Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces

Author: Heinz H. Bauschke,Patrick L. Combettes

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319483110

Category: Mathematics

Page: 619

View: 2860

This reference text, now in its second edition, offers a modern unifying presentation of three basic areas of nonlinear analysis: convex analysis, monotone operator theory, and the fixed point theory of nonexpansive operators. Taking a unique comprehensive approach, the theory is developed from the ground up, with the rich connections and interactions between the areas as the central focus, and it is illustrated by a large number of examples. The Hilbert space setting of the material offers a wide range of applications while avoiding the technical difficulties of general Banach spaces. The authors have also drawn upon recent advances and modern tools to simplify the proofs of key results making the book more accessible to a broader range of scholars and users. Combining a strong emphasis on applications with exceptionally lucid writing and an abundance of exercises, this text is of great value to a large audience including pure and applied mathematicians as well as researchers in engineering, data science, machine learning, physics, decision sciences, economics, and inverse problems. The second edition of Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces greatly expands on the first edition, containing over 140 pages of new material, over 270 new results, and more than 100 new exercises. It features a new chapter on proximity operators including two sections on proximity operators of matrix functions, in addition to several new sections distributed throughout the original chapters. Many existing results have been improved, and the list of references has been updated. Heinz H. Bauschke is a Full Professor of Mathematics at the Kelowna campus of the University of British Columbia, Canada. Patrick L. Combettes, IEEE Fellow, was on the faculty of the City University of New York and of Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6 before joining North Carolina State University as a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics in 2016.
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Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces

Author: Heinz H. Bauschke,Patrick L. Combettes

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441994677

Category: Mathematics

Page: 468

View: 5141

This book provides a largely self-contained account of the main results of convex analysis and optimization in Hilbert space. A concise exposition of related constructive fixed point theory is presented, that allows for a wide range of algorithms to construct solutions to problems in optimization, equilibrium theory, monotone inclusions, variational inequalities, best approximation theory, and convex feasibility. The book is accessible to a broad audience, and reaches out in particular to applied scientists and engineers, to whom these tools have become indispensable.
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Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces


Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319839110


Page: 640

View: 5989

This book examines results of convex analysis and optimization in Hilbert space, presenting a concise exposition of related theory that allows for algorithms to construct solutions to problems in optimization, equilibrium theory, monotone inclusions and more.
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Convex Analysis and Variational Problems

Author: Ivar Ekeland,Roger Témam

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 9781611971088

Category: Calculus of variations

Page: 402

View: 7182

This book contains different developments of infinite dimensional convex programming in the context of convex analysis, including duality, minmax and Lagrangians, and convexification of nonconvex optimization problems in the calculus of variations (infinite dimension). It also includes the theory of convex duality applied to partial differential equations; no other reference presents this in a systematic way. The minmax theorems contained in this book have many useful applications, in particular the robust control of partial differential equations in finite time horizon. First published in English in 1976, this SIAM Classics in Applied Mathematics edition contains the original text along with a new preface and some additional references.
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Fixed-Point Algorithms for Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering

Author: Heinz H. Bauschke,Regina Burachik,Patrick L. Combettes,Veit Elser,D. Russell Luke,Henry Wolkowicz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441995698

Category: Mathematics

Page: 404

View: 6935

"Fixed-Point Algorithms for Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering" presents some of the most recent work from top-notch researchers studying projection and other first-order fixed-point algorithms in several areas of mathematics and the applied sciences. The material presented provides a survey of the state-of-the-art theory and practice in fixed-point algorithms, identifying emerging problems driven by applications, and discussing new approaches for solving these problems. This book incorporates diverse perspectives from broad-ranging areas of research including, variational analysis, numerical linear algebra, biotechnology, materials science, computational solid-state physics, and chemistry. Topics presented include: Theory of Fixed-point algorithms: convex analysis, convex optimization, subdifferential calculus, nonsmooth analysis, proximal point methods, projection methods, resolvent and related fixed-point theoretic methods, and monotone operator theory. Numerical analysis of fixed-point algorithms: choice of step lengths, of weights, of blocks for block-iterative and parallel methods, and of relaxation parameters; regularization of ill-posed problems; numerical comparison of various methods. Areas of Applications: engineering (image and signal reconstruction and decompression problems), computer tomography and radiation treatment planning (convex feasibility problems), astronomy (adaptive optics), crystallography (molecular structure reconstruction), computational chemistry (molecular structure simulation) and other areas. Because of the variety of applications presented, this book can easily serve as a basis for new and innovated research and collaboration.
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Convex Functions and Their Applications

A Contemporary Approach

Author: Constantin P. Niculescu,Lars-Erik Persson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319783378

