Collecting Himself

James Thurber on Writing and Writers, Humor and Himself

Author: Michael J. Rosen

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062039032

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 6441

James Thurber spent most of his career at the New Yorker magazine, drawing cartoons and writing essays and stories. Collecting Himself is a one-of-a-kind compilation of James Thurber's vintage writings, featuring previously unanthologized articles, essays, interviews, reviews, cartoons, parodies, as well as Thurber's reflections on his work in theater and at the New Yorker. An eclectic body of work that offers a glimpse into Thurber the man, the philosopher, and the critic.
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Collecting Himself

James Thurber on Writing and Writers, Humor, and Himself

Author: James Thurber

Publisher: Singapore Books


Category: American wit and humor

Page: 263

View: 7991

Presents a remarkable body of previously unauthologized drawings and writings by James Thurber that present the beloved humorist as reader, journalist, satirist, comic, and personal respondent to the written world around him.
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Little Big World

Collecting Louis Marx and the American Fifties

Author: Jeffrey Hammond

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 1587299437

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 118

View: 5299

Jeffrey Hammond’s Little Big World: Collecting Louis Marx and the American Fifties is the story of a middle-aged man’s sudden compulsion to collect the toys of his childhood: specifically themed playsets produced by the Louis Marx Toy Company. Hammond never made a conscious decision to become a collector of any kind, so he was surprised when his occasional visits to web sites turned into hours spent gazing at, and then impulsively purchasing, the tiny plastic people and animals in the Civil War set, the Fort Apache set, Roy Rogers Ranch, and Happi-Time Farm—just a few of the dozens of playsets the Marx Company produced. Hammond interweaves childhood memories with reflections on what they reveal about the culture and values of cold war America, offering an extended meditation on toys as powerful catalysts for the imagination of both children and adults. Never sentimentalizing his childhood in an effort to get his old toys back, Hammond exposes the dangers of nostalgia by casting an unsettling light on the culture of the fifties and the era’s lasting impact on those who grew up in it. Writing in a lovably quirky voice, Hammond not only attempts to understand his personal connection to the Marx toys but also examines the psychology of his fellow eBay denizens. In this warm, funny, and contemplative work, the reader encounters an online community of serious adult collectors who, as the author suspects, are driven to obsession by middle-aged nostalgia. When Hammond questions this preoccupation with the past, he comes to realize that his own collecting has prevented him from moving forward. With this insight, he offers an insider’s take on the culture and psychology of collecting.
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The Collected Works of Joseph Conrad: Novels, Short Stories, Letters & Memoirs

Including Classics like Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, The Duel, The Secret Agent, Nostromo, Victory, The Shadow-Line & Under Western Eyes

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 8075839196

Category: Fiction

Page: 2900

View: 9163

Musaicum Books presents to you this carefully created volume of "The Collected Works of Joseph Conrad.” This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Content: Novels Almayer's Folly An Outcast of the Islands The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' Heart of Darkness Lord Jim The Inheritors Typhoon & Falk The End of the Tether Romance Nostromo The Secret Agent The Nature of a Crime Under Western Eyes Chance Victory The Shadow Line The Arrow of Gold The Rescue Short Stories Point of Honor: A Military Tale Falk: A Reminiscence Amy Foster To-morrow Karain, A Memory The Idiots The Outpost of Progress The Return Youth 'Twixt Land and Sea A Smile of Fortune The Secret Sharer Freya of the Seven Isles Gaspar Ruiz The Informer The Brute An Anarchist The Duel Il Conde The Warrior's Soul Prince Roman The Tale The Black Mate The Planter of Malata The Partner The Inn of the Two Witches Because of the Dollars Play One Day More Memoirs, Letters and Essays A Personal Record The Mirror of the Sea Collected Letters Notes on My Books Notes on Life & Letters Autocracy And War The Crime Of Partition A Note On The Polish Problem Poland Revisited Reflections On The Loss Of The Titanic Certain Aspects Of Inquiry Protection Of Ocean Liners A Friendly Place On Red Badge of Courage Biography and Critical Essays on Conrad Joseph Conrad (A Biography) by Hugh Walpole Joseph Conrad by John Albert Macy A Conrad Miscellany by John Albert Macy Joseph Conrad & The Athenæum by Arnold Bennett Joseph Conrad by Virginia Woolf Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) is regarded as one of the greatest English novelists. He wrote stories and novels, often with a nautical setting, that depict trials of the human spirit in the midst of an indifferent universe.
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Collected Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Delphi Classics)

