Discipline & Punish

The Birth of the Prison

Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307819299

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 4847

In this brilliant work, the most influential philosopher since Sartre suggests that such vaunted reforms as the abolition of torture and the emergence of the modern penitentiary have merely shifted the focus of punishment from the prisoner's body to his soul.
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Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era

Text and Readings

Author: Scott Appelrouth,Laura Desfor Edles

Publisher: Pine Forge Press

ISBN: 0761928014

Category: Social Science

Page: 667

View: 9923

Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era: Text and Readings combines the major writings of sociology’s core contemporary theorists with a historical and theoretical framework for understanding these works. Authors Scott Appelrouth and Laura Desfor Edles use this unique text/reader approach to introduce students to sociological theory in a lively and engaging fashion.
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Politics and the Human Body

Assault on Dignity

Author: Jean Bethke Elshtain,J. Timothy Cloyd

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 9780826512604

Category: History

Page: 323

View: 3102

Who or what determines the right to die? Do advancing reproductive technologies change reproductive rights? What forces influence cultural standards of beauty? How do discipline, punishment, and torture reflect our attitudes about the human body? In this challenging new book, Jean Bethke Elshtain, a nationally recognized scholar in political science and philosophy, and J. Timothy Cloyd, a strong new voice in social and political science, have assembled a collection of thought-provoking essays on these issues written by some of the finest minds of our day.
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Author: Gilles Deleuze

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826490780

Category: Philosophy

Page: 144

View: 7742

Giles Deleuze (1925-1995) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII. He is a key figure in poststructuralism and one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. In Foucault, Deleuze presents one of the most incisive and productive analyses of the work of Michel Foucault. This is a crucial examination of the philosophical foundations and principal themes of Foucault's work, providing a rigorous engagement with Foucault's views on knowledge, punishment, power, and the nature of subjectivity. Translated by Seßn Hand. >
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Resistance, Flight, Creation

Feminist Enactments of French Philosophy

Author: Dorothea Olkowski

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801486456

Category: Philosophy

Page: 301

View: 5860

Thirteen women at the forefront of philosophy locate new feminist points of view within the discipline by rigorously engaging works of contemporary French philosophy. In so doing, they both transform the standard practices of the field and carve out new territory. These writers amplify the work of feminist philosophers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Luce Irigaray, and Sarah Kofman in ways that are both stylistically and substantively creative. They also appropriate for radical feminist use the works of male philosophers such as Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Jean-Paul Sartre.The essays illustrate the manner in which feminist philosophers bypass traditional methodology in favor of a disciplinary freedom characterized by fluid methodologies—best exemplified in Beauvoir's work—and by the employment of imaginative forms, including the autobiographical and the poetic. The modes of inquiry used here range variously from psychoanalysis and existentialism to deconstruction, post-structuralism, and newly resurgent phenomenology. This volume also contains a comprehensive bibliography of feminist thinkers who are enacting French philosophy in English, German, and French.
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Suicide Squad

Discipline and Punish

Author: Ales Kot,Matt Kindt

Publisher: Dc Comics

ISBN: 9781401247010

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 144

View: 516

New team members, new direction, new creative team! After the Suicide Squad is nearly massacred, the team returns to Belle Reve to lick their wounds and bury their dead--but when they find out what's waiting for them at the prison, they'll wish they were back out in the field! Task Force X has a new leader, who will make this team of killers and thieves even deadlier than ever before. From rising writer Ales Kot comes SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 4: DISCIPLINE AND PUNISH, collecting issues #20-23 as well as the DEADSHOT and HARLEY QUINN Villains Month one-shots.
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Foucault’s Discipline

The Politics of Subjectivity

Author: John S. Ransom

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822318699

Category: Political Science

Page: 225

View: 7907

In Foucault’s Discipline, John S. Ransom extracts a distinctive vision of the political world—and oppositional possibilities within it—from the welter of disparate topics and projects Michel Foucault pursued over his lifetime. Uniquely, Ransom presents Foucault as a political theorist in the tradition of Weber and Nietzsche, and specifically examines Foucault’s work in relation to the political tradition of liberalism and the Frankfurt School. By concentrating primarily on Discipline and Punish and the later Foucauldian texts, Ransom provides a fresh interpretation of this controversial philosopher’s perspectives on concepts such as freedom, right, truth, and power. Foucault’s Discipline demonstrates how Foucault’s valorization of descriptive critique over prescriptive plans of action can be applied to the decisively altered political landscape of the end of this millennium. By reconstructing the philosopher’s arguments concerning the significance of disciplinary institutions, biopower, subjectivity, and forms of resistance in modern society, Ransom shows how Foucault has provided a different way of looking at and responding to contemporary models of government—in short, a new depiction of the political world.
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Required Reading

Sociology's Most Influential Books

Author: Dan Clawson

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 9781558491533

Category: Social Science

Page: 221

View: 2218

Identifies and discusses the seventeen most influential books in the field of sociology
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Punishment and Culture

Author: Philip Smith

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226766101

Category: Law

Page: 219

View: 3369

Philip Smith attacks the comfortable notion that punishment is about justice, reason and law. Instead, he argues that punishment is an essentially irrational act founded in ritual as a means to control evil without creating more of it in the process.
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Letters to Whomever

