Author: William Shakespeare,Sylvan Barnet

Publisher: Everyman's Library

ISBN: 067945487X

Category: Drama

Page: 463

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Contains the texts of Shakespeare's romances.
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Divine Comedies for the New Millennium

Recent Dante Translations in America and the Netherlands

Author: Ronald de Rooy

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9789053566329

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 143

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Annotation Elizabeth A. Kaye specializes in communications as part of her coaching and consulting practice. She has edited Requirements for Certification since the 2000-01 edition.
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Millennium Snow

Author: Bisco Hatori

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

ISBN: 1421577097

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 201

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Now that her bond with Toya has healed her heart, Chiyuki wants to live her life to the fullest. What she doesn't know is that Toya has refused to make the full partnership with her. He doesn't want to doom her to a thousand years of life. Chiyuki swore to Toya that she would never leave him alone, but is that a promise she'll be able to keep? -- VIZ Media
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Renaissance Comedy

The Italian Masters

Author: Donald Beecher

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802097235

Category: Drama

Page: 465

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In this second volume of Renaissance Comedy, Donald Beecher presents six more of the best-known plays of the period, each with its own introduction, reading notes, and annotations. Beecher's general introduction, though stand-alone, complements and extends the historical and critical essay prefacing the first volume. Together, the eleven plays in both volumes illuminate the range, variety, and development of the Italian comedy. The second volume of Renaissance Comedy raises fascinating questions about the uses of classical literature, the conventions of comedy, the politics of theatrical production, and the representation of contemporary social issues. Though it is clear that comedic plays exercised considerable influence over the development of European drama, these plays are above all remarkable for their sheer wit and invention, and their capacity to generate laughter and admiration in readers nearly half a millennium later.
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Author: William Shakespeare,Tony Tanner

Publisher: Everyman Chess

ISBN: 9781857152265

Category: English drama

Page: 756

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The penultimate volume in the 8-volume Everyman Signet Shakespeare contains Shakespeare's later Comedies - THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, AS YOU LIKE IT, TWELFTH NIGHT, ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL and MEASURE FOR MEASURE. The beautifully produced, single-column text of the plays, with the Signet footnotes, is supplemented with bibliographies, a detailed chronology of Shakespeare's life and times, and a substantial introduction in which Professor Tony Tanner discusses each play individually while setting each in content. The seven plays bought in Penguin would cost 23. 20, while the Cambridge and Oxford Classics editions cost 33. 25 and 27. 50 respectively.
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The Millennium

Author: Upton Sinclair

Publisher: Synergy International of the Americas

ISBN: 9789998995086


Page: 252

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Upton Sinclair's fictional vision, created in 1907, explores the state of society at the end of the millennium. Illustrations throughout.
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Renaissance Comedy

The Italian Masters

Author: Donald Beecher

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802094848

Category: History

Page: 460

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A rich and multi-faceted aspect of the Italian Renaissance, the comedy has been largely overlooked as a cultural force during the period. In Renaissance Comedy, editor Donald Beecher corrects this oversight with a collection of eleven comedies representative of the principal styles of writing that define the genre. Proceeding from early, 'erudite' imitations of Plautus and Terence to satires, sentimental plays of the middle years, and later, more experimental works, the development of Italian Renaissance comedy is here dissected in a fascinating and vivid light. This first of two volumes boasts five of the best-known plays of the period, each with its own historical and critical introduction. Also included is a general introduction by the editor, which discusses the features of Italian Renaissance comedy, as well as examines the stage histories of the plays and what little is known, in many cases, of the circumstances surrounding their original performances. The introduction raises questions concerning the nature of audiences, the festival occasions during which the plays were performed, and the academies which sponsored many of their creations. As a much-needed reappraisal of these comedic plays, Renaissance Comedy is an invaluable look at the performance history of the Renaissance and Italian culture in general.
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The Divine Comedy