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 1908909153

Category: Fiction

Page: 9491

View: 7832

Finally, the great literary giant Sir Arthur Conan Doyle receives the scholarly Delphi Classics treatment. This comprehensive eBook offers the most complete edition possible Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works in the US. Features: * the most complete edition possible due to US copyright restrictions * annotated with concise introductions to the novels and other texts * illustrated with the original Sherlock Holmes images * images of how the books first appeared, giving your EReader a taste of the Victorian texts * ALMOST all of the Sherlock Holmes stories (due to copyright) – even the rare and unfinished THE ADVENTURE OF THE TALL MAN * the rare comic opera Conan Doyle collaborated on with Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie * ALL of the short stories and short story collections have their own unique contents tables – choose from a vast range of amazing and rare short stories * rare non-fiction texts * Conan Doyle’s historic war treatises with maps and more * scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres * features five rare plays by Conan Doyle, including SHERLOCK HOLMES - explore the Great Man's theatrical talents! * scarce non-fiction works, including the GEORGE EDALJI and OSCAR SLATER real-life crime cases that Conan Doyle helped solve! * UPDATED with rare works and stories Please visit for more information and to browse our exciting titles. The Sherlock Holmes Collections SHERLOCK HOLMES: AN INTRODUCTION A STUDY IN SCARLET THE SIGN OF THE FOUR THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES THE VALLEY OF FEAR HIS LAST BOW THE FIELD BAZAAR HOW WATSON LEARNT THE TRICK THE ADVENTURE OF THE TALL MAN The Sherlock Holmes Stories The Challenger Works THE LOST WORLD THE POISON BELT Historical Novels MICAH CLARKE THE WHITE COMPANY THE GREAT SHADOW THE REFUGEES RODNEY STONE UNCLE BERNAC SIR NIGEL Other Novels and Novellas THE MYSTERY OF CLOOMBER THE FIRM OF GIRDLESTONE THE DOINGS OF RAFFLES HAW BEYOND THE CITY THE PARASITE THE STARK MUNRO LETTERS THE TRAGEDY OF THE KOROSKO A DUET The Short Story Collections THE CAPTAIN OF THE POLESTAR AND OTHER TALES. THE GREAT KEINPLATZ EXPERIMENT AND OTHER TALES OF TWILIGHT AND THE UNSEEN MY FRIEND THE MURDERER AND OTHER MYSTERIES AND ADVENTURES THE GULLY OF BLUEMANSDYKE AND OTHER STORIES ROUND THE RED LAMP THE GREEN FLAG AND OTHER STORIES THE EXPLOITS OF BRIGADIER GERARD THE ADVENTURES OF GERARD ROUND THE FIRE STORIES THE LAST OF THE LEGIONS AND OTHER TALES OF LONG AGO THE LAST GALLEY DANGER! AND OTHER STORIES TALES OF TERROR AND MYSTERY THE DEALINGS OF CAPTAIN SHARKEY AND OTHER TALES OF PIRATES THE MAN FROM ARCHANGEL AND OTHER TALES OF ADVENTURE UNCOLLECTED SHORT STORIES The Short Stories LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Opera JANE ANNIE, OR THE GOOD CONDUCT PRIZE The Plays WATERLOO SHERLOCK HOLMES THE SPECKLED BAND THE CROWN DIAMOND THE JOURNEY The Poetry SONGS OF ACTION SONGS OF THE ROAD THE GUARDS CAME THROUGH The Non Fiction THE GREAT BOER WAR THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA THROUGH THE MAGIC DOOR THE CRIME OF THE CONGO THE CASE OF MR. GEORGE EDALJI THE CASE OF MR. OSCAR SLATER THE HOLOCAUST OF MANOR PLACE THE BRAVOES OF MARKET-DRAYTON THE DEBATABLE CASE OF MRS. EMSLEY THE LOVE AFFAIR OF GEORGE VINCENT PARKER THE BRITISH CAMPAIGN IN FRANCE AND FLANDERS VOLUMES I-VI A VISIT TO THREE FRONTS. JUNE 1916 A GLIMPSE OF THE ARMY GREAT BRITAIN AND THE NEXT WAR THE FUTURE OF CANADIAN LITERATURE THE NEW REVELATION THE VITAL MESSAGE THE WANDERINGS OF A SPIRITUALIST THE COMING OF THE FAIRIES
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My Year In No Man's Bay

