Born Out of Place

Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor

Author: Nicole Constable

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520957776

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

View: 2377

Hong Kong is a meeting place for migrant domestic workers, traders, refugees, asylum seekers, tourists, businessmen, and local residents. In Born Out of Place, Nicole Constable looks at the experiences of Indonesian and Filipina women in this Asian world city. Giving voice to the stories of these migrant mothers, their South Asian, African, Chinese, and Western expatriate partners, and their Hong Kong–born babies, Constable raises a serious question: Do we regard migrants as people, or just as temporary workers? This accessible ethnography provides insight into global problems of mobility, family, and citizenship and points to the consequences, creative responses, melodramas, and tragedies of labor and migration policies.
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Author: Trevor Noah

Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag

ISBN: 364120643X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 7878

Trevor Noah kam 1984 im Township Soweto als Sohn einer Xhosa und eines Schweizers zur Welt. Zu einer Zeit, da das südafrikanische Apartheidsregime „gemischtrassige“ Beziehungen weiterhin unter Strafe stellte. Als Kind, das es nicht geben durfte, erlebte er Armut und systematischen Rassismus, aber auch die mutige Auflehnung seiner "farbenblinden" Eltern, die einfallsreich versuchten, Trennungen zwischen Ethnien und Geschlechtern zu überwinden. Heute ist er ein international gefeierter Comedian, der die legendäre "The Daily Show" in den USA leitet und weltweit – ob Sydney, Dubai, Toronto, San Francisco oder Berlin – in ausverkauften Sälen auftritt. In "Farbenblind" erzählt Trevor Noah ebenso feinsinnig wie komisch in achtzehn Geschichten von seinem Aufwachsen in Südafrika, das den ganzen Aberwitz der Apartheid bündelt: warum ihn seine Mutter aus einem fahrenden Minibus warf, um Gottes Willen zu erfüllen, welche Musik er für einen tanzenden Hitler aufzulegen pflegte, um sein erstes Geld zu verdienen, und wie ihn eine Überwachungskamera, die nicht einmal zwischen Schwarz und Weiß unterscheiden konnte, vor dem Gefängnis bewahrte.
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Author: Elois Wilform-Malcolm

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491844329

Category: Religion

Page: 316

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Meditations on Life and Living...Born Out of Love for God are basic but simple testimonials in story format with Scripture as the catalyst and theme for their birth. How many times have you sat alone somewhere just reflecting on the simplicity of blessed you are, from where you came compared to where you are now. Author, Elois Wilform-Malcolm, brings these everyday things to life. It will seem as though you are right there by her side, witnessing what she does in her own mind, seeing, feeling, understanding her point of view as she correlates biblical Scriptures into her reflections and how your understanding of Scripture can be a driving force for you own life. Meditations on Life and Living...Born Out of Love for God will allow you to relive your past, reflect on the glory of your present and marvel at your future when you realize the joy, happiness, contentment and peace of mind you attain through a life with God. You will see where you were before salvation, understand who you are in your salvation and strive to be even better through salvation. You will see how Scriptures are being brought to “light” through everyday life situations. Wait till you read catchy titles such as: Throw Down Your Rocks, The Fragrance of Christ, or Wake Up Everybody. You will find excitement in the directions each testimonial meditation will take you. Reading these meditation will bring about purpose for studying the Bible, which is not to know the Bible but to know God. The Bible is not a book of rules but a book of principles which are clearly and simply brought out through these meditations. We get to know God through His Word, His spirit, our experiences and through prayer. May you be blessed!!
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Regional Planning in India

Author: Mahesh Chand,V.K. Puri

Publisher: Allied Publishers

ISBN: 8170230586

Category: India

Page: 560

View: 7947

Although a few books dealing with some specialised aspects of regional planning have appeared in India, there has been no systematic treatment of the subject from the teaching angle, embracing the whole field of regional planning, drawing attention to to the work done by Indian scholars and focusing on Indian problems. The present book is an attempt in this direction. The 12 chapters of the book, besides dealing with the concepts, methods and techniques of regional planning, have been devoted to specific problems in regional development such as regional imbalances, rural development, backward area development and tribal area development. This provides the necessary orientation to the directions in which regional planning is relevant.
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Searching for Home

