Called Along the Way

A Spiritual Memoir

Author: Stephen W. Hiemstra

Publisher: T2Pneuma Publishers LLC

ISBN: 1942199171

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 7536

When did you first hear God’s call? Called Along the Way describes the author’s faith journey from unbeliever to believer, from cultural Christian to active disciple, from disciple to realization of call, and from seminary to early ministry. Unlike Adam and Eve, this story does not begin the Garden of Eden. If you too have struggled with your faith walk, then this story may offer solace. Even in our baby steps of faith, God promises to walk with us. Hear the words; Walk the steps; Experience the joy! The cover image comes from a woodcut called a Nauis Socialis Mechanicorum (Social Ship of Mechanics) attributed to the artist Albrecht Dürer. This woodcut is better known as the Ship of Fools. Author Stephen W. Hiemstra (MDiv, PhD) is a slave of Christ, husband, father, volunteer pastor, writer, and speaker. He lives with Maryam, his wife of 30+ years, in Centreville, VA and they have three grown children. Keywords include: Christian memoir, faith, discipleship, pastoral call, personal memoir, autobiography, memoir, federal service, education.
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Along the Way

A Collection of Essays

Author: Richard Hammond

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479740942

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 120

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This book may be unpopular in some circles. The exposure of the truth usually is when it has been hidden or distorted (particularly by those who would profit most by its absence or continued distortion). Yet, are we not our brothers keeper? Are we not to assist or enlighten our kinsmen...our fellow human, if we can? Frequently, throughout these essays will be found references to the mystical forces that are indeed a part of our every day existence. I speak of the essence of fair play, charity, right...justice. These forces are more than just charming concepts or notions. They are forces that shape every living souls destiny...forces that we sometimes foolishly play with every day, often with terrible consequences. There are bogus philosophies being practiced that have been and are rapidly and steadily spelling the decline of humankind. I seek, with the readers indulgence and patience, to expose or illuminate our long practiced folly. I expect there to be great opposition, particularly from many of the Black segment of Christendom. For oftentimes, concepts and ideals are attacked and/or ostracized by the masses while being led by profiteers with selfish interests, especially if those ideals are not embraced by the masses. But, are the masses always right? What about a mob? The focal point of these essays is not to lament the plight of the so-called African American. Any number of American minorities (Native American, Hispanics, Oriental, et al) can be exemplary of the casualties of the American (European) encounter, though not necessarily to the same degree. I use the African American to illustrate what has happened to a segment of humanity (many of whom I believe to be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Chosen Ones) whose ancestors dared to violate the laws and hold with contempt those forces which govern our daily existence and bring affront to the Great Spirit, The Mighty One. And if the Chosen of the Most High can receive such a fall from grace, then none are above or beyond reproach. Perhaps now is the time for other considerations...other possibilities.
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Miracles Along the Way

Author: Finella G. Arthurs

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468576542

Category: Religion

Page: 156

View: 6337

This book relates a personal testimony of God's care and protection in the life of the author. Throughout the pages she illustrates events of how God intervened and transformed what could've been negative of even fatal results into positive ones, and how God has used her to minister to his hurting children. It reminds the reader that we are always in the presence of God. There's nothing private in our lives that God does not know. He is patient, kind merciful and forgiving. God is our Father, and He wants us to have a relationship with Him. One way to show God's love to us is to give that love away.
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Along the Way

