Culture and Entertainment in Wartime Russia

Edited by Richard Stites

Author: Richard Stites

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253209498

Category: History

Page: 215

View: 9832

"This lively and often moving collection of essays is an important contribution to Western scholarship on Soviet society and culture during the Second World War.... [a] straightforward but lively description of cultural life, unhampered by excessive interpretation or cultural theory. For all those who love Russia's cultural heritage, these essays cast a welcome spotlight on some of the people and pockets of life from that tragic but compelling time." —Canadian Slavonic Papers "Enjoyable to read and accessible to the nonspecialist, Culture and Entertainment is not only an indispensable addition to any Soviet studies library but will prove valuable to anyone interested in or teaching courses on World War II, propaganda and popular culture, homefront politics, or the interacation between cultural creation and governmental power." —Journal of Modern History "This comprehensive recollection of articles goes beyond cultural history, and provides an original approach to the study of war. War, we learn, is fought on many fronts, and the cultural one should not be underestimated." —SAIS Review "... takes the reader to the heart of the patriotic struggle, to the cultural and spiritual imperatives that roused Russian resistance." —Canadian Military History "This collection... furthers knowledge of Soviet high and popular culture, and also demonstrates the extremely important role that cultural productions played in helping to maintain Soviet spirits in the midst of the Nazi onslaught." —Choice "This anthology of scholarly articles provides surprising insights into Soviet cultural propaganda during the Great Patriotic War." —War, Literature and the Arts "... the essays here provide much food for thought and constitute a valuable addition to a relatively neglected area of study." —The Slavonic Review World War II (The Great Patriotic War) had a pronounced cultural and emotional impact on the Russian people. The subjects of these essays range from the Moscow press to frontline correspondents, from entertainment brigades to amateur songs by fighting men and women, from symphonic compositions to revivals of literary classics, and from Moscow stages to folk ensembles on the battlefield—the cultural outpourings in the hearts and souls of ordinary Russians at war.
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Russia at a Crossroads

History, Memory and Political Practice

Author: Nurit Schleifman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135225265

Category: History

Page: 246

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The meaning of Russia's past is in a process of continuous deconstruction, reshaping and negotiation by various social and political groupings. Of the deluge of group memories which have broken loose, this collection focuses on several new voices which have never been heard in Russia in this way before: women, Tatars, Cossacks, as well as the voices of religious and provincial populations. In addition, the volume sheds light on the creation of a multi-party system which paved the way for the expression of particular views and interests and generated much of memory's concepts and language.
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Russian Popular Culture

Entertainment and Society Since 1900

Author: Richard Stites

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521369862

Category: History

Page: 269

View: 7704

This book presents a side of Russian life that is largely unknown to the West--the world of popular culture. By surveying detective and science fiction, popular songs, jokes, box office movie hits, the stage, radio and television, Richard Stites introduces the people and cultural products that are household words to the Soviet people. He demonstrates how popular culture has over the past century had more impact on the lives of Russian people and reveals more about their lives than the works of giants of high culture. Richard Stites, Professor of History at Georgetown University, is the author of several books, including Revolutionary Dreams: Utopian Vision and Experimental Life in the Russian Revolution.
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Russia and Eastern Europe

A Bibliographic Guide to English-language Publications, 1992-1999

Author: Helen F. Sullivan,Robert Harold Burger

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781563087363

Category: History

Page: 537

View: 4799

This timely guide focuses on books that deal with the major historical occurrences that have impacted Russia and Eastern Europe, including the transition from Socialism to market economics, the civil war in the Yugoslav peninsula, and the Holocaust, featuring annotations of works representative of the time and culture. Titles are arranged by country of origin and subject area. An excellent resource for academic librarians, scholars, students, and anyone interested in the region.
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European Culture in the Great War

The Arts, Entertainment and Propaganda, 1914-1918

Author: Aviel Roshwald,Richard Stites

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521013246

Category: History

Page: 444

View: 4210

A comparative study of European cultural and social history during the First World War.
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Stalin's Holy War

Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 1941-1945

Author: Steven Merritt Miner

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807862126

Category: History

Page: 432

View: 5698

Histories of the USSR during World War II generally portray the Kremlin's restoration of the Russian Orthodox Church as an attempt by an ideologically bankrupt regime to appeal to Russian nationalism in order to counter the mortal threat of Nazism. Here, Steven Merritt Miner argues that this version of events, while not wholly untrue, is incomplete. Using newly opened Soviet-era archives as well as neglected British and American sources, he examines the complex and profound role of religion, especially Russian Orthodoxy, in the policies of Stalin's government during World War II. Miner demonstrates that Stalin decided to restore the Church to prominence not primarily as a means to stoke the fires of Russian nationalism but as a tool for restoring Soviet power to areas that the Red Army recovered from German occupation. The Kremlin also harnessed the Church for propaganda campaigns aimed at convincing the Western Allies that the USSR, far from being a source of religious repression, was a bastion of religious freedom. In his conclusion, Miner explores how Stalin's religious policy helped shape the postwar history of the USSR.
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One World, Big Screen

Hollywood, the Allies, and World War II

Author: M. Todd Bennett

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 0807837466

Category: History

Page: 384

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World War II coincided with cinema's golden age. Movies now considered classics were created at a time when all sides in the war were coming to realize the great power of popular films to motivate the masses. Through multinational research, One World, Big Screen reveals how the Grand Alliance--Britain, China, the Soviet Union, and the United States--tapped Hollywood's impressive power to shrink the distance and bridge the differences that separated them. The Allies, M. Todd Bennett shows, strategically manipulated cinema in an effort to promote the idea that the United Nations was a family of nations joined by blood and affection. Bennett revisits Casablanca, Mrs. Miniver, Flying Tigers, and other familiar movies that, he argues, helped win the war and the peace by improving Allied solidarity and transforming the American worldview. Closely analyzing film, diplomatic correspondence, propagandists' logs, and movie studio records found in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union, Bennett rethinks traditional scholarship on World War II diplomacy by examining the ways that Hollywood and the Allies worked together to prepare for and enact the war effort.
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Redefining Stalinism