Category: Mathematics

Page: 415

View: 2896

Thorough introduction to an important area of mathematics Contains recent results Includes many exercises
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Convex Analysis

Author: Steven G. Krantz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 149870638X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 176

View: 2888

Convexity is an ancient idea going back to Archimedes. Used sporadically in the mathematical literature over the centuries, today it is a flourishing area of research and a mathematical subject in its own right. Convexity is used in optimization theory, functional analysis, complex analysis, and other parts of mathematics. Convex Analysis introduces analytic tools for studying convexity and provides analytical applications of the concept. The book includes a general background on classical geometric theory which allows readers to obtain a glimpse of how modern mathematics is developed and how geometric ideas may be studied analytically. Featuring a user-friendly approach, the book contains copious examples and plenty of figures to illustrate the ideas presented. It also includes an appendix with the technical tools needed to understand certain arguments in the book, a tale of notation, and a thorough glossary to help readers with unfamiliar terms. This book is a definitive introductory text to the concept of convexity in the context of mathematical analysis and a suitable resource for students and faculty alike.
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Convex analysis and optimization in Hadamard spaces

Author: Miroslav Bacak

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110361620

Category: Mathematics

Page: 193

View: 1141

This book gives a first systematic account on the subject of convex analysis and optimization in Hadamard spaces. It is primarily aimed at both graduate students and researchers in analysis and optimization.
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Iterative Methods for Fixed Point Problems in Hilbert Spaces

Author: Andrzej Cegielski

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642309011

Category: Mathematics

Page: 298

View: 8550

Iterative methods for finding fixed points of non-expansive operators in Hilbert spaces have been described in many publications. In this monograph we try to present the methods in a consolidated way. We introduce several classes of operators, examine their properties, define iterative methods generated by operators from these classes and present general convergence theorems. On this basis we discuss the conditions under which particular methods converge. A large part of the results presented in this monograph can be found in various forms in the literature (although several results presented here are new). We have tried, however, to show that the convergence of a large class of iteration methods follows from general properties of some classes of operators and from some general convergence theorems.
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Nonlinear Analysis

Approximation Theory, Optimization and Applications

Author: Qamrul Hasan Ansari

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 8132218833

Category: Mathematics

Page: 352

View: 8478

Many of our daily-life problems can be written in the form of an optimization problem. Therefore, solution methods are needed to solve such problems. Due to the complexity of the problems, it is not always easy to find the exact solution. However, approximate solutions can be found. The theory of the best approximation is applicable in a variety of problems arising in nonlinear functional analysis and optimization. This book highlights interesting aspects of nonlinear analysis and optimization together with many applications in the areas of physical and social sciences including engineering. It is immensely helpful for young graduates and researchers who are pursuing research in this field, as it provides abundant research resources for researchers and post-doctoral fellows. This will be a valuable addition to the library of anyone who works in the field of applied mathematics, economics and engineering.
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Conjugate Duality in Convex Optimization

Author: Radu Ioan-Bot

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642049002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 164

View: 3262

The results presented in this book originate from the last decade research work of the author in the ?eld of duality theory in convex optimization. The reputation of duality in the optimization theory comes mainly from the major role that it plays in formulating necessary and suf?cient optimality conditions and, consequently, in generatingdifferent algorithmic approachesfor solving mathematical programming problems. The investigations made in this work prove the importance of the duality theory beyond these aspects and emphasize its strong connections with different topics in convex analysis, nonlinear analysis, functional analysis and in the theory of monotone operators. The ?rst part of the book brings to the attention of the reader the perturbation approach as a fundamental tool for developing the so-called conjugate duality t- ory. The classical Lagrange and Fenchel duality approaches are particular instances of this general concept. More than that, the generalized interior point regularity conditions stated in the past for the two mentioned situations turn out to be p- ticularizations of the ones given in this general setting. In our investigations, the perturbationapproachrepresentsthestartingpointforderivingnewdualityconcepts for several classes of convex optimization problems. Moreover, via this approach, generalized Moreau–Rockafellar formulae are provided and, in connection with them, a new class of regularity conditions, called closedness-type conditions, for both stable strong duality and strong duality is introduced. By stable strong duality we understand the situation in which strong duality still holds whenever perturbing the objective function of the primal problem with a linear continuous functional.
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From Concepts to Applications

Author: Jean-Paul Penot

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331932411X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 669