The Journey of a Father and Son

Author: Martin Sheen,Emilio Estevez

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451643772

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

View: 5457

In this remarkable dual memoir, film legend Martin Sheen and accomplished actor/filmmaker Emilio Estevez recount their lives as father and son. In alternating chapters—and in voices that are as eloquent as they are different—they tell stories spanning more than fifty years of family history, and reflect on their journeys into two different kinds of faith. At twenty-one, still a struggling actor living hand to mouth, Martin and his wife, Janet, welcomed their firstborn, Emilio, an experience of profound joy for the young couple, who soon had three more children: Ramon, Charlie, and Renée. As Martin’s career moved from stage to screen, the family moved from New York City to Malibu, while traveling together to film locations around the world, from Mexico for Catch-22 to Colorado for Badlands to the Philippines for the legendary Apocalypse Now shoot. As the firstborn, Emilio had a special relationship with Martin: They often mirrored each other’s passions and sometimes clashed in their differences. After Martin and Emilio traveled together to India for the movie Gandhi, each felt the beginnings of a spiritual awakening that soon led Martin back to his Catholic roots, and eventually led both men to Spain, from where Martin’s father had emigrated to the United States. Along the famed Camino de Santiago pilgrimage path, Emilio directed Martin in their acclaimed film, The Way, bringing three generations of Estevez men together in the region of Spain where Martin’s father was born, and near where Emilio’s own son had moved to marry and live. With vivid, behind-the-scenes anecdotes of this multitalented father’s and son’s work with other notable actors and directors, Along the Way is a striking, stirring, funny story—a family saga that readers will recognize as universal in its rebellions and regrets, aspirations and triumphs. Strikingly candid, searchingly honest, this heartfelt portrait reveals two strong-minded, admirable men of many important roles, perhaps the greatest of which are as fathers and sons.
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The Way We Were

Author: Dick Curtis

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1420888455

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

View: 4495

The story of Ray Pettit is the story of America. a country of decent and generous people, a country with a heritage and system of government based on liberty and the rights of individuals, a country where opportunity has no bounds. Encouraged by his mill-worker parents, who were lacking in formal education but not in intelligence, character, and love for their children, he used his natural ability in mathematics and high-level academic achievement as a springboard to great accomplishments in engineering, some of which contributed to the development of today's modem cellphone technology .Mill-Village Boy begins with the story of a barefoot boy in overalls, in the small town of Canton, Georgia, during the depression years of the 1930s. Unconditionally loved by his parents, Ray Pettit went from Class Valedictorian to graduation from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering. This was followed by Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, and outstanding achievements in industry and academia. Mill-Village Boy has elements of intrigue and danger, love and adventure, comedy and sadness, loyalty and betrayal. . . a fascinating description of an exciting and rewarding life!
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Beth: Love Along The Way

Author: B.G. Sanford

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 161897145X

Category: Fiction

Page: 291

View: 4342

Beth’s marriages have been a disaster, although she got two lovely children from them. But will she be able to find her life’s happiness? Beth’s first husband David, after two years of marriage and fathering a daughter, cheated on her…whenever he could manage it or whenever the opportunity arose. Beth’s second husband, Dan, habitually lied about insignificant things and spent their money like a drunken sailor. He couldn’t hold a job, but he is the father of Beth’s second child. Born into poverty in the mid 1940s to a large dysfunctional tenant farming family, Beth has to overcome her birthright, two disastrous marriages and divorces, and must support her two daughters…all by herself. Blessed with natural fashion and marketing talents, her journey is both a gut wrenching and successful life’s trip.
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L’Chaim To Life

Author: Stewart Flate

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493180649

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 468

View: 1963

Throughout my life, I was extremely fortunate to have met many of the good people that G-d placed on this earth and avoided most of the folks that he should take back and reprogram. For those persons that I came to respect and love they will always be referred to by their real names. To the best of my knowledge, not one of them has an outstanding warrant or owes me money so I have no reason not to include them in my story. Persons for whom I only use initials are very few and are only mentioned in reference to a humorous incident. Besides, Kim Young, master counselor and part of our family, insists that no one needs to mention a negative about someone as it is probably already common knowledge.
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Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats Along the Way

The Paintings of John Baeder

Author: N.A

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781934110225

Category: Architecture

Page: 112

View: 6768

This book surveys John Baeder's thirty-five-year obsession with roadside architecture, especially America's diners, and complements Baeder's Morris Museum of Art exhibit of the same name. Often classified as a photorealist, Baeder has always resisted being labeled. He sees his paintings as a plea for preservation and a way to reveal the psychology behind diners.
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Along the Way

Author: Damijan Tuscana

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450284698

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 4281

This book is a fictional novel, based on real life experiences. The person in this book survives, through, Lifes perils, and against all odds, as she traveled along the way, on the road of life. This book takes place, at a time, when there was no name for abuse, let alone the variances of abuse. It was a time when a womens life had parameters of what she could or should do, regarding education, travel, etc. It was a time, when women were expected to become a housewife and mother. However this brave soul does get away from her abuser, and ventures into an unknown world of adventure, to find her own being. She survives Along the Way, with the many twists and turns in her life.
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Friends Along the Way