Spirituality for Restless Souls

Author: M. Craig Barnes

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1585585173

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 7701

Deep down it's easy to believe that the better job, the nicer house, or the more dynamic church will finally make us feel "at home." In Searching for Home, M. Craig Barnes challenges this belief. He reminds us that paradise is lost and we can't go home again. Our great comfort and hope, however, is that we are never lost to God. Seasoned by more than twenty years as a pastor, Barnes discusses the importance of confession, worship, and grace in our search for home. He offers advice about how we can move from being transient nomads "too frightened to be grateful" to pilgrims who are at home with God, guided by our pleasure in him. This book was written for both Christians and seekers who are still looking for a sense of belonging or "home." It will be a useful tool for pastors, adult Sunday school groups, and counselors of all kinds who are advising pilgrims along the way.
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Halloween Street

Short Story

Author: Steve Rasnic Tem

Publisher: ChiZine Publications

ISBN: 1771482257

Category: Fiction

Page: 25

View: 4489

A girl moves onto a strange street when she fails to return from trick-or-treating. From Celestial Inventories by Steve Rasmic Tem (winner of the World Fantasy, British Fantasy, Bram Stoker, and International Horror Guild Awards), this story is one of a set of evocative, transformative, boundary-crossing works of the fantastic. ChiZine Publications (CZP) curates the best of the bizarre, bringing you the most excitingly weird, subtle, dark, and disturbing literary fiction. Look for more titles in the ChiZine short stories collection to build your digital library.
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Film Out of Bounds

Essays and Interviews on Non-Mainstream Cinema Worldwide

Author: Matthew Edwards

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 147660780X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 263

View: 782

Operating outside the commercial boundaries of Hollywood cinema, alternative and independent filmmakers have much to offer the discriminating viewer. Yet they struggle for a place in the popular culture, and even more for recognition by the scholarly community. The specific aim of this book is to provide much-needed critical examination of titles, particularly those by British filmmakers. In-depth commentary from such acclaimed writers as Maitland McDonagh, Jasper Sharp, Johannes Schönherr and Marcus Stiglegger considers filmmakers who work at the very heart of the independent medium, giving the reader specific insight into alternate cinema and the struggles its filmmakers endure. Featured are interviews with both rising and established filmmakers, including the infamous Guy Maddin and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Finally, this collection of interviews and essays boasts a 20th anniversary retrospective on the British cult classic The Company of the Wolves, complete with an exclusive interview with director Neil Jordan.
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Relaunching Titanic

Memory and marketing in the New Belfast

Author: William J V Neill,Michael Murray,Berna Grist

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135039348

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 2073

Relaunching Titanic critically considers the invocation of Titanic heritage in Belfast in contributing to a new ‘post-conflict’ understanding of the city. The authors address how the memory of Titanic is being and should be represented in the place of its origin, from where it was launched into the collective consciousness and unconscious of western civilization. Relaunching Titanic examines the issues in the context of international debates on the tension between place marketing of cities and other alternative portrayals of memory and meaning in places. Key questions include the extent to which the goals of economic development are congruous with the ‘contemplative city’ and especially the need for mature and creative reflection in the ‘post-conflict’ city, whether development interests have taken precedence over the need for a deeper appreciation of a more nuanced Titanic legacy in the city of Belfast, and what Belfast shares with other places in considering the sacred and profane in memory construction. While Relaunching Titanic focuses on the conflicted history of Belfast and the Titanic, it will have lessons for planners and scholars of city branding, tourism, and urban re-imaging.
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Die Macht der Geographie

