Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

Author: International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering

Publisher: New In Chess

ISBN: 9056915428

Category: Games

Page: 301

View: 9947

Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. This is well known. But what does pattern recognition actually mean? And how can you improve at it? If you realize a position has similarities with something you have seen before, you are recognizing a pattern. This helps you to get to the essence of a position quickly and find the most promising continuation. To get better at recognizing chess patterns, knowing which positions are worth remembering will save lots of time and energy. In this book IM Arthur van de Oudeweetering supplies building blocks for your chess knowledge. In short chapters he presents lots of well-defined subjects, easy to remember because of their specific elements. After working with this book you will experience something wonderful: your mind and memory will be triggered much easier and more frequently. An increasing number of positions, pawn structures and piece placements will automatically activate your chess knowledge. As a result, you will simply find the right move more often and more quickly!
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Kama Pootra

52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop

Author: Daniel Cole Young

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1402237227

Category: Humor

Page: 128

View: 413

52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop The only known translation of an ancient manual instructing readers in the art of enlightened bathroom experience, the Kama Pootra offers a thrilling rediscovery of the tiled path to porcelain nirvana. Willing seekers will find fifty-two progressive positions designed to maximize how you do number two. Every time the bathroom door closes, a new experience awaits.
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Calendar Girl Book 5

Author: Audrey Carlan

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

ISBN: 194722204X

Category: Fiction

Page: 110

View: 7489

"A sexy, fast-paced, and downright addictive read. I devoured every word of Mia's journey." –Meghan March, USA Today Bestselling Author Synopsis Swimsuits, sun, surfing, and a sexy Samoan. I headed to the island of Oahu, Hawaii to meet with cutting-edge swimsuit fashion designer, Angel D’Amico, to serve as head model for the “Beauty Comes in All Sizes” swimsuit campaign. The designer wants to show the world that beauty is not just a size two. My curves got me into this gig, and, the moment I laid eyes on my modeling “partner,” I’d never been happier with my buxom form. Tai Niko had everything the average man lacked. Height, broad shoulders, a nipped in waist, square pecs, tree trunk thighs, and a look that rivaled “The Rock.” The part that made me drool and weakened my knees, was the thick, intricate tribal tattoos running down the entire left side of his muscled frame from shoulder to ankle. The design was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to trace the tips of my fingers over every inch. *** In the fifth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is sent to Oahu, HI. Still on her mission to save her father, she embraces the model life to prove beauty really does come in all sizes. Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015. The stories will feature Mia’s journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations. Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.
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Volcanic Girls

Author: Stefan Soell

Publisher: Skylight Editions

ISBN: 9783037666500

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 4133

A new edition in a special big format, using even better high density printing quality. This collection contains of some of the finest modern nude photography. Stefan Söll's works are characterized by their striking quality, and ability to offer­ a glimpse into the personalities of his models. He captures their beauty in awe-inspiring natural locations, where he combines art with the glory of nature. The location selected for this unique ­collection is Lanzarote, a small but beauti­ful island off the coast of north-east Africa.
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Practical Carp Fishing

Author: Julian Cundiff

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781852237332

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

View: 5588

Written in a down-to-earth style, this book covers everything the carp angler needs to know, from the fish itself and where to find it, through approaching a water, tackle, baits, snag fishing, striking, playing and netting, to photographing the catch.
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Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Author: Audrey Khuner,Carolyn Newman

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1449407900

Category: Humor

Page: 80

View: 7029

Published to benefit the SPCA, a lighthearted treasury by the creators of the Hot Guys and Baby Animals Wall Calendar features photographs of attractive, often shirtless male models with adorable baby animals and is complemented by tongue-in-cheek captions about their likes and dislikes.
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Fox Guide to Modern Carp Fishing