A Journey Through Jazz

Author: Gene Lees

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300099676

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 359

View: 9914

For more than half a century, jazz writer and lyricist Gene Lees has been the friend of many in the world of jazz music. In this delightful book he offers minibiographies of fifteen of these friends--some of them jazz greats, some lesser-known figures, and some up-and-comers. Combining conversations and memoirs with critical commentary, Lees's insightful and intimate profiles will captivate jazz fans, performers, and historians alike. The subjects of the book range from the versatile orchestrator and arranger Claus Ogerman to legendary jazz broadcaster Willis Conover, from the gifted young Chinese violinist Yue Deng to undersung pianist Junior Mance. Lees writes about these figures both as musicians and as human beings, and he writes out of a conviction that jazz as an art form represents the highest values of American culture. Inviting us into the lives of these unique individuals, Lees offers an affectionate view of the jazz community that only an insider could provide.
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Feathers Along the Way

Author: Sylvia Green Robinson


ISBN: 1430300353

Category: Education

Page: 279

View: 2114

This is the paperback edition of a book of love poems and songs written during a period of transition following the deadly 1994 Northridge Earthquake. This is the complete collection of the 24 books of the Feathers Along The Way poems which incudes In My Own Hand, the first set of poems, containing the poem "Angel". The companion to the poems is my play, A Gospel Christmas. The play dramatizes the story behind the poems and premiered at California State University, Northridge, in 2001.
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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499045158

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

View: 1071

Written in the spirit of The Diary of Anne Frank and beginning where the bestseller Hitler’s Willing Executioners leaves off, Stations along the Way is a true story chronicling the spiritual transformation of former Hitler Youth leader Ursula Martens. Consumed with guilt and shame over having been used by Adolf Hitler and Nazis during WWII, Ursula travels to America, where she experiences prejudice similar to that forced upon the Jews in Nazi Germany. Confused about what lies ahead, she suddenly discovers self-forgiveness in the most unlikely of places—through the love of three Holocaust survivors. One has romantic intentions; the other two accept her despite her past. As God becomes the essence of her life, Ursula turns full circle from worshipping the swastika to now worshipping the cross.
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History along the Way

Stories beyond the Texas Roadside Markers

Author: Dan K. Utley,Cynthia J. Beeman

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 1603447695

Category: Travel

Page: 352

View: 1881

Texans love stories, and the 15,000 roadside markers along the state’s highways and byways testify to the abundance of tales to tell. History along the Way recounts the narratives behind and beyond more than one hundred Texas roadside markers. Peopled with colorful characters—a national leader of Camp Fire Girls, an army engineer who mapped the Republic of Texas frontier, a hunter of mammoth bones, a ragtime composer, civil rights leaders, and an iconic rock star, among others—the book gives readers an intriguing and expanded look at the details, challenges, and lives commemorated by the words cast in metal on these wayside markers scattered across the Lone Star landscape. Also recounted in History along the Way are the stories of historic structures (from roadside architecture and elaborate West Texas hotels to university Old Mains and country schoolhouses of Gillespie County), engineering features (the Hidalgo Pumphouse in South Texas and the Rainbow Bridge in East Texas), and even town mascots (a jackrabbit, a mule, and a prairie dog). Accompanied by helpful maps, colorful photographs, and informative sidebars, History along the Way is guaranteed to inform, amuse, and intrigue. Every part of Texas gets a visit in this anthology of select sites, making it easy for travelers—both the armchair and touring varieties—to enjoy and learn about the fascinating nooks and crannies of history captured in all their variety by the roadside markers of Texas.
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Along the Way

Author: L. F. Carmalt

Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Lim

ISBN: 9781857561029


Page: 111

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Author: Robert Louis Taylor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499033362

