California Criminal Procedure

Author: Devallis Rutledge

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780942728972

Category: Law

Page: 368

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Finally--a text written specifically for California criminal procedure. CALIFORNIA CRIMINAL PROCEDURE prepares students in all of the law-related disciplines for their role in the California criminal justice system. It not only covers the general concepts, constitutional principles, and universal procedures applicable throughout the American system, but also the particular aspects of applied procedure in California. For ease of teaching and learning, the material is presented in a concise, straightforward manner, with frequent citation to statute, case law, or other sources, and direct quotations where appropriate.
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California Criminal Procedure Workbook

Author: Ray Bowling

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781928916055

Category: Law

Page: 145

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Designed to accompany CALIFORNIA CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, Fourth Edition by Devallis Rutledge, this workbook centers around a series of fill-in, true-false, multiple choice, and short answer questions. A crossword puzzle is also included with every chapter for "edutainment" purposes. After being extensively classroom tested, students overwhelmingly agree that this material proved to be very valuable in the comprehension and retention of the subject matter.
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Report of the Assembly Interim Committee on Criminal Procedure

arrest records, home furloughs for prisoners, narcotics and dangerous drugs : problems of the California Grand Jury system, reporting of child abuse, telephone monitoring devices, therapeutic abortion legislation, use of bail and citations in the administration of justice in California

Author: California. Legislature. Assembly. Interim Committee on Criminal Procedure

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 132

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Bennett's Guide to Jury Selection and Trial Dynamics

California criminal litigation

Author: Cathy E. Bennett,Robert B. Hirschhorn,Jo-Ellan Dimitrius

Publisher: N.A


Category: Jury selection

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2016 California Criminal Law: Introduction to Substantive and Procedural

Author: Rick Michelson

Publisher: LawTech Publishing Group

ISBN: 1930466862

Category: Law

Page: 396

View: 5458

Introduction to California Criminal Law provides students with a working knowledge of the elements of the most serious and most frequently encountered California crimes. It examines both the statutory components of these crimes and the case law interpretations applied by the California appellate courts. In addition, it provides guidance for the reasonable and realistic enforcement of these laws. This book is designed to be used as an all-inclusive semester course, introducing students to both criminal and substantive law. This course also provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in that class, including their ability to conduct basic legal research.
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California Criminal Litigation in Action

Author: Laura Berend,Jean Ramirez,Jean Montoya

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781611631487

Category: Criminal procedure

Page: 359

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The third edition of California Criminal Litigation in Action tracks a criminal case from arrest through sentencing. Students learn about criminal litigation by participating in simulation exercises at various stages of the case. For example, students participate in bail review hearings, preliminary hearings, grand jury proceedings, motion hearings, the exchange of discovery, plea negotiations, and sentencing hearings. The book also includes drafting exercises (motions and sentencing memoranda) as well as fact management/fact development exercises (evidence marshaling, interviewing, and counseling). This book is vital to students and others planning a career in California criminal litigation. It ambitiously strives to create practice-ready law students and new attorneys. While the book is explicitly focused on criminal litigation in the California trial courts, it is readily adaptable for use in other jurisdictions. Instructors will find the teaching materials to be both comprehensive and easy to incorporate.
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California Criminal Law: Cases and Problems

Author: Steven F. Shatz

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 0327173955

Category: Law

Page: 846

View: 6343

This book emphasizes cases and problems as a vehicle for teaching students how to read and understand cases and statutes and to construct legal arguments. The cases are presented in relatively complete form, often with concurring and dissenting opinions in order to give students examples of fully developed legal arguments. The many short problems throughout the book are all taken from real cases and ask the students to develop the appropriate legal arguments based on the cases they have read. Each chapter begins with an introduction to give background to the cases and to outline the issues to be explored. Notes, which have been kept to a minimum, are generally used to extend the students' analysis by asking them to consider theoretical or policy issues raised by the cases or alternative approaches contained in the Model Penal Code or other jurisdictions. The Third Edition includes many new and influential California cases, as well as new problems, continuing the commitment to showing the students current developments in the criminal law.
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