Anthropology, History, and Education

Author: Immanuel Kant,Günter Zöller,Robert B. Louden

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521452503

Category: Education

Page: 597

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This 2007 volume contains all of Kant's major writings on human nature.
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Lebende Sprachen

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Languages, Modern

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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Economy and Society

Author: Jürgen Backhaus,Wolfgang Drechsler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387329803

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 246

View: 5117

Friedrich Nietzsche’s influence on the development of modern social sciences has not been well documented. This volume reconsiders some of Nietzsche’s writings on economics and the science of state, pioneering a line of research up to now unavailable in English. The authors intend to provoke conversation and inspire research on the role that this much misunderstood philosopher and cultural critic has played – or should play – in the history of economics.
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The Dalton Laboratory Plan

Author: Evelyn Dewey

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dalton (Mass.)

Page: 173

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Erinnerungen an Sokrates

Author: Xenophon

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781979974370


Page: 276

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St�nden uns Xenophons �Erinnerungen� nicht zur Verf�gung und w�ren wir allein auf die Dialoge Platons angewiesen, so w�re unser Bild des Menschen Sokrates betr�chtlich �rmer und weniger lebendig. Xenophon zeigt uns den gro�en Philosophen im allt�glichen Umgang mit Mitb�rgern aller St�nde, Bildungsschichten und Berufe; manches, was er berichtet, geht auf sein pers�nliches Erleben zur�ck.
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As Chance Would Have It

From Jena to Melbourne

Author: Margot Pampel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781876733360


Page: N.A

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"Margot Pampel's memoir tells a most uncommon story - that of a Jewish girl living and working under her own name in Germany throughout the Nazi era. Born of a Jewish mother and a Gentile father, Margot's early life in post-World War I Jena was filled with the simple joys of family, friends, holidays and the excitement of being part of a progressive, egalitarian school. When Margot was eight years old, her father died suddenly. Her widowed mother struggled to provide financially for them both, a task that became increasingly difficult after Hitler rose to power. In 1933 Margot's mother was persuaded to have her daughter baptized in the hope of protecting her from the Aryan laws. Margot was not, however, protected from the fear of discovery, which haunted her life as long as she remained in Germany. In late 1942, her mother was arrested and sent to Auschwitz, where she died the following year. Through plain good luck and resourcefulness, Margot worked until the end of the war, escaped from East Germany and later met and married her husband Horst. In 1953, with their baby son, Michael, Horst and Margot migrated to Australia. Their daughter Felicity was born in Melbourne in 1956. As with most immigrants, their early years in Melbourne were difficult, but as Margot writes: 'I didn't need to make too many adjustments to cope with getting by on very little.' Margot told her story in German to her daughter, who then translated and transcribed it. Nonetheless, her voice comes through with clarity and reflects the determination which characterized her life. In addition to her life story, the book is enriched by Margot's later reflections on her life, a tribute to her mother and insightful pieces by her daughter. There are many lessons to be learned from this book, while at the same time sharing the unique experiences of a very courageous woman."--Back cover.
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The Philosophy of John Dewey

Author: John Dewey,John Joseph McDermott

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226144016

Category: Philosophy

Page: 723

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John J. McDermott's anthology, The Philosophy of John Dewey, provides the best general selection available of the writings of America's most distinguished philosopher and social critic. This comprehensive collection, ideal for use in the classroom and indispensable for anyone interested in the wide scope of Dewey's thought and works, affords great insight into his role in the history of ideas and the basic integrity of his philosophy. This edition combines in one book the two volumes previously published separately. Volume 1, "The Structure of Experience," contains essays on metaphysics, the logic of inquiry, the problem of knowledge, and value theory. In volume 2, "The Lived Experience," Dewey's writings on pedagogy, ethics, the aesthetics of the "live creature," politics, and the philosophy of culture are presented. McDermott has prefaced each essay with a helpful explanatory note and has written an excellent general introduction to the anthology.
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a biography

Author: Wolfgang Hildesheimer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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Pervasive Computing

The Mobile World

Author: Uwe Hansmann,Lothar Merk,Martin S. Nicklous,Thomas Stober

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540002185

Category: Computers

Page: 448

View: 3648

This book describes a new class of computing devices which are becoming omnipresent in every day life. They make information access and processing easily available for everyone from anywhere at any time. Mobility, wireless connectivity, di- versity, and ease-of-use are the magic keywords of Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. The book covers these front-end devices as well as their operating systems and the back-end infrastructure which integrate these pervasive components into a seamless IT world. A strong emphasis is placed on the underlying technologies and standards applied when building up pervasive solutions. These fundamental topics include commonly used terms such as XML, WAP, UMTS, GPRS, Bluetooth, Jini, transcoding, and cryptography, to mention just a few. Voice, Web Application Servers, Portals, Web Services, and Synchronized and Device Management are new in the second edition. Besides a comprehensive state-of-the-art description of the Pervasive Computing technology itself, this book gives an overview of today's real-life applications and accompanying service offerings. M-Commerce, e-Business, networked home, travel, and finance are exciting examples of applied Ubiquitous Computing.
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Movements Of Thought In The Nineteenth Century