Author: Harold Shukman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135760845

Category: Political Science

Page: 180

View: 7852

Born in 1879 in Georgia, Stalin joined the Bolsheviks under Lenin in 1903 and became General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922. These edited papers reassess the deeds, policies and legacy of a man who was responsible for innumerable deaths and untold human misery.
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A Companion to World War II

Author: Thomas W. Zeiler,Daniel M. DuBois

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118325052

Category: History

Page: 1064

View: 4253

A Companion to World War II brings together a series offresh academic perspectives on World War II, exploring the manycultural, social, and political contexts of the war. Essay topicsrange from American anti-Semitism to the experiences ofFrench-African soldiers, providing nearly 60 new contributions tothe genre arranged across two comprehensive volumes. A collection of original historiographic essays that includecutting-edge research Analyzes the roles of neutral nations during the war Examines the war from the bottom up through the experiences ofdifferent social classes Covers the causes, key battles, and consequences of thewar
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Soviet Women on the Frontline in the Second World War

Author: R. Markwick,E. Charon Cardona,Euridice Charon Cardona

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230362540

Category: History

Page: 305

View: 8921

This is the first comprehensive study in English of Soviet women who fought against the genocidal, misogynist, Nazi enemy on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Drawing on a vast array of original archival, memoir, and published sources, this book captures the everyday experiences of Soviet women fighting, living and dying on the front.
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Ivan the Terrible

The Film Companion

Author: Joan Neuberger

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857713914

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 7527

Eisenstein’s last film is a haunting, strange and complex work, quite unlike any other. Commissioned personally by Stalin in 1941, the project placed Eisenstein in the paradoxical situation of having to glorify Stalinist tyranny without sacrificing his own artistic and personal integrity - or his life. Joan Neuberger's vivid account and analysis of 'Ivan the Terrible' shows how, in almost impossible circumstances, he managed to create a film of cinematic innovation, intellectual depth _and_ political critique.
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History, Memory, Performance

Author: D. Dean,Y. Meerzon,K. Prince

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137393890

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 307

View: 6575

History, Memory, Performance is an interdisciplinary collection of essays exploring performances of the past in a wide range of trans-national and historical contexts. At its core are contributions from theatre scholars and public historians discussing how historical meaning is shaped through performance.
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Kafka and short modernist prose

Author: Manfred Engel,Ritchie Robertson

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 3826040295

Category: German prose literature

Page: 299

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Passion and Perception

Essays on Russian Culture

Author: Richard Stites

Publisher: New Academia Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0982806167

Category: Social Science

Page: 533

View: 8952

This collection of "Stitesiana" includes 29 essays on Russian culture, representing the bulk of 20 years of scholarship, in addition to well-known monographs and diverse pieces in popular magazines.
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Open Letters

Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard 1880-1922

Author: Alison Rowley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442667168

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 4536

During the fin-de-siècle and early revolutionary eras, picture postcards were an important medium of communication for Russians of all backgrounds. In Open Letters, the most comprehensive study of Russian picture postcards to date, Alison Rowley uses this medium to explore a variety of aspects of Russian popular culture. The book is lavishly illustrated with more than 130 images, most of which have never been published before. Through her examinations of postcards, Rowley addresses a diverse range of topics: how landscape postcards conveyed notions of imperialism; the role of postcards in the rise of celebrity culture; depictions of the body on erotic and pornographic postcards; how postcards were employed to promote differing interpretations of the First World War; and the use of postcards by revolutionary groups seeking to overthrow the Tsarist government. Rowley determines the extent to which Russia was embedded in Europe-wide cultural trends by situating the Russian case within a larger European context.
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Patriotic Culture in Russia During World War I

Author: Hubertus Jahn

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801485718

Category: History

Page: 229

View: 4833

A cultural history charting the rise and fall of Russian patriotism during the first few years of the Great War. Illustrated with period prints, posters and broadsides, the book traces the evolution of patriotic symbolism in popular entertainments and cultural production.
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Der Rote Stern

Author: Alexander A. Bogdanow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783955630041


Page: 192

View: 4282

Nachdruck der sozialistischen Utopie von 1907. Bogdanow portratiert den Idealzustand einer kommunistischen Gesellschaft auf dem Mars.
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Die Nachtigall


Author: Kristin Hannah

Publisher: Aufbau Digital

ISBN: 3841211267

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 8020

Zwei Schwestern. Die eine kämpft für die Freiheit. Die andere für die Liebe. Der Weltbestseller – die Nr. 1 aus den USA. Zwei Schwestern im von den Deutschen besetzten Frankreich: Während Vianne ums Überleben ihrer Familie kämpft, schließt sich die jüngere Isabelle der Résistance an und sucht die Freiheit auf dem Pfad der Nachtigall, einem geheimen Fluchtweg über die Pyrenäen. Doch wie weit darf man gehen, um zu überleben? Und wie kann man die schützen, die man liebt? In diesem epischen, kraftvollen und zutiefst berührenden Roman erzählt Kristin Hannah die Geschichte zweier Frauen, die ihr Schicksal auf ganz eigene Weise meistern. In den USA begeisterte „Die Nachtigall“ Millionen von Lesern und steht seit über einem Jahr auf der Bestsellerliste. „Ich liebe dieses Buch – große Charaktere, große Geschichten, große Gefühle." Isabel Allende.
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Author: Antony Beevor

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783570551349


Page: 543

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