Closer to the Ground

An Outdoor Family's Year on the Water, In the Woods and at the Table

Author: Dylan Tomine

Publisher: Patagonia

ISBN: 1938340612

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 264

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Now completely revised and updated, with full-color photographs and family-friendly recipes throughout. The deeply personal story of a father learning to share his love of nature with his children, not through the indoor lens of words or pictures, but directly, palpably, by exploring the natural world as they forage, cook and eat from the woods and sea. This compelling, masterfully written tale follows Dylan Tomine and his family through four seasons as they hunt chanterelles, fish for salmon, dig clams and gather at the kitchen table, mouths watering, to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Closer to the Ground captures the beauty and surprise of the natural world — and the ways it teaches us how to live — with humor, gratitude and a nose for adventure as keen as a child’s. It is a book filled with weather, natural history and many delicious meals.
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Recovering the Ground

Critical Exercises in Recollection

Author: William H. Poteat

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791421314

Category: Philosophy

Page: 235

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This book sets forth an ontological Copernican revolution. By means of a critical phenomenology, it shifts the axis of reflection from the putatively bedrock dualisms in which philosophy was conceived, to our lively, intentional mindbodies that are ontologically antecedent to, beyond the grasp of, yet implicated in, all reflection. In these exercises, reflection's center of gravity is shifted to our mindbodies, whose meditated whatness can be known in all of its forms of appearance--as material objects, organisms, makers, keepers and breakers of promises, husbands and wives, et cetera--and whose unmediated thisness everywhere importunately "shows itself." From this seamless, ontological bedrock, all of our dualisms have been brought forth by reflection. They never cease to be founded there; in action they disappear there. How, on this new foundation, do 'reflection', 'interpretation', 'thinking', 'speaking', 'time', 'hope', and 'memory' come differently to do their work?
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Condition Red Area 51

Author: DeWayne Harper

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493112775

Category: Fiction

Page: 764

View: 1208

July 9, 1947. Roswell, New Mexico. A young boy tags along with his father to the Roswell Army Air Field and witnesses something he was not to see or know about until fifty-three years later. August 5, 2000. Garden Plains, Kansas. A massive alien craft is spotted hovering by local citizens and darts off to the Northwest somewhere in Colorado, where it starts to tailgate commercial Flight 311 on its way to Oklahoma City. Three F-15 aircrafts are scrambling to intercept and investigate this unknown intruder. The alien craft darts off to the Southeast, and the three F-15s give pursuit of the unknown intruder. The alien craft is able to lose the F-15s in a thunderstorm near Roswell, and history repeats itself some fifty-three years later.
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Mirror of the Worlds

Author: N.A

Publisher: Justin Mitchell



Page: N.A

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Die Kunst des Krieges

Author: Sunzi

Publisher: Droemer eBook

ISBN: 3426422085

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

View: 1724

Sunzis Text ist nicht nur ein Klassiker der Kriegskunst, seine Weisheiten weisen zudem den Weg zum Sieg bei allen Schlachten und Konflikten, die wir führen. Sei es der gesellschaftliche Konflikt, der Kampf im Aufsichtsrat oder sogar der Kampf der Geschlechter – mit diesem Werk wird jeder Feind besiegt. Doch die größte Leistung besteht darin, den Widerstand des Feindes ohne einen Kampf zu brechen.
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Closer to Death, Closer to God

True Stories of a Spiritual Awakening

Author: Meryl Yvonne

Publisher: Turning Stone Press

ISBN: 1618520873

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 260

View: 4278

Meryl Yvonne is no ordinary woman. From a young age she experienced things of an “otherworldly” nature. Farmers would bring their ailing lambs to her for healing and to this day she continues as kaitiaki (guardian) of the animal kingdom. She has always had dreams that bring powerful messages.Throughout her life she has listened to her inner guidance. This book is the story of Meryl’s journey and the life experiences that initiated her spiritual awakening. Some gently raised her level of consciousness, while others—when facing death—catapulted her beyond human endurance into her unwavering faith of the metaphysical realm. And in facing death, she receives her greatest understanding of life: humanity and the One Supreme Presence is one and the same. Meryl writes: In forgetting that we are God, that God lives in us and is all powerful and limitless in its potential, we became afraid of what life could do to us. We fell over and skinned our knees, so now we only wear flat, sturdy shoes. Join Meryl on this incredible journey, and find the healer, the love, the wise one, and the One Supreme Presence within yourself. “Whatever lacks love is not fully formed in substance, and there is nowhere in creation that it can survive for long. As chaos, it must return to substance to reform into perfection. This is a Universal Law.”—from the book
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From the Ground Up

Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs

Author: Kim Collins

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1929242786

Category: Pets

Page: 165

View: 7848

You might have a dog who you think will be a super-star on the agility course, but unless you work with him “from the ground up,” you may end up being disappointed. Author Kim Collins takes the position that there is a lot of training and relationship building that needs to go on before you ever begin to train the specific skills needed for agility. So this is the perfect book for you if you have a puppy or a young dog and are planning a career in agility in the future as it provides a complete training plan for both his pre-agility work and when he is ready to head out on the course.
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Author: Regina Bendix,Donald Brenneis

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825891084

Category: Social Science

Page: 151

View: 3212

The essays in this volume present deeply contextualized cases of sensory experience.They link senses to each other and to event, sentiment, emplacement, identity, and the ongoing shaping of social life. In doing so, they make a strong joint case for the importance of taking the senses seriously, not in isolation but as integral elements of culture and interaction. (Donald Brenneis) Regina Bendix is a researcher at the University of Goettingen (Germany). Donald Brenneis is a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball

Author: Rainer Martens,Julie S. Martens

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0736094067

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 312

View: 8493

Hall of Famer Rainer Martens has been playing softball for over 45 years. He currently coaches and plays for the Florida Legends—winners of over 80 national championships in the last 20 years. Although many books focus on fastpitch softball, this is the first comprehensive guide for slowpitch softball played by more than 13 million in the U.S. Includes over 200 photos and a 45-minute DVD that presents demonstrations of offensive and defensive techniques and tactics. Original.
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Religion and Human Purpose

A Cross Disciplinary Approach

Author: W. Horosz,Tad Clements

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400934831

Category: Philosophy

Page: 309

View: 3514

The cross-disciplinary studies in this volume are of special interest because they link human purpose to the present debate between religion and the process of secularization. If that debate is to be a creative one, the notion of the 'human orderer' must be related significantly both to the sacred and secular realms. In fact, if man were not a purposive being, he would have neither religious nor secular problems. Questions about origins and destiny, divine purposiveness and the order of human development, would not arise as topics of human concern. It would appear, then, that few would deny the fact of man's purposiveness in existence, that the pursuit of these purposes constitutes the dramas of history and culture. Yet the case is otherwise. For, concerning 'purposes' itself, widely divergent, even antithetical, views have been held. The common man has mistrusted its guidance for purpose, much too often, 'changes its mind'. Its fluctuations and whimsical nature are too much even for common sense. The sciences have identified purpose with the personal life and viewed it as a function of the subject self. Consequently they had no need for it in scientific method and objective knowledge. The religions of the world have used purpose in its holistic sense, for purposes of establishing grandious systems of religious totality and for stating the ultimate goals in man's destiny.
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The Angel Stones

Author: Joshua Soderlund

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146539754X

Category: Fiction

Page: 390

View: 2866

As chaos begins happening around the world a group of unlikely characters have joined together to find the missing Angel stones spread all over. As the angels in heaven try to prevent things from getting even worse in the world for two of their own are missing.
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The Woodlands: Or, A Treatise on the Preparing of Ground for Planting; on the Planting on the Cultivating; on the Pruning; and on the Cutting Down of Forest Trees and Underwoods; Describing the Usual Growth and Size and the Uses of Each Sort of Tree, the Seed of Each, the Season and Manner of Collecting the Seed, the Manner of Preserving and of Sowing It, and Also the Manner of Managing the Young Plants Until Fit to Plant Out; the Trees Being Arranged in Alphabetical Order, and the List of Them, Including Those of America as Well as Those of England, and the English, French, and Latin Name Being Prefixed to the Directions Relative to Each Tree Respectively