A Novel

Author: Peter Handke

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1466806826

Category: Fiction

Page: 468

View: 5896

In his most substaintial novel to date, Handke tells the story of an Austrian writer--a man much like Handke himself--who undergoes a "metamorphosis" from self-assured artist into passive "observer and chronicler." He explores the world and describes his many severed relationships, from his tenuous contact with his son, to a failed marriage to "the Catalan," to a doomed love affair with a former Miss Yugoslavia. As the writer sifts through his memories, he is also under pressure to complete his next novel, but he cannot decide how to come to terms with both the complexity of the world and the inability of his novel to reflect it.
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The Risk Underwriters

Destined to Be an International Bestseller

Author: Herbert Onye Orji

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477262318

Category: Fiction

Page: 462

View: 7443

Dynamic social revolution and intelligent imagination at its best. Dr. Jerry Aguolu;MD, PhD. Hollywood, Los Angeles Destined to be an international bestseller. Herbert I. Aneke, Petroleum Engineer & Film Critic, Lagos The finest rendition of the '60s social milieu; from New York, to Vietnam, Paris and back. Constantine Chris Pavlides, Professor of Business Admin, Temple University Philadelphia The Risk Underwriters reads like a block buster movie. Leslie Okoye, CookieSkin Cosmetics Executive, London An amazing and entertaining transition by the Author. This book should be on a must read list for all generations. Wallace Ford 11, Attorney, Academic and Author, New York City The long-drawn Vietnam War created a dramatic backlash in the USA social psyche. Side by side with the civil rights, peace and love movements in the urban city areas and university college campuses, drug use and chemical dependency spread nationwide. Over time, vivid pictures of violence in Vietnam sustained by TV and published reports, and corroborated by returning veterans and Newsweek and Time magazines, plus incessant riots in major USA cities, with drugs playing significant roles in audacious clashes with the police and the military, began to blur the differences between crime, punishment and socialized violence. First, it was the USA that was underwriting the political and defense risks for South Vietnam. The French had tried earlier and failed. Inside the American society, insurance companies, the lead underwriters of economic and some political risks, were accelerating their organizational evolution, technology and capacity building to cope with a much more complex society. It is in this milieu that James Payne, a blue-blood and a rising corporate attorney, was charged with doing the unthinkable; pouring a large portion of concentrated sulphuric acid on his would-be lover, Virginia Vitelli, also a rising advertising executive in Manhattan, New York City. His victim lost both eyes and became permanently blind. The dramatic trial that followed this gruesome incident played out for a couple of years, mirroring the loss of sensibilities on crime, violence and punishment in the larger society. Was the stage for these events set by the socio-psychological impact of the Vietnam War and its frustrations on Jim Payne's generation? Did Jim Payne's generation become immune to love, affection, pain and violence? What roles did the Risk Underwriters play?
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A Matter of Life and Death

Author: Paul Carroll

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1780887957

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 5835

When advertising maverick Farren Mortimer sets up AMOLAD to bring the funeral business into the 21st century, his ideas capture the public’s attention as he cashes in on the new zeitgeist of conspicuous public mourning.
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The Northern Keep


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465325948

Category: Fiction

Page: 516

View: 9973

There is no available information at this time.
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No Crystal Stair

Author: Ambika Sirkar

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing PvtLtd

ISBN: 9381115176

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 226

View: 8247

A divorced mother with a son, Kaveri remarries and has a child with her new husband. The son, Kartik, from the previous marriage, remains close with his mother but is distant and unattached to his stepfather. Kaveri feels a sense of guilt for the muddled relationship between stepfather and son. It becomes her life work to keep peace. As Kartik grows into a fine young man with a caring attitude and passionate character, Kaveri wishes for him what she never had... a happy and fulfilling life. She encourages Kartik to find love and marriage. Kaveri's life takes a different path when she is diagnosed with a fatal illness. How will her loved ones handle the sickness? For the first time in her life will Kaveri find peace - a silver of happiness during her final days? Well, sometimes a traumatic event brings harmony. The novel explores the enduring love of a son for his mother, a subject rarely dealt with in the Marathi language after the iconic Shyamchi Aai, pubished in the 1930s.
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The Hound in the Left-hand Corner

