Coalition Diaries, 2012–2015

Author: David Laws

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 1785903225

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 9261

Acclaimed as one of the sharpest political intellects of his generation, David Laws saw his ministerial career nosedive before it had begun when, after only seventeen days as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he was forced to resign when unintended breaches of parliamentary expenses rules came to light. You can’t keep a good man down, however, and he returned to government, where he was also responsible for implementation of the coalition agreement and planning the Lib Dems’ strategy in the run-up to the 2015 election. David began writing a diary in March 2012 and continued writing it throughout his ministerial career and up to the 2015 election, which devastated the Liberal Democrats in Parliament. Frank, acerbic, sometimes shocking and often funny, Coalition Diaries chronicles the historic Liberal Democrat–Conservative coalition government, offering extraordinary pen portraits of all the personalities involved, some of whom were cast aside at the election or put to the knife after Brexit, while others are active in today’s government.
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The Man Who Said No!

Author: David Laws

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788031016

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2887

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The Inside Story of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government

Author: David Laws

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781785901904


Page: 624

View: 4584

Coalition is the definitive insider account of the historic Conservative - Lib Dem coalition from its birth in 2010 through to its demise in May 2015 It reveals how key decisions were made, lays bare the often explosive divisions between and within the coalition parties, and explores candidly the personalities and positions of the key players on both sides of the government. Finally, it makes a thorough assessment of the government's successes and failures. "David Laws has written what deserves to become the definitive account of the 2010-15 coalition government." - Paddy Ashdown "There are few - even from within my own party - whose inside story of the 2010-15 coalition I would trust more than David Laws's." - Matthew Parris "This book makes the politics of coalition come alive. It is well written, with a great deal of humour and a nice eye for detail. [...] This is an important work that goes a long way towards explaining our contemporary political predicament. I cannot recommend it too highly." - Peter Oborne, New Statesman "Packed with remarkable verbatim accounts of the arguments between the men at the top: David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg." Sunday Times
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Events, Dear Boy, Events

A Political Diary of Britain 1921-2010

Author: Ruth Winstone

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847654630

Category: History

Page: 680

View: 3980

Ruth Winstone retells Britain's history through the great diarists of the last century, drawing back the curtain on the lives of political classes, their doubts, ambitions, and emotions. She moves deftly among those in the thick of it, showing the elation, anger, doubts, jealousy, joys and fears of people as they record their own and the nation's triumphs and disasters. To this potent mix she adds the mordant perceptions of observers like Virginia Woolf, Cecil Beaton, Peter Hall and Roy Strong, and the vivid records of everyday life found in the diaries of otherwise ordinary men and women. Events, Dear Boy, Events reveals Britain's recent past in the words of the actors who were shaping the events of the day. This is living real-time history.
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Exit Day

Author: David Laws

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1789016851

Category: Fiction

Page: 360

View: 7889

An out-of-favour journalist tracks down a ring of spies bent on sabotaging Britain’s ‘Exit Day’. A senior Minister leaks Cabinet secrets to Brussels. An assassin stalks the Prime Minister. When an old lover turns up on Harry Topp’s doorstep, she brings with her an explosive ‘gift’: a list of deeply buried secret agents in Britain. And top of the list is the Cabinet Minister. Harry is shocked to discover that a friend is also one of the spies and soon finds himself caught up in a covert war between rival sets of spooks. Worse still, he’s up against a conspiracy by a group of fanatics, led by a shadowy figure called the Wolf, intent on corrupting the European Union from within. While determinedly chasing his scoop, what Harry doesn’t realise is that he’s been hatching a cuckoo in the nest... Of all the undercurrents in the Brexit controversy, this is the one scenario readers would never expect.
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Punch and Judy Politics

An Insiders' Guide to Prime Minister’s Questions

Author: Ayesha Hazarika,Tom Hamilton

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 1785903586

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

View: 7340

Prime Minister’s Questions is the bear pit of British politics, a unique way of holding the powerful to account. While it is watched and admired around the world, it is often hated at home for bringing out the worst in our politicians. However, despite the best attempts of successive party leaders to try and move away from ‘Punch and Judy politics’, PMQs are here to stay. It sets the agenda, indicates who’s up and who's down and, most importantly, defines Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition. Ayesha Hazarika and Tom Hamilton spent every Wednesday morning for five years preparing Ed Miliband for combat ahead of PMQs, with varying degrees of success. They know what it’s like to prepare a leader for the most stressful, unforgiving moment of the political week and they have lived through the drama, tension and black humour that goes with being in the room. They have seen the highs when a leader wins at the Dispatch Box as well as – perhaps more often – the lows when they take a beating. This book lifts the lid on PMQs, reveals the tricks of the trade from leading politicians and the people who prepared them, and takes you behind the scenes of some of the biggest PMQs moments. Part history, part inside account, this book is an entertaining and honest guide to one of the most loved, feared and loathed features of British politics by two people who know just how tough it can be.
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The Coalition and the Constitution