Wie sich Weltpolitik anhand von 10 Karten erklären lässt

Author: Tim Marshall

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423428562

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 4049

Wie Geografie Geschichte macht Weltpolitik ist auch Geopolitik. Alle Regierungen, alle Staatschefs unterliegen den Zwängen der Geographie. Berge und Ebenen, Flüsse, Meere, Wüsten setzen ihrem Entscheidungsspielraum Grenzen. Um Geschichte und Politik zu verstehen, muss man selbstverständlich die Menschen, die Ideen, die Einstellungen kennen. Aber wenn man die Geographie nicht mit einbezieht, bekommt man kein vollständiges Bild. Zum Beispiel Russland: Von den Moskauer Großfürsten über Iwan den Schrecklichen, Peter den Großen und Stalin bis hin zu Wladimir Putin sah sich jeder russische Staatschef denselben geostrategischen Problemen ausgesetzt, egal ob im Zarismus, im Kommunismus oder im kapitalistischen Nepotismus. Die meisten Häfen frieren immer noch ein halbes Jahr zu. Nicht gut für die Marine. Die nordeuropäische Tiefebene von der Nordsee bis zum Ural ist immer noch flach. Jeder kann durchmarschieren. Russland, China, die USA, Europa, Afrika, Lateinamerika, der Nahe Osten, Indien und Pakistan, Japan und Korea, die Arktis und Grönland: In zehn Kapiteln zeigt Tim Marshall, wie die Geographie die Weltpolitik beeinflusst und beeinflusst hat.
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Author: Anne Rice

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0307575861

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 6921

"SEDUCTIVE MAGIC...SPELLBINDING...Rice stages her scenes in a wide variety of times and locales, tapping deeply into the richest veins of mythology and history." --San Francisco Chronicle "STEAMY...FAST-PACED AND HUGELY ENGROSSING...Rice's title character--a seductive, evil, highly sexual and ultimately tragic creature--is fascinating." --The Miami Herald "BEHIND ALL THE VELVET DRAPES AND GOSSAMER WINDING SHEETS, THIS IS AN OLD-FASHIONED FAMILY SAGA....Rice's descriptive writing is so opulent it almost begs to be read by candlelight." --The Washington Post Book World "RICE SEES THINGS ON A GRAND SCALE...There is a wide-screen historical sweep to the tale as it moves from one generation of witches to the other." --The Boston Globe "EROTIC...EERIE...HORRIFYING...A tight tale of the occult in present-day New Orleans...Anne Rice is a spellbinding novelist.... LASHER quenches." --Denver Post A MAIN SELECTION OF THE LITERARY GUILD(c) From the Paperback edition.
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Baffin Island

Author: Mark Synnott

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781894765985

Category: Travel

Page: 240

View: 8029

Baffin Island, by world-renowned adventurer, filmmaker and writer Mark Synnott, is the first comprehensive guide to Canada's largest island (fifth largest in the world), which is quickly becoming known as a premiere destination for adventure travellers and thrill-seekers alike. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photos and detailed maps, Baffin Island is the best available volume for anyone considering a trip to - or even remotely interested in - the possibilities that a trek to Baffin Island has to offer.
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Oprah, Leading with Heart

Author: Nancy F. Koehn

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0132475081

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 17

View: 8974

Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn provides an inspiring example of a leader who leads not just from the head but the heart. Her name: Oprah Winfrey. Here’s how Oprah built a media empire and the lessons you can apply to your own work and life. A leader’s assets include head, heart, and power. Heart tops all. By identifying with others, the best leaders inspire and strengthen people. Oprah Winfrey is such a leader. In her 55 years of soaring from obscurity to global icon, she has turned self-awareness and emotional intelligence into vast empathy, tripling her success as a talk show host, film star, humanitarian, and force of nature. Her secret is quite public: Oprah leads from the heart. She was born out of wedlock in 1954. The place was Kosciusko, a mid-Mississippi town of about 7,000 people with modest incomes. For reasons no longer clear, the place was named after Thaddeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish patriot who fought in the American Revolution.
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Master Key the Final Decision

Author: Bernice White Lasley


ISBN: 143032032X

Category: Religion

Page: 396

View: 3334

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Die Freude des Evangeliums

Author: Franziskus (Papst),

Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH

ISBN: 3451801507

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 8418

"Ich weiß sehr wohl, dass heute die Dokumente nicht dasselbe Interesse wecken wie zu anderen Zeiten und schnell vergessen werden. Trotzdem betone ich, dass das, was ich hier zu sagen beabsichtige, eine programmatische Bedeutung hat und wichtige Konsequenzen beinhaltet ... Ich wünsche mir eine arme Kirche für die Armen." Papst Franziskus Das vollständige Dokument plus Einführung und Themenschlüssel
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The Moon and Sixpence

