Lance Comfort

Author: Brian McFarlane

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719054846

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 225

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Who is Lance Comfort? The short answer is that he is the most unjustly neglected director in British film history. McFarlane's lively, thoroughly researched study aims to correct this situation. In the years between 1941 and 1965 he made some of the most entertaining films in Britain. There was the striking success of his second feature as director, Hatter's Castle (1941) and when he returned to this melodramatic vein in 1945 he made a series of highly proficient and enjoyable studies in obsession, including Bedelia (1946) with Margaret Lockwood as a murderess, and Temptation Harbour (1947) starring Robert Newton as a decent man in the grip of erotic attraction. Comfort's career has never been charted in full - that is, from the apprenticeship in the 1930s, through the melodramas of the 1940s to the often rewarding co-features of the following two decades. His is in many ways a prototypical career in British cinema: his very attractive body of work has been marginalised by critical focus on a few giant figures. But giant figures alone do not make an industry. This is a book that will appeal to all students and researchers in British cinema, as well as to anyone with an interest in British films - and why they were the way they were - in their most productive period.
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The Comfort of Things

Author: Daniel Miller

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 074565536X

Category: Social Science

Page: 316

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What do we know about ordinary people in our towns and cities, about what really matters to them and how they organize their lives today? This book visits an ordinary street and looks into thirty households. It reveals the aspirations and frustrations, the tragedies and accomplishments that are played out behind the doors. It focuses on the things that matter to these people, which quite often turn out to be material things – their house, the dog, their music, the Christmas decorations. These are the means by which they express who they have become, and relationships to objects turn out to be central to their relationships with other people – children, lovers, brothers and friends. If this is a typical street in a modern city like London, then what kind of society is this? It’s not a community, nor a neighbourhood, nor is it a collection of isolated individuals. It isn’t dominated by the family. We assume that social life is corrupted by materialism, made superficial and individualistic by a surfeit of consumer goods, but this is misleading. If the street isn’t any of these things, then what is it? This brilliant and revealing portrayal of a street in modern London, written by one the most prominent anthropologists, shows how much is to be gained when we stop lamenting what we think we used to be and focus instead on what we are now becoming. It reveals the forms by which ordinary people make sense of their lives, and the ways in which objects become our companions in the daily struggle to make life meaningful.
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Author: Carolee Dean

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618439126

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 244

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Fourteen-year-old Kenny Roy Willson fantasizes about escape from his hometown of Comfort, Texas, following his alcoholic father's release from prison. Reprint.
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Comfort: A Journey Through Grief

Author: Ann Hood

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393068641

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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“Rarely do memoirs of grief combine anguish, love, and fury with such elegance.” —Entertainment Weekly A moving and remarkable memoir about the sudden death of a daughter, surviving grief, and learning to love again.
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The Comfort Women

Sexual Violence and Postcolonial Memory in Korea and Japan

Author: C. Sarah Soh

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226767779

Category: History

Page: 352

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In an era marked by atrocities perpetrated on a grand scale, the tragedy of the so-called comfort women—mostly Korean women forced into prostitution by the Japanese army—endures as one of the darkest events of World War II. These women have usually been labeled victims of a war crime, a simplistic view that makes it easy to pin blame on the policies of imperial Japan and therefore easier to consign the episode to a war-torn past. In this revelatory study, C. Sarah Soh provocatively disputes this master narrative. Soh reveals that the forces of Japanese colonialism and Korean patriarchy together shaped the fate of Korean comfort women—a double bind made strikingly apparent in the cases of women cast into sexual slavery after fleeing abuse at home. Other victims were press-ganged into prostitution, sometimes with the help of Korean procurers. Drawing on historical research and interviews with survivors, Soh tells the stories of these women from girlhood through their subjugation and beyond to their efforts to overcome the traumas of their past. Finally, Soh examines the array of factors— from South Korean nationalist politics to the aims of the international women’s human rights movement—that have contributed to the incomplete view of the tragedy that still dominates today.
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On Comfort

Words of Hope for the Hurting

Author: J. Vernon McGee

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated

ISBN: 9780785281993

Category: Consolation

Page: 215

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For everyone seeking the strong assurance of God's comfort, for all who seek help in painful or confusing times, for all who battle life's smallest and greatest sorrows, here are inspiring, warmly reassuring messages from the heart of J. Vernon McGee. This treasury presents nine of Dr. McGee's greatest sermons on the theme of God's comfort.
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The Invention of Comfort