Author: Vernon Bogdanor

Publisher: Hart Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781849461580

Category: Law

Page: 148

View: 2915

England', Benjamin Disraeli famously said, 'does not love coalitions'. But 2010 saw the first peace-time coalition in Britain since the 1930s. But is the British constitution equipped to deal with coalition? This book analyses the significance of coalition government for Britain and the constitutional reforms which the coalition is proposing
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The Larry Diaries: Downing Street - The First 100 Days

Author: Larry the Cat

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0857207717

Category: Humor

Page: 224

View: 6660

It was the brazen cheek of the huge rat running across the front of No 10 on a live TV news broadcast that galvanised the government into action. Meetings were held at the highest level and, barely a week later, on 15 February 2011, Larry the tabby cat arrived in Downing Street to make his mark as the new rodent bouncer in residence. A secret source quickly made contact and has been working closely with Larry ever since to get the full story - in diary form - of his first 100 days in the job. In a swift-moving narrative that pits Larry against the evil King Rat and his legion of cheese-eaters, our hero still finds time to spill the beans on what life with Sam and Dave is really like. With the economy in crisis and anarchy on the streets of London, Larry has to use all his smarts to outwit the enemy and earn his keep. Gaining privileged access to Sam Cam's iPad he uses Google Maps to surpass the rats' knowledge of the local area. With a Royal Wedding on the horizon and a revolving door of visiting dignitaries to contend with, Larry is able to take a wry look at the machinations of coalition power that lurk behind the big black door.
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More Time for Politics

Diaries 2001-2007

Author: Tony Benn

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409063208

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 1203

When Tony Benn left Parliament after 51 years he quoted his wife Caroline's remark that now he would have 'more time for politics'. And so this has proved: in the first seven years of this century he has helped reinvigorate national debate through public meetings, mass campaigns and appearances in the media, passionately bringing moral and political issues to wide audiences. And throughout, as ever, he has been keeping his diaries. Commenting on the demise of the New Labour project from the re-election of Tony Blair in 2001 to the ultimate foreign policy disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq, he gives other prescient accounts of the government's by-passing of Cabinet, parliament and the party, of the 'war on terror', the debate about Islam, globalisation and the changes in British society. Although he is no longer in power or in parliament, Tony Benn remains a figure of enormous respect whose direct views, honestly expressed, have often awakened the national conscience. His latest Diaries, human and challenging in turn, are an enthralling read.
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Alastair Campbell Diaries

Volume 7 2007-2010

Author: Alastair Campbell

Publisher: Alastair Campbell's Diaries

ISBN: 9781785900853


Page: 608

View: 7186

Alastair Campbell's diaries have the quality of Pepys ... people will be looking for insights and finding them in 100 years' time." Lord Alex Carlile Caught in the no man's land between being a key figure in Downing Street and the relative anonymity of the world outside politics, Alastair Campbell finds himself being torn in several directions. Having succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown wants Campbell at his side. Campbell resists, flooding his reservoir of guilt as a general election looms and Brown's indecision and fluctuating moods suggest the Labour administration is seriously threatened by the Tory 'posh boy', David Cameron. Soon Campbell is earning not only praise but big money from motivational speaking and writing novels which darkly reflect the personal mood swings that continue to concern to both him and his family. Serious journalism across platforms old and new puts him back in the public eye and together with live appearances and a love of sport - his enduring love affair with Burnley Football Club still smoulders - sees him board a celebrity merry-go-round that often leaves him far from his comfort zone. With politics constantly tugging his sleeve, he eventually returns to the front line to marshal a party in disarray. The intensity of the months leading up to 6 May 2010 is as dramatic as any screenplay, with Campbell chronicling Brown's struggle to win over a disillusioned nation and then his dignified departure from the main stage. For Campbell, another chapter closes. So what next?
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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Author: John Perkins

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781576755129

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

View: 5055

Perkins, a former chief economist at a Boston strategic-consulting firm, confesses he was an "economic hit man" for 10 years, helping U.S. intelligence agencies and multinationals cajole and blackmail foreign leaders into serving U.S. foreign policy and awarding lucrative contracts to American business.
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The End of British Party Politics?

Author: Roger Awan-Scully

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 1785903632

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

View: 1389

Elections ask voters to choose between political parties. But voters across the UK are increasingly being presented with fundamentally different, and largely disconnected, sets of political choices. This book is about this hollowing out of a genuinely British democratic politics: how and why it has occurred, and why it matters. Electoral choices across Britain became increasingly differentiated along national lines over much of the last half-century. In 2017, for the second general election in a row, four different parties came first in the UK’s four nations. UK voters are increasingly faced with general election campaigns that are largely disconnected from each other. At the same time, voters acquire much of their information about the election from news-media based in London that display little understanding of these national distinctions. The UK continues to elect representatives to a single parliament. But the shared debates and sets of choices that tie a political community together are increasingly absent. Separate national political arenas and agendas still have to interact but in some respects the House of Commons increasingly resembles the European Parliament – whose members are democratically chosen but from a disconnected series of separate national electoral contests. This is deeply problematic for the long-term unity and integrity of the UK.
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22 Days in May