Author: Dante Alighieri,Peter Armour

Publisher: Everyman Chess


Category: Heaven

Page: 798

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This edition prints all three parts of Dante's great poem about the journey of the soul - INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO - in the recent English translation by Allen Mandelbaum, with an introduction and explanatory notes on each canto by the noted Dante scholar, Peter Armour. This is the only reasonably priced hardback edition of one of the world's greatest masterworks and should prove to be the most accessible for students and general readers alike. It includes Botticelli's glorious and relatively unknown illustrations of THE DIVINE COMEDY, drawn in the 1480s.
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The Fatal Conceit

The Errors of Socialism

Author: F. A. Hayek

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226321150

Category: Political Science

Page: 194

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Hayek gives the main arguments for the free-market case and presents his manifesto on the "errors of socialism." Hayek argues that socialism has, from its origins, been mistaken on factual, and even on logical, grounds and that its repeated failures in the many different practical applications of socialist ideas that this century has witnessed were the direct outcome of these errors. He labels as the "fatal conceit" the idea that "man is able to shape the world around him according to his wishes." "The achievement of The Fatal Conceit is that it freshly shows why socialism must be refuted rather than merely dismissed—then refutes it again."—David R. Henderson, Fortune. "Fascinating. . . . The energy and precision with which Mr. Hayek sweeps away his opposition is impressive."—Edward H. Crane, Wall Street Journal F. A. Hayek is considered a pioneer in monetary theory, the preeminent proponent of the libertarian philosophy, and the ideological mentor of the Reagan and Thatcher "revolutions."
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The Library Shakespeare

Author: John Gilbert,George Cruikshank,Robert Dudley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780755459087

Category: Drama

Page: 476

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Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Volume 2

Dimensions of the Midwestern Literary Imagination

Author: Philip A. Greasley

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253021162

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 1080

View: 6866

The Midwest has produced a robust literary heritage. Its authors have won half of the nation’s Nobel Prizes for Literature plus a significant number of Pulitzer Prizes. This volume explores the rich racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the region. It also contains entries on 35 pivotal Midwestern literary works, literary genres, literary, cultural, historical, and social movements, state and city literatures, literary journals and magazines, as well as entries on science fiction, film, comic strips,graphic novels, and environmental writing. Prepared by a team of scholars, this second volume of the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature is a comprehensive resource that demonstrates the Midwest’s continuing cultural vitality and the stature and distinctiveness of its literature.
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A Catalogue of Mein's Circulating Library

Consisting of Above Twelve Hundred Volumes, in Most Branches of Polite Literature, Arts and Sciences ...

Author: John Mein

Publisher: N.A


Category: English literature

Page: 59

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The fatal conceit

the errors of socialism

Author: Friedrich August Hayek,William Warren Bartley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

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Catalogue of the Ueno Library, the general division

Author: Ueno Nunko (Kyōto Daigaku. Keizai Gakubu),Kyōto Daigaku. Ueno Bunko Henshū Iinkai

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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The Comedians

Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels, and the History of American Comedy

Author: Kliph Nesteroff

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 0802190863

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 432

View: 6716

In The Comedians, comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff brings to life a century of American comedy with real-life characters, forgotten stars, mainstream heroes and counterculture iconoclasts. Based on over two hundred original interviews and extensive archival research, Nesteroff’s groundbreaking work is a narrative exploration of the way comedians have reflected, shaped, and changed American culture over the past one hundred years. Starting with the vaudeville circuit at the turn of the last century, Nesteroff introduces the first stand-up comedian—an emcee who abandoned physical shtick for straight jokes. After the repeal of Prohibition, Mafia-run supper clubs replaced speakeasies, and mobsters replaced vaudeville impresarios as the comedian’s primary employer. In the 1950s, the late-night talk show brought stand-up to a wide public, while Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, and Jonathan Winters attacked conformity and staged a comedy rebellion in coffeehouses. From comedy’s part in the Civil Rights movement and the social upheaval of the late 1960s, to the first comedy clubs of the 1970s and the cocaine-fueled comedy boom of the 1980s, The Comedians culminates with a new era of media-driven celebrity in the twenty-first century.
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Author: William Shakespeare,Sylvan Barnet

Publisher: Everyman's Library

ISBN: 9780679436508

Category: Drama

Page: 768

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The Publisher

Author: N.A

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Category: Bibliography

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