Author: William Cobbett

Publisher: N.A


Category: Tree planting

Page: 341

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Basic GIS Coordinates

Author: Jan Van Sickle

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780203491485

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 192

View: 9486

Computers tend to be very good at repetition and very bad at interpretation. People, on the other hand, are poor at repetition, because we can get bored or distracted. We are, however, excellent at interpretation, if we have the proper information. Basic GIS Coordinates is about providing some of the critical information needed to understand coordinate systems and effectively interpret GIS technology. GIS is emerging in all facets of business and government at an incredible rate; GIS and mapping professionals must have a clear understanding of coordinate systems. Basic GIS Coordinates explains how coordinates tie the real world to its electronic image in the computer. It is about understanding how these systems work, and how they sometimes don't work. It examines how points that are expected to be in one location are in reality somewhere completely different, even when the computer has done everything exactly as it was told. Basic GIS Coordinates explains the progression of ideas that are the foundation of coordinate systems without overwhelming you with supporting mathematics. It is a user-friendly study for those who need to apply GIS technology and resulting coordinates. From the basics of coordinate systems to specific practical examples, this book covers GIS coordinates without pages of complicated math; yet it is not oversimplified. This volume analyzes state plane coordinates, UTM coordinates, and the rectangular system in a concise format. To help you apply the information, each chapter concludes with review questions and answers.
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Research Note RM

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Forests and forestry

Page: N.A

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Aerodynamics of a Lifting System in Extreme Ground Effect

Author: Kirill V. Rozhdestvensky

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540662778

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

View: 9182

This book is dedicated to the memory of a distinguished Russian engineer, Rostislav E. Alexeyev, who was the first in the world to develop the largest ground effect machine - Ekranoplan. One of Alexeyev's design concepts with the aerodynamic configuration of a jlying wing can be seen on the front page. The book presents a description of a mathematical model of flow past a lifting system, performing steady and unsteady motions in close proximity to the underlying solid surface (ground). This case is interesting for practical purposes because both the aerodynamic and the economic efficiency of the system near the ground are most pronounced. Use of the method of matched asymptotic expansions enables closed form solutions for the aerodynamic characteristics of the wings-in-ground effect. These can be used for design, identification, and processing of experimental data in the course of developing ground effect vehicles. The term extreme ground effect, widely used through out the book, is associated with very small relative ground clearances of the order of 10% or less. The theory of a lifting surface, moving in immediate proximity to the ground, represents one of the few limiting cases that can be treated analytically. The author would like to acknowledge that this work has been influenced by the ideas of Professor Sheila E. Widnall, who was the first to apply the matched asymptotics techniques to treat lifting flows with the ground effect. Saint Petersburg, Russia February 2000 Kirill V. Rozhdestvensky Contents 1. Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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A Chance to Learn the Secrets of the Ancients

Author: Richard H. Wildey

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1618978608

Category: Fiction

Page: 548

View: 9800

It was Shirley. She was completely pale, her face a blank mask. She was sitting down in the chair behind my desk at the windows and didn't look at me when I came in from the massage room. I looked at her for a moment then quietly asked, "Shirley, please tell me what's going on." After three or four seconds of no response, I was going to say something else when Shirley slowly looked up. She didn't say anything but just looked at me. As I looked at her I wasn't sure what to make of the look on her face. Shirley's mouth opened but nothing came out of it at first. Then she said, "We are under attack from aliens." After a moment I asked, "Like from outer space aliens, Shirley?" She nodded. I listened quietly and didn't hear any explosions or sirens. Beside Shirley on the small desk was a radio. I stepped over and turned it on. Shirley had heard correctly. First-time author Richard H. Wildey is a massage therapist and energy practitioner in Charleston, West Virginia. He is the head manager and missionary of The Triumph Church and is immersed in writing his second novel. Publisher's website: http: //
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Fallen Angels of Paradise: A Devil's Curse

Author: T.Y.

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434929329

Category: Fiction

Page: 38

View: 7176

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