A Sequel to the Book of Finch

Author: Kris Attfield

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468547674

Category: Religion

Page: 196

View: 5404

"Letters to Whomever" is the sequel to "The Book of Finch" that occurs in the weeks after the publication of the original book. From Remembrance Day in November 2011 through January 2012, this book is largely a series of email messages and some email discussion regarding the truthfulness or validity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or whatever the apparent falseness there might be in or of the organization. This book, though it is heavily a discussion of how valid the LDS church is, is relevant as a sequel because it shows how Finch will proceed in his relationship with the church - to try to provide illustration for the situation Finch was presented with at the end of the previous book. Whether the reader accepts or rejects the LDS church is a choice left up to the individual reader him or herself - but the individual determining their own relationship to the church should be educated on the various issues regarding the history of the church and modern life in the church. "Letters to Whomever" tries to provide an introduction to that broad debate.
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Paul's Lifesong of Joy and Unity

A Commentary-Workbook Study of the Epistle to the Philippians

Author: Sharon L. Gresham

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449745830

Category: Religion

Page: 182

View: 2728

When Paul and Silas were in prison in Philippi, they burst into singing. Paul looked at life with a joyful song. He found delight when believers lived in harmony. The theme of this Bible study is Paul’s Life-Song. Hear his song in the letter he wrote to Philippi, even while in another prison. Some strains explode with joy, while other stanzas carry a minor melody to encourage or warn the people he loved. Study his messages and learn how to apply Paul’s attitudes regardless of his circumstances. This Bible study is rich with insights into the Hebrew and Greek and covers themes Paul brings from the Old Testament or other New Testament teachings. Dive deeper into those themes by taking important excursions into the background of the topics. This in-depth verse-by-verse investigation is valuable for individuals or groups. Enjoy the commentary while completing the workbook and applying the messages to everyday situations. Determine your timeframe for the study as you discover what the Lord Jesus wants to do in your life through Paul. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Sharon Gresham as a teacher/speaker for many years and now as a writer. Her commitment to in-depth study and application of the Bible is refreshing. The Philippians study equips the pastor/teacher with a resource much needed in the church today. I am excited to teach this study both in our church and as we minister internationally.” —Darrel Auvenshine, pastor of Southside City Church, Fort Worth, Texas “With a gift for accurately communicating God’s Word in a relevant and personal way, Sharon Gresham’s in-depth study of Philippians will delight and thrill any serious student of the Scriptures. I highly recommend it!” —Scott Whitson, director of missions, Southwest Metroplex Baptist Association and former missionary to Tanzania
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Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark

Changing Youth to Change the World

Author: Gary Blair Zustiak,John Mouton,Kevin Greer

Publisher: College Press

ISBN: 9780899009162

Category: Religion

Page: 318

View: 403

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History of Structuralism: The sign sets, 1967-present

Author: François Dosse

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816623709

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

View: 8775

Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Author: Dick Francis

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257600127

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5099

Ein zäher junger Jockey mit einer rauhen Vergangenheit und einer erfolgversprechenden Zukunft stolpert über Erpressung und manipulierte Rennen und erledigt gemeine Verbrecher mit Heldenmut und fotografischer Hexerei!
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How to Read Foucault's Discipline and Punish

Author: Anne Schwan,Stephen Shapiro

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745329819

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 5199

Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish is one of the best-selling works of critical theory and a key text on many undergraduate courses. However, it is a long, difficult text which makes Anne Schwan and Stephen Shapiro's excellent step-by-step reading guide a welcome addition to the How to Read Theory series. Undergraduates across a wide range of disciplines are expected to have a solid understanding of Foucault's key terms, which have become commonplace in critical thinking today. While there are many texts that survey Foucault's thought, these are often more general overviews or biographical précis that give little in the way of robust explanation and discussion. In contrast, How to Read Foucault's Discipline and Punish takes a plain-speaking, yet detailed, approach, specifically designed to give students a thorough understanding of one of the most influential texts in contemporary cultural theory.
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Murder in Parisian Streets

Manufacturing Crime and Justice in the Popular Press, 1830-1900

Author: Thomas Cragin

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 9780838755792

Category: Design

Page: 273

View: 4381

The canards were cheap broadsheets and booklets that most often reported sensations, particularly murders. Made by members of the working and lower-middle classes and sold with great success to a vast and diverse audience, the canards deeply influenced and appealed to popular understandings of crime and punishment. Despite their importance in their day and their value to cultural studies, historians have paid them scant attention. In Murder in Parisian Streets Thomas Cragin provides an in-depth study of the production, sale, and content of the canards. He demonstrates their significance to nineteenth-century culture, even their role in determining the emerging tabloid's success. Cragin explores the incremental creation of textual meaning in the canards' authorship, production, distribution, and consumption. He exposes the power of oral traditions as well as modern marketing at work upon this popular news literature. The canards challenge our assumptions about the nineteenth century's revolution in print and reorient our understanding of cultural creation through textual construction.
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Michel Foucault (2)

Author: Barry Smart

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415126809

Category: Reference

Page: 3576

View: 6577

This second set of Critical Assessments on Michel Foucault deals with his work in relation to the themes of rationality, power and subjectivity. Like the first set, these four volumes will serve as a benchmark guide to his thought.
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Sehnsucht nach Gott

Leben als "christlicher Genießer"

Author: John Piper

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783935188296


Page: 420

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Political Genealogy After Foucault

Savage Identities

Author: Michael Clifford

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415929165

Category: Philosophy

Page: 225

View: 7152

Political Genealogy After Foucault offers a radically new understanding of political freedom. Combining the most powerful elements of Foucault's theories, Michael Clifford produces a methodology for cultural and political critique called "political genealogy" to explore the genesis of modern political identity. At the core of American identity, Clifford argues, is the ideal of the Savage Noble, a hybrid that marries the Native American "savage" with the "civilized" European male. This complex icon animates modern politics and has shaped our understandings of rights, freedom, and power.
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