The transcriptome ; The proteome ; The epigenome: epigenetic reguIation of gene expression in mammalian species ; Regulation of genome activity and genetic networks in mammals ; Inducing alterations in the mammalian genome for investigating the functions : of genes ; Evolution of the Mammalian Genome ; O A comparative analysis of mammalian genomics: prokaryote and eukaryote perspectives ; Elements and mechanisms of genome change ; DNA sequence evolution and phylogenetic footprinting ; Evolution of the mammalian karyotype ; Compara tive gene mapping, chromosome painting and the reconstruction of the ancestral mammalian karyotype ; Genome Analysis and Bioinformatics ; Bioinformatics: from computational analysis through to integrated systems ; Genetic databases ; Gene predictions and annotations ; The Fruits of Mammalian Genomics ; Genomic research and progress in understanding inherited disorders in humans and other mammals ; Pharmacogenomics ; O Genome scanning for quantitative trait loci ; Mammalian popuIation genetics and genomics.
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Proceedings of the Third Global Conference on Conservation of Domestic Animal Genetic Resources

Presented by Rare Breeds International, 1-5 August 1994, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Author: Roy D. Crawford,E. E. Lister,Jane T. Buckley,Rare Breeds International (Association)

Publisher: [Saskatchewan] : Rare Breeds International

ISBN: 9780968033708

Category: Livestock

Page: 428

View: 7068

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Cytogenetics of animals

Author: Clive R. E. Halnan

Publisher: CABI


Category: Medical

Page: 519

View: 1160

Foreword Preface Contents Introduction: cytogenetics of animals, C.R.E. Halnan 1. The present status of animal cytogenetics and its role in the animal sciences, N.S. Fechheimer 2. Chromosome preparation and high resolution R- and G-banding techniques, Mogens Ronne 3. The handling and analysis of meiotic cells in domestic and laboratory animals, Ann C. Chandley 4. Chromosome studies on the spermatazoa of domestic animals, P. Creighton and J.A. Houghton 5. Splitting and sexing of bovine embryos, production of chimeras and identical twins, G. Brem 6. In situ hybridization, a technique for gene assignments, J. Gellin and M. Yerle 7. Domestic animal gene mapping: a comparative map of the species investigated, Genevieve Echard 8. Conserved and variable elements of mammalian chromosomes, A.S. Graphodatsky 9. Karyotypic analyses in birds, Les Christidis 10. Cytogenetics of domestic minks (Mustela vison), G.K. Isakova 11. The karyotype of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris L), Clemens N.M. Mellink and Anneke A. Bosma 12. Cytogenetics of the horse: adult and embryonic cells, April Romagnano and Claude-Lise Richer 13. Equine cytogenetics: infertility and clinical practice, C.R.E. Halnan 14. Influence of molecular biology and biotechnology on the development of cytogenetics, A.F. Yakovlev 15. Cytogenetic mapping of cattle (Bos taurus L) using quantitative analysis of the RBA map of prometaphase chromosomes, G. Chiryaeva, A.V. Amosova, A.M. Efimov, A.F. Smirnov, L.B. Kaminir, A.F. Yakovlev, A.V. Zelenin 16. Application of cytogenetics to cattle breeding improvement, Andras Kovacs 17. Karyotype and phenotype in cattle and hybrids of the genus, C.R.E. Halnan 18. Sexual differentiation in relation to sex chromosome constitution in cattle and swine, L. Lojda 19. Chromosome aberrations: important indicators of environmental genotoxic effects in farm animals, L. Lojda 20. Notes on the pig, goat, sheep, hybrids and cats, Han Qin and C.R.E. Halnan 21. Accumulation of sister-chromatid-exchange in translocation-chromosomes of sheep (Ovis aries), B. Glahn-Luft and R. Wassmuth 22. Differences in NOR activity levels of the chromosome pairs in Spanish common rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), M.V. Arruga 23. Evidence of Mendelian inheritance of NORs in Spanish common rabbit, M.V. Arruga 24. High resolution GTG banding pattern of rabbit chromosomes, M. Yerle and G. Echard 25. Studies of common wombat and grey kangaroos: inferences for karyotype evolution in Phalangeroidea, G. Wallbanks and C.R.E. Halnan Appendix 1. An Atlas of selected karyotypes, A.S. Graphodatsky, C.R.E. Halnan Appendix 2. Glossary of terms, C.R.E. Halnan Appendix 3. Technical methods References Subject Index
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Die Bulletproof-Diät