Sensibilities and Design in Early Modern Britain and Early America

Author: John E. Crowley

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801873157

Category: History

Page: 376

View: 7263

Definitions of comfort changed over time, the author shows, and men and women sometimes interpreted comfort differently. He begins with a description of the material culture of heating and illumination in British and Anglo-American domestic environments during the postmedieval centuries, when comfort was primarily a moral term implying consolation and support. (Midwest).
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The Joy of Sex

Author: Alex Comfort

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 074347774X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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A thirtieth anniversary edition of the guide first published in 1972 features updated text and illustrations and covers such topics as sexually transmitted diseases and achieving healthy intimacy. Reprint.
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Comfort Woman

Author: Nora Okja Keller

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101127678

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Possessing a wisdom and maturity rarely found in a first novelist, Korean-American writer Nora Okja Keller tells a heartwrenching and enthralling tale in this, her literary debut. Comfort Woman is the story of Akiko, a Korean refugee of World War II, and Beccah, her daughter by an American missionary. The two women are living on the edge of society—and sanity—in Honolulu, plagued by Akiko's periodic encounters with the spirits of the dead, and by Beccah's struggles to reclaim her mother from her past. Slowly and painfully Akiko reveals her tragic story and the horrifying years she was forced to serve as a "comfort woman" to Japanese soldiers. As Beccah uncovers these truths, she discovers her own strength and the secret of the powers she herself possessed—the precious gifts her mother has given her. A San Francisco Chronicle bestseller In 1995, Nora Okja Keller received the Pushcart Prize for "Mother Tongue", a piece that is part of Comfort Woman.
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Legacies of the Comfort Women of World War II

Author: Margaret D. Stetz,Bonnie B. C. Oh

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765639424

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 3468

The stories of the former comfort women -- long suppressed, but now emerging -- have galvanized both Asians and non-Asians working in a variety of fields. Scholars of Asian history and politics, feminists, human rights activists, documentary filmmakers, visual artists, and novelists have begun to address the subject of the comfort system; to take up the cause of the surviving comfort women's struggles; to call attention to past (and present) sexual violence against women, and to add the unwritten stories of former comfort women to the narratives of twentieth-century political history. This volume contains a cross-section of responses to the issues raised by the former comfort women and their new visibility on the international stage.
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Comfort Theory and Practice

A Vision for Holistic Health Care and Research

Author: Katharine Kolcaba, PhD, RN, C,Katharine Kolcaba

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826116338

Category: Medical

Page: 264

View: 9621

I am most excited and impressed with the scope and focus of this work. As I began to read it, I had trouble putting it down. It is highly readable, engaging, all-inclusive, and most informative. Jean Watson, RN, PhD, HNC, FAAN I am honored and delighted to recommend this text for all nurses who cared for and care about patients. from the Foreword by May Wykle, RN, PhD, FAAN This book places comfort at the forefront of nursing care, by presenting a carefully researched theory of comfort that nurses can use as a framework for practice. Engagingly written, the book combines a first-person account of the development of the theory with supporting research, and practical information for its application. Kolcaba analyzes the concept of comfort; describes its physical, psychospiritual, environmental and sociocultural components; evaluates its meaning in the many different contexts in which health care occurs; and describes how it can be measured. The appendix includes comfort care questionnaires that can be used with patients in many settings, and a comfort scale that can be used with patients for a quick assessment of comfort. Clinicians, researchers, educators, and students will find this holistic approach helpful in setting priorities and parameters for patient care.
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Japan's Comfort Women

Author: Yuki Tanaka

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134650124

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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Japan's Comfort Women tells the harrowing story of the "comfort women" who were forced to enter prostitution to serve the Japanese Imperial army, often living in appalling conditions of sexual slavery. Using a wide range of primary sources, the author for the first time links military controlled prostitution with enforced prostitution. He uncovers new and controversial information about the role of the US' occupation forces in military controlled prostitution, as well as the subsequent "cover-up" of the existence of such a policy. This groundbreaking book asks why US occupation forces did little to help the women, and argues that military authorities organised prostitution to prevent the widespread incidence of GI rape of Japanese women, and to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
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Comfort Woman

A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military

Author: Maria Rosa Henson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847691494

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 94

View: 9701

Her triumph against all odds is embodied by her decision to go public - at the urging of the Task Force on Filipino Comfort Women - with the secret she had held close for fifty years."--BOOK JACKET.
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Cure, Comfort and Safe Custody

Public Lunatic Asylums in Early Nineteenth-Century England

Author: Leonard Smith

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780718500948

Category: History

Page: 310

View: 6832

Explores the evolving tensions between the three objectives of the English mental asylum from 1808 to 1845: custody, cure, and comfort. Smith (arts and social sciences, U. of Birmingham, UK) finds that the implicit goal of custody, evidenced in penitentiary-style regimes, was gradually superseded by an Enlightenment-tempered movement towards cure. However, eventually the flaws in the system led to an overcrowding by ever larger numbers of physically deteriorated, aging people, and the emphasis switched to comfort.
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The Age of Comfort