Author: George H. Mead

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 147338673X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 560

View: 5883

This book discovers the key through which entry may be made into new approaches which Mr. Mead brings to the study of the movements of thought and also to his original, sometimes obtuse, contributions to the philosophic thought. It provides a great overview of the most important philosophers of the 19th Century in a simple and accessible language.
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Medieval Children

Author: Nicholas Orme

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300097542

Category: History

Page: 387

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Looks at the lives of children, from birth to adolescence, in medieval England.
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Pragmatism as a Principle and Method of Right Thinking

The 1903 Harvard Lectures on Pragmatism

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce,Patricia Ann Turrisi

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791432655

Category: Philosophy

Page: 305

View: 8977

This is a study edition of Charles Sanders Peirce's manuscripts for lectures on pragmatism given in spring 1903 at Harvard University. Excerpts from these writings have been published elsewhere but in abbreviated form. Turrisi has edited the manuscripts for publication and has written a series of notes that illuminate the historical, scientific, and philosophical contexts of Peirce's references in the lectures. She has also written a Preface that describes the manner in which the lectures came to be given, including an account of Peirce's life and career pertinent to understanding the philosopher himself. Turrisi's introduction interprets Peirce's brand of pragmatism within his system of logic and philosophy of science as well as within general philosophical principles.
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Rembrandt Als Erzieher; Von Einem Deutschen

Author: Julius Langbehn

Publisher: Theclassics.Us

ISBN: 9781230290362

Category: Art

Page: 178

View: 8792

Dieses historische Buch kann zahlreiche Tippfehler und fehlende Textpassagen aufweisen. Kaufer konnen in der Regel eine kostenlose eingescannte Kopie des originalen Buches vom Verleger herunterladen (ohne Tippfehler). Ohne Indizes. Nicht dargestellt. 1906 edition. Auszug: ...jener zu dieser Richtung darzustellen; sie steht ebenso weit unter der Naivitat, wie Lessing uber ihr steht; es lasst sich eine Zeit denken und sie ist vielleicht nicht fern, in welcher zwischen beiden Bestrebungen eine goldene Mittelstrasse eingehalten wird. Wer den Kontakt mit dem Volke hat, wird weiter kommen als Lessing; denn er braucht die Wahrheit nicht zu suchen, er hat sie. Goethe ist theilweise so verfahren. Lessing war der Sturmvogel der kritischen und literarischen Periode, in welcher wir uns noch jetzt befinden; Goethe ist der Sturmvogel der produzirenden und kunstlerischen Periode, welcher wir demnachst entgegengehen. Man sollte dies Augurium nicht ubersehen. Das grosste Problem der Gegenwart ist: den so gewaltig klaffenden Riss zwischen Gebildeten und Ungebildeten zu uberbrucken; vermittelst der bisher so beliebten Halbbildung lasst sich dasselbe nicht losen. Nicht von oben aus rekonstruirt man Hauser und Nationen; nur wenn der Volksboden seine schopferischen Tiefen aufthut, kann neues geistiges Leben in Deutschland erbluhen. Christus Sokrates Luther haben von unten nach oben gebaut; und sie haben mehr erreicht, als irgend einer und sei es der hochststehende ihrer gebildeten" Vor-und Nachfolger; hier also ist klar die Bahn vorgezeichnet, welche der kunftige Deutsche zu wandeln hat. Je niedriger er seinen Standpunkt nimmt, um zu den hochsten Zielen zu gelangen, um so weiter wird er es bringen. Mit der durchmessenen Distanz des inneren Aufschwungs wachst die entsprechende geistige und sittliche Leistungsfahigkeit; nicht umsonst hat Goethe betont, dass
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New Public Management

Current Trends and Future Prospects

Author: Kathleen McLaughlin,Ewan Ferlie,Stephen Osborne P

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134544146

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 5502

The UK has played a pivotal role in the development of New Public Management (NPM). This book offers an original, comprehensive and multidisciplinary analysis of the impact of the New Public Management in the UK, and situates these analyses in a broader comparative perspective. Its chapters consider: competing typologies of NPM issues of professionalism within NPM debates on social exclusion and equity the role of different research approaches in evaluating NPM the evolving nature of NPM and impact of modernisation evaluations of NPM in mainland Europe, North America, Africa and the developing World, Australia, and Pacific-Asia. Leading authorities from around the world present evaluations of current thinking in NPM and highlight the challenges which will shape future development and research approaches. New Public Management presents a timely and constructive overview of the nature and impact of the NPM and offers important lessons for public management across the world.
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The Necessity of Pragmatism