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

View: 772

This book was written to provide a genealogical account of my family history. There was a driving need to tell this story for the benefit of all of my family, but mostly for my children, Megan, Nicole, Natalie & Robbie, my two step-sons, Marc and Paul and all of those who will come after them. Many hours, weeks, months and years searching the genealogical archives of the Mormon Temple, countless interviews, many trips to grave sites, monuments, and travels to far away places, went into this writing. To give an account of a family's genealogy can be a most complex and daunting task. The research alone can be overwhelming. I have tried to provide the reader with as much detail and accuracy as possible. My intent was to structure this book in a manner that will serve as a reference for those family members, and others as well, who might have the need and interest in knowing the ancestry of those denoted in this writing. The major portion of this book is based on written documentation. However, some of its content is based on verbal accounts and may be subject to some error. For this I sincerely apologize and welcome any and all corrections. Many thanks and great appreciation to my mother, (Rev. Dr. Allie Mae Bellar-Allen), my stepfather, (Lloyd Christopher Allen), my uncle, (Clarence Knox Taylor), my brother in law, Dale Bonzo Etrata and all the other, for sharing their wealth of knowledge concerning the family histories represented in this book. Thanks for taking the time to share it with me. Above all, I must thank my wife, (Rita Teresa) for her support and understanding; the years and years of listening to me pour over data and digging up the past. She has heard me go over data from my research, recalling events names and places so much that she knows them better than I do. My deepest gratitude to you all, and to you all I dedicate this book. Many thanks to Dr. Allen for the many stories and accounts of her pass that inspired me to write this book. Without her I would never have begin the research that led to this writing.
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Along The Way

Stories Growing Up in "Small-Town", "Rural-Indiana" 1931-2005

Author: John C Walker

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467075132

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 488

View: 7626

''Along the Way........ '' Is a collection of occurances, rememberances, and stories of life growing up and living in central, rural, Indiana 1931 -2005. This period covers the Great Depression, schooling, World War II, The Walker family Business, Korean War service and several ''thoughts'' that were put on paper while looking out the window.. .abstract sharing bits! Enjoy!
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Along the Way

A Bicycle Odyssey

Author: Jake Jacobson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450252931

Category: Fiction

Page: 116

View: 2813

Would you believe that a magazine article started the whole thing? After reading that article, Jake got excited and came up with his "Wild Hair." When he told his wife Kris about it, she wondered if he had lost his mind. She thought that his idea of riding their bicycles across the country was simply absurd. After all, they both had good jobs to think about, and they had a hard time just riding across town. But Kris finally changed her mind, and so began their amazing odyssey. Along the Way tells the story of their three month journey from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. It also tells about their year of training and preparations, during which they discovered recumbent bicycles. You've probably seen them, those long, low, sit down bikes that caused a stir wherever Kris and Jake went. "Along the Way" also tells about their unusual experiences, the interesting people they met, and some amazing places they visited. Join them as they ride over the river and through the woods, over the mountains and across the plains, to see this country as few others have ever had the chance to do.
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Seasons Along The Way

Author: N.A

Publisher: Bluefish Books



Page: N.A

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Muses Along the Way

A Spiritual Journey

Author: Anne T. Six

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412043409

Category: Religion

Page: 98

View: 4406

The first words I heard the Lord speak in my inner heart and spirit on the retreat were, "I know you can't think, reason, or love, but lean on me; I can do all things" For the first time in months I felt at peace. my mind which had been spinning out of control came to rest. The first chapter, "Desperation Street" shows how God loves us even when we can't love ourselves. The beginnings of our infant steps, as we learned to walk with Jesus. How his teachings filled with gentle loving kindness met us in our everyday needs. ~The lessons so simple and clear, that we could understand them. My prayer for the first year of our walk, always began; "forgive me Lord if I am praying wrong, I don't know any other way." With no one to guide us, he taught us to read and study his word, most of the time teaching with one or two versus of scripture at a time. Sometimes's going over those same verse's for weeks before understanding would come. He taught us not only to read his Word, but to find our answers in its pages, that it was alive and living not just words in a page of a book. Teaching Spiritual truths from a Christmas Tree, Eggs and everyday mundane things in our lives. Showing each of us, he was the God of our every day miracles. As you read this, and see in our lives how God taught us about His, I pray that God's love will bless you, and that you would hunger to know more of him.
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Candles Along the Way

Author: Frances Hoffman

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 9780873981453

Category: Women

Page: 161

View: 4110

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