Author: Andy Little,Ian Chillcott,Ken Townley

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0091940257

Category: Reference

Page: 144

View: 7997

This comprehensive guide to the very latest techniques for fishing for carp is written by fishing gurus Andy Little, Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott, Ken Townley and a team of experts from Fox International, the best regarded manufacturer of fishing tackle in Europe. Packed with accessible guidance and information, here is all you need to know about the rigs, tackle and tactics that pave the way to successful carp fishing every time. As well as rigs - from stiff, hinged, helicopter, lead core and pop-up - the book assesses the pros and cons of using backleads, plus modern braids, PVA in all its forms, useful knots and crimping, spodding and baits. All the rigs and ideas are presented in a concise step-by-step format and the sequences are fully illustrated with colour photography. The book adds up to the only reference guide to modern carp fishing any keen angler will need.
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Carl the Christmas Carp

Author: Ian Kykorka

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 155143329X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 9047

In Prague in December, as Radim's family fattens up this year's Christmas carp in their bathtub, Radim finds himself feeling sorry for the creature and develops a daring plan.
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The Fortunate Ones

A Novel

Author: Ellen Umansky

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062382500

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3656

One very special work of art—a Chaim Soutine painting—will connect the lives and fates of two different women, generations apart, in this enthralling and transporting debut novel that moves from World War II Vienna to contemporary Los Angeles. It is 1939 in Vienna, and as the specter of war darkens Europe, Rose Zimmer’s parents are desperate. Unable to get out of Austria, they manage to secure passage for their young daughter on a kindertransport, and send her to live with strangers in England. Six years later, the war finally over, a grief-stricken Rose attempts to build a life for herself. Alone in London, devastated, she cannot help but try to search out one piece of her childhood: the Chaim Soutine painting her mother had cherished. Many years later, the painting finds its way to America. In modern-day Los Angeles, Lizzie Goldstein has returned home for her father’s funeral. Newly single and unsure of her path, she also carries a burden of guilt that cannot be displaced. Years ago, as a teenager, Lizzie threw a party at her father’s house with unexpected but far-reaching consequences. The Soutine painting that she loved and had provided lasting comfort to her after her own mother had died was stolen, and has never been recovered. This painting will bring Lizzie and Rose together and ignite an unexpected friendship, eventually revealing long-held secrets that hold painful truths. Spanning decades and unfolding in crystalline, atmospheric prose, The Fortunate Ones is a haunting story of longing, devastation, and forgiveness, and a deep examination of the bonds and desires that map our private histories.
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How to Live with a Huge Penis

Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much

Author: Richard Jacob,Owen Thomas

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 1594747741

Category: Humor

Page: 128

View: 8891

Is Bigger Really Better? Here at last is the first self-help book for men with Oversized Male Genitalia (OMG), a genetic birth defect that grows the penis to absurd proportions. Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed with OMG. Sadly, most are banished to the fringes of society, victims of their own freakish length and girth. How to Live with a Huge Penis brings them an inspiring message of tolerance and hope—along with helpful information on • Unzipping: Coming Out to Your Friends and Family • Sharing Your Pain: Sexual Intercourse with a Huge Penis • Big Blessings: Unexpected Advantages of a Huge Penis • and much, much more Complete with prayers, poetry, a daily affirmations journal, and thoughtful quotations from leading self-help experts, How to Live with a Huge Penis will inspire men of all shapes and sizes.
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Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Author: Graham Johnson,Rob Hibbert

Publisher: Perigee Trade

ISBN: 9780399536496

Category: Humor

Page: 80

View: 4883

Better than a cold shower-and a lot funnier. Choke the chicken, spank the monkey, charm the snake-however you refer to it, none of the images in this book will encourage you to pleasure yourself. This deceptively simple and strangely addictive book presents a laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido.
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The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Author: Shaunti Feldhahn

Publisher: Multnomah Pub

ISBN: 1601421214

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 244

View: 4952

Feldhahn has identified twelve powerful habits that the happiest marriages have in common. These little, unexpected, often overlooked actions can make a huge difference in your relationship!
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Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones

Author: Claire Freedman,Tina Macnaughton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781561485628

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 7337

As night falls in the jungle, all sorts of animals settle down to sleep. On board pages.
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Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation

Author: Judi Neal

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319668925

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1170

View: 6674

This handbook is based on the premise that there can be no organizational transformation without personal transformation. Anything else is just moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic, and we see that all too often in organizations today. Einstein said that we cannot solve problems from the same mindset that created the problems. In order to see positive change occur in the world, we must shift our consciousness to a high level of thinking and being, but we must also have systems or approaches that scale up, so that there is a collective shift in consciousness in groups, work teams, villages, governments, and corporations. This handbook aims to draw the best and most creative thinking about the field of transformation in one place, to present a comprehensive overview of leading edge transformation theories and approaches for both the academic and the practitioner. In fact, the lines between academic and practitioner are becoming more and more blurred these days. Many management faculty also consult to organizations, a practice that deeply enriches their teaching and research. And many successful full-time consultants conduct high quality research to support their approaches and change initiatives. This Handbook aims to be a creative dialogue in this space that integrates transformation theory and practice. The Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation acknowledges the classic literature and principles that have informed the field to date, but primarily showcases authors who are on the cutting edge of new theories and new approaches to give us their latest thinking. Some of these ideas are conjecture about what is possible in human and organizational development. Some of these approaches are currently being tested in the field and may not yet have scientific results. And some of these theories and models have stunning results, but may not have been published in academic journals because the author is a practitioner instead of an academic, or because the concepts are a little too far out of the mainstream. The aim of this book is to expand the reader’s thinking and to encourage readers to be courageous about their involvement in creating transformation, at whatever level they feel called to do so. It will serve as an essential resource for researchers and students of organizational culture, leadership, and change management, as well as consultants, business and team leaders, and anyone interested in global trends and their impact on corporate culture.
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Im Lande des Mahdi

Author: Karl May

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981697533


Page: 460

View: 2405

Hab "Im Lande des Mahdi" mal zu epubs konvertiert. Da sowohl Sony als auch Ipod und Iphone lieber "kleinere" B�cher m�gen, also in Einzelb�nden. Tipp: Calibre erm�glicht Iphones und Ipods das Runterladen vom Hauptrechner per Calibre Server und WiFi, Sonys 505 und 700 k�nnen direkt (per USB) angeschlossen werden.
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Gods of Sport

Author: Pedro Virgil

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867871549

Category: Photography

Page: 224

View: 7958

Pedro Virgil's styled potraits of athletes' bodies celebrate testosterone-laden masculinity. Elegant poses and vivid colouring will set readers' fantasies ablaze and the subtle homoerotic poses will leave a lasting impression on gay - and straight female - readers alike! Reminiscent of the Dieux du Stade calendars starring nude and semi-nude French rugby players in a variety of erotic and homerotic poses, which have sold in excess of half a million copies since 2001. Virgil has photographed campaigns for Rolex and Diesel, as well as magazines including Vogue.
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Author: Joan Crisol

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867876339

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 4834

Joan Crisol is one of the great newcomers of recent years - his photobook Rebels featuring the boys of Bel Ami was an incredible success. Crisol understands like no other about capturing stunningly sexy images of young men. Hombres showcases his work for one of the most successful fashion brands - ES - as a coffee table book.
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Strategic Carp Fishing

Author: Rob Hughes,Simon Crow

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781861260925

Category: Pets

Page: 191

View: 8699

In this book, World Champions Rob Hughes and Simon Crow explain the methods and techniques which have brought them success on many waters around the world. They explain the importance of strategy; carp and its environment; the next generation of carp; tactics, rigs, bait, and location of feeding areas; and a full account of how the authors won the 1996 World Championship. Profusely illustrated with photographs, Strategic Carp Fishing is written for the angler of today.
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