John Dewey's Conception of Philosophy

Author: R. W. Sleeper,Tom Burke

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252069543

Category: Philosophy

Page: 326

View: 2102

Hailed as ""the most important overall reassessment of Dewey in several decades"" (Sidney Ratner, Journal of Speculative Philosophy), The Necessity of Pragmatism investigates the most difficult and neglected aspects of Dewey's thought, his metaphysics and logic. R. W. Sleeper argues for a fundamental unity in Dewey's work, a unity that rests on his philosophy of language, and clarifies Dewey's conception of pragmatism as an action-based philosophy with the power to effect social change through criticism and inquiry.Identifying Dewey's differences with his pragmatist forerunners, Charles Sanders Peirce and William James, Sleeper elucidates Dewey's reshaping of pragmatism and the radical significance of his philosophy of culture. In this first paperback edition, a new introduction by Tom Burke establishes the ongoing importance of Sleeper's analysis of the integrity of Dewey's work and its implications for mathematics, aesthetics, and the cognitive sciences.
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The Education of the Child

Author: Ellen Key

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

ISBN: 159540628X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 68

View: 9459

Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - Goethe showed long ago in his Werther a clear understanding of the significance of individualistic and psychological training, an appreciation which will mark the century of the child. In this work he shows how the future power of will lies hidden in the characteristics of the child, and how along with every fault of the child an uncorrupted germ capable of producing good is enclosed. "Always," he says, "I repeat the golden words of the teacher of mankind, 'if ye do not become as one of these, ' and now, good friend, those who are our equals, whom we should look upon as our models, we treat as subjects; they should have no will of their own; do we have none? Where is our prerogative? Does it consist in the fact that we are older and more experienced? Good God of Heaven! Thou seest old and young children, nothing else. And in whom Thou hast more joy, Thy Son announced ages ago. But people believe in Him and do not hear Him - that, too, is an old trouble, and they model their children after themselves." The same criticism might be applied to our present educators, who constantly have on their tongues such words as evolution, indivi-duality, and natural tendencies, but do not heed the new commandments in which they say they believe. They continue to educate as if they believed still in the natural depravity of man, in original sin, which may be bridled, tamed, suppressed, but not changed.
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Pragmatism, Kant, and Transcendental Philosophy

Author: Gabriele Gava,Robert Stern

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317648315

Category: Philosophy

Page: 298

View: 2994

Philosophers working within the pragmatist tradition have pictured their relation to Kant and Kantianism in very diverse terms: some have presented their work as an appropriation and development of Kantian ideas, some have argued that pragmatism is an approach in complete opposition to Kant. This collection investigates the relationship between pragmatism, Kant, and current Kantian approaches to transcendental arguments in a detailed and original way. Chapters highlight pragmatist aspects of Kant’s thought and trace the influence of Kant on the work of pragmatists and neo-pragmatists, engaging with the work of Peirce, James, Lewis, Sellars, Rorty, and Brandom, among others. They also consider to what extent contemporary approaches to transcendental arguments are compatible with a pragmatist standpoint. The book includes contributions from renowned authors working on Kant, pragmatism and contemporary Kantian approaches to philosophy, and provides an authoritative and original perspective on the relationship between pragmatism and Kantianism.
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Human Nature and Conduct

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: John Dewey

Publisher: N.A


Category: Habit

Page: 336

View: 5242

"This book examines the following topics related to human nature, conduct, and social psychology: habits as social functions; habits and will; character and conduct; custom and habit; custom and morality; habit and social psychology; impulses and change of habits; plasticity of impulse; changing human nature; impulse and conflict of habits; classification of instincts; impulse and thought; habit and intelligence; the psychology of thinking; the nature of deliberation; deliberation and calculation; the uniqueness of good; the nature of aims; the nature of principles; desire and intelligence; the present and future; human morals; the good of activity; freedom; and social morality"--Create. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved).
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Dewey and His Critics

Essays from the Journal of Philosophy

Author: Sidney Morgenbesser,John Dewey

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 9780931206016

Category: Philosophy

Page: 705

View: 2047

From 1905 until his death, Dewey published some of his most significant papers and replied to some of his most important critics in The Journal of Philosophy. These exchanges tell the story of the development of his philosophy in its greatest period. Here in one volume are Dewey's seminal papers, critical commentaries by Russell, Lewis, Santayana, et al., Dewey replies to his critics, and an introductory essay by Morgenbesser placing Dewey and his critics in the perspective of contemporary philosophical thought.
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