When Paris Discovered Casual--and the Modern Home Began

Author: Joan DeJean

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781608191352

Category: Architecture

Page: 304

View: 6960

Today, it is difficult to imagine a living room without a sofa. When the first sofas on record were delivered in seventeenth-century France, the result was a radical reinvention of interior space. Symptomatic of a new age of casualness and comfort, the sofa ushered in an era known as the golden age of conversation; as the first piece of furniture designed for two, it was also considered an invitation to seduction. With the sofa came many other changes in interior space we now take for granted: private bedrooms, bathrooms, and the original living rooms. None of this could have happened without a colorful cast of visionaries-legendary architects, the first interior designers, and the women who shaped the tastes of two successive kings of France: Louis XIV's mistress Madame de Maintenon and Louis XV's mistress Madame de Pompadour. Their revolutionary ideas would have a direct influence on realms outside the home, from clothing to literature and gender relations, changing the way people lived and related to one another for the foreseeable future.
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Business Reports in English

Author: Jeremy Comfort,Rod Revell,Chris Stott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521272940

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 90

View: 7122

A task-based approach to reading and writing Business reports in English.
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Of Little Comfort

War Widows, Fallen Soldiers, and the Remaking of Nation After the Great War

Author: Erika A. Kuhlman

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814749054

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 225

View: 2520

During and especially after World War I, the millions of black-clad widows on the streets of Europe's cities were a constant reminder that war caused carnage on a vast scale. But widows were far more than just a reminder of the war's fallen soldiers; they were literal and figurative actresses in how nations crafted their identities in the interwar era. In this extremely original study, Erika Kuhlman compares the ways in which German and American widows experienced their post-war status, and how that played into the cultures of mourning in their two nations: one defeated, the other victorious. Each nation used widows and war dead as symbols to either uphold their victory or disengage from their defeat, but Kuhlman, parsing both German and U.S. primary sources, compares widows' lived experiences to public memory. For some widows, government compensation in the form of military-style awards sufficed. For others, their own deprivations, combined with those suffered by widows living in other nations, became the touchstone of a transnational awareness of the absurdity of war and the need to prevent it.
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Datev Lohn und Gehalt Comfort: Das komplette Lernbuch für Einsteiger

Author: Günter Lenz

Publisher: Bildner Verlag

ISBN: 3832853669

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 448

View: 8383

In diesem Buch werden anhand einer fiktiven Übungsfirma Situationen der Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung Schritt für Schritt ausführlich und praxisnah erläutert. Dabei wird ein komplettes Geschäftsjahr einschließlich des Jahresabschlusses über DATEV Lohn und Gehalt comfort abgewickelt. Im Rahmen der monatlichen Abrechnungen werden auch spezielle Themen wie z. B. Urlaubsgeld, Direktversicherungen oder Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall behandelt. Dieses Buch eignet sich insbesondere für Anwender mit theoretischen Grundkenntnissen der Buchhaltung und der Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung. Aus dem Inhalt: - Grundbedienung und Hilfe - Mandanten- und Mitarbeiter-Stammdaten anlegen - Monatsabschluss durchführen - Urlaub und Ausfallzeiten erfassen - Abrechnung von Überstunden - Buchungsbelege an DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen pro - übertragen - Pfändung - Entgeltfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall - Urlaubs- und Weihnachtsgeld - Änderung der Steuerklasse - Direktversicherungen - Lohnsteuerjahresausgleich und Auswertungen Jahreswechsel
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Encountering the Manuscripts

An Introduction to New Testament Paleography & Textual Criticism

Author: Philip Wesley Comfort

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805431452

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 420

View: 4645

“[Encountering the Manuscripts] focuses on the most significant New Testament manuscripts from the perspective of paleography and textual criticism. Paleography pertains to the dating of the manuscripts, as well as to the calligraphic features of the manuscripts themselves. Each manuscript has a story to tell; each manuscript gives us a window into the transmission of the New Testament text in the earliest centuries. Textual criticism pertains to the critical evaluation of the trustworthiness of the text of each manuscript with respect to recovering the original wording of the Greek New Testament. This volume merges the two areas of study by looking at both paleography and textual criticism as we encounter the New Testament manuscripts.”
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The Royal Slave: Easy Read Comfort Edition

Author: Aphra Behn


ISBN: 142705164X

Category: Fiction

Page: 124

View: 1971

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