A Novel

Author: Giles Waterfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416580816

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 7042

In this brilliantly witty satire -- a bestseller in the UK -- a prestigious British museum launches an ambitious new exhibit...which quickly becomes a seasonal nightmare. Think that a day in the life of a London museum director is cold, quiet, and austere? Think again. Giles Waterfield brings a combination of intellectual comedy and knockabout farce to the subject in this story of one long day in a museum full of scandals, screw-upsŠand more than a few scalawags. At the beginning of The Hound in the Left-hand Corner, Auberon, the brilliant but troubled director of the Museum of British History, is preparing one midsummer's day for the opening of the most spectacular exhibition his museum has ever staged. The centerpiece is a painting of the intriguing Lady St. John strikingly attired as Puck, which hasn't been shown in London in a hundred years. As the day passes, the portrait arouses disquieting questions, jealousies, rivalries -- and more than a few strange affections -- in the minds of the museum staff. As guests and employees pour in, the tension rises -- and Auberon himself has the hilariously ridiculous task of keeping the peace, without losing his own sense of reality as well. For everyone who loves the farce of David Lodge and Michael Frayn, or even the Antiques Roadshow, the fast-paced, hilarious satire of The Hound in the Left-hand Corner is sure to delight and entertain.
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Evermore: Call of the Nocturne

Author: Scott Blurton


ISBN: 0987983121


Page: 392

View: 1406

Adam should be a happy man. He is the creator of Evermore, a virtual reality world in which millions of people play, work and live their lives in bliss. Days away from an initial stock offering that will make him a millionaire, Adam is on top of the world. But there is one secret that Adam must hide. Evermore can kill you. Faced with a sudden and inexplicable murder inside his virtual paradise, Adam must turn to a dangerous mercenary known only by the name Blue. Driven by her insatiable lust for violence, Blue must enter Evermore and hunt down the killer. But once she jacks in, will she be ready for the secrets that await her?
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The Rescue

A Romance of the Shallows

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 1775419312

Category: Fiction

Page: 611

View: 8289

Widely regarded as one of the most elegant stylists of English prose, Joseph Conrad set many of his works of fiction on boats and ships at sea. The Rescue is the last in a series of texts in which Conrad fictionalized his own life experiences as a sailor. The novel blends high seas adventure with romance and Conrad's trademark psychological complexity.
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Rise of the Dragon Horde

Blackstarr: the Chronicles of Morgan Sparrowhawk

Author: The Brothers Orange

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469120798

Category: Fiction

Page: 554

View: 5213

The races of man; elf, human, dwarf and halflings face a darkness that they can not comprehend. Molloch the dark god, has planned for thousands of years to seize Oren, but the great god EL has stopped him time and time again. Now the inhabitants of Oren have turned their backs on EL and a new window of opportunity for Molloch to seize Oren has arise. EL will not abandon Oren to the dark one without a fight, as he has a plan as well. EL has kept the elves of Shaggar safe for thousands of years, but there hearts have turned from him placing Oren in jeopardy. A lone half-elf, shunned by his people must fight against prejudice and hate to become the instrument of his god. Geric of the House of Joda must survive the trails of his youth and lead his people back into the light of EL. Shante Hartas, High Guardian of the city of Shaggar has other plans, as he secretly worships Molloch leading the great city into darkness under his rule. Raven Mercury a human warrior, fights to change his familys station in life from commoner to noble. Raven proves himself by winning the annual tournament granting him a chance to train at the legendary school of Ascension. The ancient dragon, Dragmyre is raising an army to begin his conquest of the world of Oren. Dragmyre has collected his generals to lead his army, and with the world unaware victory seems sure. Until a fateful night when Raven finds out the truth; the school is not what it seems. Will he hold too the noble intentions he has of being a knight or take his rightful place as a general in the Dragon Horde. With the world hanging in the balance, Geric Joda and Raven Mercury are thrust into the battle for Oren. Molloch is gathering his force on two fronts, preparing to seize all that EL holds dear. Two warriors will decide the future of Oren the half-elf and the human, will they unite in time to save a world or choose a darker path. All will be decided in.... Blackstarr: The Chronicles of Morgan Sparrowhawk
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