Author: William Somerset Maugham

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 1142166937

Category: Art

Page: N.A

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The New Cratylus

Or, Contributions Towards a More Accurate Knowledge of the Greek Language

Author: John William Donaldson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108062148

Category: History

Page: 616

View: 5532

First published in 1839, this work was a groundbreaking attempt to apply the principles of comparative philology to ancient Greek.
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A Place of Yes

10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life

Author: Bethenny Frankel,Eve Adamson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 143918691X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 324

View: 9663

A star of "Real Housewives of New York City" discusses the meaning behind her ten rules for living life with authenticity and purpose.
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Widdershins - Whyborne & Griffin

Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Publisher: dead soft verlag

ISBN: 3960891334

Category: Fiction

Page: 420

View: 8015

Liebe ist gefährlich. Seit dem tragischen Tod des Freundes, den er verehrte, hat Percival Endicott Whyborne gnadenlos jeden Wunsch nach einem anderen Mann unterdrückt. Stattdessen verbringt er seine Tage, indem er tote Sprachen studiert. Als der gutaussehende Griffin Flaherty bei ihm auftaucht, um ein mysteriöses Buch übersetzen zu lassen, will Whyborne den Job so schnell wie möglich beenden und den Detektiv loswerden. Denn Griffins frecher Charme droht Whybornes eiserne Kontrolle zu zerbrechen. Aber als sie Hinweise auf einen mächtigen Kult aufdecken, der dazu bestimmt ist, die Welt zu beherrschen, muss Whyborne wählen: in Sicherheit allein zu bleiben oder alles für den Mann zu riskieren, in den er sich verliebt hat.
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The Aging Networks, 8th Edition

A Guide to Programs and Services

Author: Kelly Niles-Yokum, PhD, MPA,Donna L. Wagner, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826196616

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 814

"The eighth edition of Aging Networks is particularly well-suited for use in the classroom, and can be used or adapted for a wide variety of disciplines including gerontology, social work, public health, public administration, nursing and other health professions... This small volume is not only an excellent learning tool, but also a ìmust-haveî handbook for aging professionals in many fields." --Noreen A. Shugrue Research Associate, University of Connecticut Center on Aging Farmington, CT Educational Gerontology As our population ages, the need for comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge about aging services in the United States becomes more and more crucial. This highly accessible and concise text about such resources provides students and practitioners of gerontologyóalong with all professionals whose work concerns the well-being of older adultsówith a current, detailed description and analysis of federal, state, local, and global programs and services for older people with or without cognitive, physical, and social needs. Thoroughly updated to encompass the new information available concerning later life, it reflects critical changes to legislation, health care, and current trends, and focuses on the strengths of older adults, their diversity, and the role our multilayered aging network plays in advocacy, community independence, and engagement. Commentary and critical thinking challenges from policymakers, program directors, and educators facilitate high-level thinking and independent analysis of the aging networks, past, present, and future. The eighth edition underscores recent policy changes and how these changes will impact the lives of older adults. "Perspectives" boxes throughout the text highlight complex themes addressed by experts, and "Critical Thinking" topics and questions encourage reflection and discussion. The new edition also describes initiatives that highlight best-practice approaches and model projects designed to facilitate positive change. Along with a vast amount of new and revised information reinforced with a variety of perspectives in historical and current contexts, the book features an international perspective highlighting the collaborative efforts driving many aspects of aging network programming. Additionally, the book focuses on the unique issues of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population along with programs designed to address them. NEW TO THE EIGHTH EDITION: Expert analyses and insights into complex themes Reflects reorganization of the aging network under the Administration for Community Living, and policy changes affecting practice International perspectives such as the World Health Organization's Age-Friendly Cities Project Innovative and model projects and programs Expanded focus on issues unique to the LGBT population The influence of social determinants on older adults and the aging networks Caregiving issues Disaster and emergency preparedness Effects of economic downturn on the aging population Elder mistreatment Changes in employment and retirement patterns Supporting "aging in place" New and expanded educator's ancillary packet
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