View: 4959

This textbook covers the main results and methods of real analysis in a single volume. Taking a progressive approach to equations and transformations, this book starts with the very foundations of real analysis (set theory, order, convergence, and measure theory) before presenting powerful results that can be applied to concrete problems. In addition to classical results of functional analysis, differential calculus and integration, Analysis discusses topics such as convex analysis, dissipative operators and semigroups which are often absent from classical treatises. Acknowledging that analysis has significantly contributed to the understanding and development of the present world, the book further elaborates on techniques which pervade modern civilization, including wavelets in information theory, the Radon transform in medical imaging and partial differential equations in various mechanical and physical phenomena. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, engineers as well as practitioners wishing to familiarise themselves with concepts and applications of analysis will find this book useful. With its content split into several topics of interest, the book’s style and layout make it suitable for use in several courses, while its self-contained character makes it appropriate for self-study.
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Computational and Analytical Mathematics

In Honor of Jonathan Borwein's 60th Birthday

Author: David H. Bailey,Heinz H. Bauschke,Peter Borwein,Frank Garvan,Michel Théra,Jon Vanderwerff,Henry Wolkowicz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461476216

Category: Mathematics

Page: 701

View: 4481

The research of Jonathan Borwein has had a profound impact on optimization, functional analysis, operations research, mathematical programming, number theory, and experimental mathematics. Having authored more than a dozen books and more than 300 publications, Jonathan Borwein is one of the most productive Canadian mathematicians ever. His research spans pure, applied, and computational mathematics as well as high performance computing, and continues to have an enormous impact: MathSciNet lists more than 2500 citations by more than 1250 authors, and Borwein is one of the 250 most cited mathematicians of the period 1980-1999. He has served the Canadian Mathematics Community through his presidency (2000–02) as well as his 15 years of editing the CMS book series. Jonathan Borwein’s vision and initiative have been crucial in initiating and developing several institutions that provide support for researchers with a wide range of scientific interests. A few notable examples include the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics and the IRMACS Centre at Simon Fraser University, the Dalhousie Distributed Research Institute at Dalhousie University, the Western Canada Research Grid, and the Centre for Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications, University of Newcastle. The workshops that were held over the years in Dr. Borwein’s honor attracted high-caliber scientists from a wide range of mathematical fields. This present volume is an outgrowth of the workshop on ‘Computational and Analytical Mathematics’ held in May 2011 in celebration of Dr. Borwein’s 60th Birthday. The collection contains various state-of-the-art research manuscripts and surveys presenting contributions that have risen from the conference, and is an excellent opportunity to survey state-of-the-art research and discuss promising research directions and approaches.
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New Trends in Differential Equations, Control Theory and Optimization

Proceedings of the 8th Congress of Romanian Mathematicians

Author: Viorel Barbu,Cătălin Lefter,Ioan I Vrabie

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9813142871

Category: Mathematics

Page: 348

View: 5066

The volume contains a collection of original papers and surveys in various areas of Differential Equations, Control Theory and Optimization written by well-known specialists and is thus useful for PhD students and researchers in applied mathematics. Contents:Dirichlet Problems with Mean Curvature Operator in Minkowski Space (Cristian Bereanu, Petru Jebelean and Călin Şerban)Free Boundary Fluid-Elasticity Interactions: Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis (Lorena Bociu and Kristina Martin)Non-Smooth Regularization of a Forward-Backward Parabolic Equation (Elena Bonetti, Pierluigi Colli and Giuseppe Tomassetti)Approaching Monotone Inclusion Problems via Second Order Dynamical Systems with Linear and Anisotropic Damping (Radu Ioan Boţ and Ernö Robert Csetnek)On the Solutions of a Quadratic Integral Inclusion (Aurelian Cernea)On the Bounded and Stabilizing Solution of a Generalized Riccati Differential Equation with Periodic Coefficients Arising in Connection with a Zero Sum Linear Quadratic Stochastic Differential Game (Vasile Dragan and Toader Morozan)A Maximum Principle for a Class of First Order Differential Operators (Maria Fărcăşeanu, Mihai Mihăilescu and Denisa Stancu-Dumitru)Differentiability and Integrability Properties for Solutions to Nonlocal Equations (Mikil Foss and Petronela Radu)Ferroelectric Thin Structures (Antonio Gaudiello and Kamel Hamdache)Sliding Modes for a Phase-Field System (Gianni Gilardi)Uniformly Hyperbolic Viable Sets in Affine IFS (Vasile Glavan and Valeriu Guţu)Some Support Considerations in the Asymptotic Optimality of Two-Scale Controlled PDMP (Dan Goreac and Oana Silvia Serea)Inverse Problems for Control Theory (Mohammed Al Horani and Angelo Favini)On the Ill-Posedness of Active Scalar Equations with Odd Singular Kernels (Igor Kukavica, Vlad Vicol and Fei Wang)Equilibrium in an Individual — Societal SIR Vaccination Model in Presence of Discounting and Finite Vaccination Capacity (Laetitia Laguzet, Gabriel Turinici and Ghozlane Yahiaoui)On Some Minimization Problems in RN (Mihai Mariş)Recent Results on Multiple Periodic Solutions of Forced Relativistic Pendulum-Type Continuous and Discrete Systems (Jean Mawhin)On the Anisotropic Caginalp Phase-Field System with Singular Nonlinear Terms (Alain Miranville)Space, Time, Similarity (Umberto Mosco)Singularly Perturbed Problems for Abstract Differential Equations of Second Order in Hilbert Spaces (Andrei Perjan and Galina Rusu)Global Controllability and Mixing for the Burgers Equation with Localised Finite-Dimensional External Force (Armen Shirikyan)Boundary Observation in Shape Optimization (Dan Tiba)Recent Progress on Steady Gravity Water Waves (Eugen Vărvărucă) Readership: Researchers in partial differential equations, calculus of variations and optimal control, difference and functional equations.
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Operator Theory in Function Spaces