The Birth of the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition

Author: David Laws

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 184954087X

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

View: 9816

22 Days in May is the first detailed Liberal Democrat insider account of the negotiations which led to the formation of the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition government in May 2010, along with an essential desription of the early days of the government.
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Free At Last

Diaries 1991 - 2001

Author: Tony Benn

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407096710

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 768

View: 9131

Tony Benn is the longest serving MP in the history of the Labour Party. He left Parliament in 2001, after more than half a century in the House of Commons, to devote more time to politics. This volume of his Diaries describes and comments, in a refreshing and honest way, upon the events of a momentous decade including two world wars, a change of government in Britain and the emergence of New Labour, of which he makes clear he is not a member. Tony Benn's account is a well documented, formidable and principled critique of the New Labour Project, full of drama, opinion, humour, anecdotes and sparkling pen-portraits of politicians on both sides of the political divide. But his narrative is also broader and more revealing about day-to-day political life, covering many aspects normally disregarded by historians and lobby correspondents, relating to his work in the constituency, including his advice surgeries. This volume also offers far more of an insight into Tony Benn's personal life, his thoughts about the future and his relationship with his family, especially his remarkable wife Caroline, whose illness and death overshadow these years. Tony Benn is a unique figure on the British political landscape: a true democrat, a passionate socialist and diarist without equal. With this volume, his published Diaries cover British politics for over sixty years. It is edited, as are all others, by Ruth Winstone.
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Divided We Govern

Coalition Politics in Modern India

Author: Sanjay Ruparelia

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190264918

Category: Political Science

Page: 480

View: 1742

Ruparelia confronts one of the most striking developments in modern Indian politics: the increasing influence of communist, regional, and lower caste-orientated socialist parties on politics since the late 1980s. In particular he traces these their attempts to construct a progressive 'third force' vis-àvis the historically dominant Indian National Congress and Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and the subsequent decline of the broader Indian left as a collective political power. Ruparelia develops an original theoretical argument, deploying an innovative conceptual grammar of institutions, power, and judgment to explain the vicissitudes of the contemporary Indian left over the past two decades. Divided We Govern is a fine-grained analytic narrative to explain the vagaries of power-sharing in contemporary Indian democracy. It draws together a variety of tools and resources to create a dynamic causal account of multiparty governments and their function only partly captured by many scholarly analyses and the theories on which they rely. Ruparelia's narrative comprises information gathered from newspapers and periodicals, party manifestoes, and government documents; original statistical analyses of official electoral data and national election surveys; and the rare testimonies of senior party leaders, high-ranking government officials, and seasoned political journalists, obtained through dozens of in-depth interviews and intensive fieldwork.
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The Spicer Diaries

Author: Michael Spicer

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250041937

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

View: 7780

An influential conservative member of Parliament reflects on his decades in British government, tracing his achievements, the tough choices that have marked his career, and his relationships with such figures as Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron, and TonyBlair.
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Austerity Bites

A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK

Author: O'Hara, Mary

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1447315707

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

View: 6405

"Updated with new preface and afterword"--Cover.
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5 Days to Power

The Journey to Coalition Britain

Author: Rob Wilson

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 1849540888

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 4361

A remarkable and important account of the negotiations that led to the birth of the Coalition.
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How to be a Minister

Author: Gerald Kaufman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780571190805

Category: Cabinet officers

Page: 186

View: 3836

When How To Be A Minister was first published in 1980, it received rave reviews. When it was out of print, copies became as prized as gold-dust and were known to disappear from the House of Commons Library. Recommended to incoming ministers in the Thatcher and Major governments by the Cabinet Office, it is also used as a primer by overseas governments. Gerald Kaufman, former Minister and Shadow Cabinet member, brought the book up-to-date in this revised edition. It remains the most authoritative guide to the processes of government ever published as well as being uproariously funny, with an almost never-ending stream of witty one-liners and joyous and/or scurrilous anecdotes.
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President, Soldier, Spy

Author: Jonathan Clements

Publisher: Haus Publishing

ISBN: 1908323183

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 2806

Baron Gustaf Mannerheim was one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, and the only man to be decorated by both sides in the Second World War. As a Finnish officer in Russian service, he witnessed the coronation of the last Tsar, and was both reprimanded for foolhardiness and decorated for bravery in the Russo-Japanese War. He spent two years undercover in Asia as an agent in the 'Great Game', posing as a Swedish anthropologist. He crossed China on horseback, stopping en route to teach the 13th Dalai Lama how to shoot with a pistol, and spying on the Japanese navy on his way home. He escaped the Bolsheviks by the skin of his teeth in 1917, arriving in the newly independent Finland just in time to lead the anti-Russian forces in the local revolt and civil war. During Finland's darkest hour, he lead the defence of his country against the impossible odds of the Winter War. This major new life of Gustaf Mannerheim, the first to be published for over a decade, includes new historical material on Mannerheim's time in China.
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