Verliere bis zu einem Pfund pro Tag, ohne zu hungern, und erlange deine Energie und Lebensfreude zurück

Author: Dave Asprey

Publisher: Riva Verlag

ISBN: 3864139708

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 6202

Mit Mitte 20 war Dave Asprey ein erfolgreicher Unternehmer im Silicon Valley und Multimillionär. Doch er wog auch 140 Kilo, und das obwohl er der Empfehlung seiner Ärzte folgte, an sechs Tagen pro Woche nur 1800 Kalorien zu essen und 90 Minuten zu trainieren. Als sein Übergewicht ihm zunehmend die Sinne zu vernebeln begann und Heißhungerattacken ihm Energie und Willenskraft raubten, fing Asprey an, die Technologien, mit denen er reich geworden war, selbst zu nutzen, um seine eigene Biologie zu "hacken". Er investierte 15 Jahre und 300?000 Dollar in alle erdenklichen Testverfahren und Selbstversuche, vom EEG bis zu einem Aufenthalt in einem tibetischen Kloster, um herauszufinden, wie er seinem Körper und Geist ein maximales Upgrade verschaffen konnte. Bulletproof – auf Deutsch "kugelsicher" oder "unverwundbar" – nennt er den Status, in dem man konstante Höchstleistung bringen kann, ohne auszubrennen oder krank zu werden. Asprey gelang es, seinen IQ um mehr als 20 Punkte zu erhöhen, sein biologisches Alter zu senken und ohne Kalorienzählen oder Sport 50 Kilo abzunehmen. Seine vielfältigen Erkenntnisse versammelt er in diesem Buch. Die Bulletproof-Diät hemmt entzündliche Prozesse im Körper, sorgt für schnellen, hungerfreien Gewichtsverlust und höchste Leistungsfähigkeit. Anstelle eines Frühstücks gibt es den berühmten Bulletproof-Kaffee mit Kokosöl und Butter, der lange sättigt und einen dauerhaften Energieschub verschafft. Kalorienzählen ist nicht nötig und auch bei weniger Schlaf und weniger Sport wird das überschüssige Fett nur so dahinschmelzen.
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Bovine Genomics

Author: James Womack

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0813821223

Category: Medical

Page: 271

View: 1595

The genetic information being unlocked by advances in genomic and high throughput technologies is rapidly revolutionizing our understanding of developmental processes in bovine species. This information is allowing researchers unprecedented insight into the genetic basis of key traits. Bovine Genomics is the first book to bring together and synthesize the information learned through the bovine genome sequencing project and look at its practical application to cattle and dairy production. Bovine Genomics opens with foundational chapters on the domestication of cattle and traditional Mendelian genetics. Building on these chapters, coverage rapidly moves to quantitative genetics and the advances of whole genome technologies. Significant coverage is given to such topics as epigenetics, mapping quantitative trail loci, genome-wide association studies and genomic selection in cattle breeding. The book is a valuable synthesis of the field written by a global team of leading researchers. Providing wide-ranging coverage of the topic, Bovine Genomic, is an essential guide to the field. The basic and applied science will be of use to researchers, breeders, and advanced students.
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Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide

Author: A. Rosati,A. Tewolde,C. Mosconi

Publisher: Wageningen Academic Pub

ISBN: 9086860346

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 370

View: 4042
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Biotechnology's Role in the Genetic Improvement of Farm Animals

Invited Papers Presented at a Symposium Held May 14-17, 1995, at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, Maryland

Author: R. H. Miller,V. G. Pursel,H. D. Norman

Publisher: Amer Society of Animal Science


Category: Nature

Page: 317

View: 4084

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