Author: Kehe Zhu

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821839659

Category: Mathematics

Page: 348

View: 1953

This book covers Toeplitz operators, Hankel operators, and composition operators on both the Bergman space and the Hardy space. The setting is the unit disk and the main emphasis is on size estimates of these operators: boundedness, compactness, and membership in the Schatten classes. Most results concern the relationship between operator-theoretic properties of these operators and function-theoretic properties of the inducing symbols. Thus a good portion of the book is devoted to the study of analytic function spaces such as the Bloch space, Besov spaces, and BMOA, whose elements are to be used as symbols to induce the operators we study. The book is intended for both research mathematicians and graduate students in complex analysis and operator theory. The prerequisites are minimal; a graduate course in each of real analysis, complex analysis, and functional analysis should sufficiently prepare the reader for the book. Exercises and bibliographical notes are provided at the end of each chapter. These notes will point the reader to additional results and problems. Kehe Zhu is a professor of mathematics at the State University of New York at Albany. His previous books include Theory of Bergman Spaces (Springer, 2000, with H. Hedenmalm and B. Korenblum) and Spaces of Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Ball (Springer, 2005). His current research interests are holomorphic function spaces and operators acting on them.
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Asymptotic Cones and Functions in Optimization and Variational Inequalities

Author: Alfred Auslender,Marc Teboulle

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387225900

Category: Mathematics

Page: 249

View: 1451

This systematic and comprehensive account of asymptotic sets and functions develops a broad and useful theory in the areas of optimization and variational inequalities. The central focus is on problems of handling unbounded situations, using solutions of a given problem in these classes, when for example standard compacity hypothesis is not present. This book will interest advanced graduate students, researchers, and practitioners of optimization theory, nonlinear programming, and applied mathematics.
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Martingales in Banach Spaces

Author: Gilles Pisier

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316679462

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

View: 2784

This book focuses on the major applications of martingales to the geometry of Banach spaces, and a substantial discussion of harmonic analysis in Banach space valued Hardy spaces is also presented. It covers exciting links between super-reflexivity and some metric spaces related to computer science, as well as an outline of the recently developed theory of non-commutative martingales, which has natural connections with quantum physics and quantum information theory. Requiring few prerequisites and providing fully detailed proofs for the main results, this self-contained study is accessible to graduate students with a basic knowledge of real and complex analysis and functional analysis. Chapters can be read independently, with each building from the introductory notes, and the diversity of topics included also means this book can serve as the basis for a variety of graduate courses.
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Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points

Author: Vasile Berinde

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540722343

Category: Mathematics

Page: 326

View: 6991

This monograph gives an introductory treatment of the most important iterative methods for constructing fixed points of nonlinear contractive type mappings. For each iterative method considered, it summarizes the most significant contributions in the area by presenting some of the most relevant convergence theorems. It also presents applications to the solution of nonlinear operator equations as well as the appropriate error analysis of the main iterative methods.
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Convex Analysis in General Vector Spaces

Author: C. Zalinescu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812380671

Category: Science

Page: 367

View: 6319

The primary aim of this book is to present the conjugate and sub/differential calculus using the method of perturbation functions in order to obtain the most general results in this field. The secondary aim is to provide important applications of this calculus and of the properties of convex functions. Such applications are: the study of well-conditioned convex functions, uniformly convex and uniformly smooth convex functions, best approximation problems, characterizations of convexity, the study of the sets of weak sharp minima, well-behaved functions and the existence of global error bounds for convex inequalities, as well as the study of monotone multifunctions by using convex functions.
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