Black Student Politics, Higher Education and Apartheid

From SASO to SANSCO, 1968-1990

Author: Saleem Badat

Publisher: HSRC Press

ISBN: 9780796918963

Category: Education

Page: 402

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This book examines student politics in South Africa during the period 1968 to 1990, and specifically at two black higher education organizations: the South African National Students' Congress (SANSCO) and the South African Students' Organization (SASO), focusing on their ideological and political orientations, internal organizational structure, intellectual, political, and social determinants, and their contributions to the struggle against apartheid. The book's essential argument is that both were revolutionary national student political organizations that operated as organized social forces within the national liberation movement, that they functioned as catalysts of collective action, and contributed to the erosion of the apartheid social order. The book finds that black students were not just victims of apartheid but were also thinkers, conscious actors, and historical agents in the face of an authoritarian political order. Chapter 1, an introduction, examines the character, role, and significance of the two organizations. Chapters 2-5 examine SASO's role from 1960 to 1976-77; and chapters 6-10 examine SANSCO's activities from 1976-77 to 1990. Appended are the SASO policy manifesto and a SANSCO constitution and policy document. (Contains approximately 350 references.) (CH)
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Black Student Politics

Higher Education and Apartheid from SASO to SANSCO, 1968-1990

Author: David Harvey,Saleem Badat

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415932486

Category: Education

Page: 412

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Black Student Politics, Higher Education and Apartheid examines two black national higher education student political organizations - the South African National Students' Congress (SANSCO) and the South African Students' Organization (SASO), popularly associated with Black Consciousness. It analyzes the ideologies and politics and organization of SASO and SANSCO and their intellectual, political and social determinants. It also analyzes their role in the educational, political and social spheres and the factors that shaped their activities. Finally, it assesses their contributions to the popular struggle against apartheid education and race, class and gender oppression and the extent to and ways in which their activities reproduced, undermined and/or transformed apartheid and capitalist social relations, institutions and practices.
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Scientific Communication in African Universities

External Assistance and National Needs

Author: Damtew Teferra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135943478

Category: Education

Page: 176

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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Philanthropists in Higher Education

Institutional, Biographical, and Religious Motivations for Giving

Author: Gregory Cascione

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135953627

Category: Education

Page: 176

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The main purpose of this book is to explore and understand the motivation behind major donations to higher education and what the role of religion is in these motivations. Features interviews with major donors.
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The History of Education Under Apartheid, 1948-1994

The Doors of Learning and Culture Shall be Opened

Author: Peter Kallaway

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Education

Page: 399

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The issue of education in apartheid South Africa has provided one of the most fascinating anomalies in modern educational history. For those of us who were schooled under apartheid, who were teachers in government schools, and who marched with the teachers and scholars in the seemingly endless cycles of resistance and repression, it was often difficult to imagine a world without the injustices, the restrictions, and the suffering that apartheid education wrought. For the critics in the international forum, apartheid education became a symbol of all the injustices of colonialism and racism in the Post-War world. The struggles of the students of SOWETO in 1976 became the struggles of all democrats and committed educators throughout the world. Yet the analysis of history of education under apartheid has ironically only attracted limited attention from historians and educators. This collection has drawn together twenty-five of the foremost scholars in the field in the hope that their contributionscan provide the foundation for a comprehensive investigation of this topic. Greater critical insight into the legacy of apartheid education can only enhance the quality of contemporary policy development. Contents: Peter Kallaway: Introduction - Brahm Fleisch: State Formation and the Origins of Bantu Education - Cynthia Kros: W.W.M. Eiselen: Architect of Apartheid Education - Andre Kraak: Discursive Shifts and Structural Continuities in South African Vocational Education and Training: 1981-1999 - Linda Chisholm: Continuity and Change in Education Policy Research and Borrowing in South Africa - Linda Cooper/Sally Andrew/Jonathan Grossman/Salim Vally: &la" Schools of Labour and &la" Labour'sSchools: Worker Education Under Apartheid - Fhulu Nekhwevha: The Influence of Paulo Freire's &la" Pedagogy of Knowing on the South African Education Struggle in the 1970s and 1980s - Teresa Barnes/Thandiwe Haya: Educational Resistance in Context: Zingisa Educational Pro
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The Forgotten People

Political Banishment Under Apartheid

Author: Saleem Badat

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004246339

Category: History

Page: 364

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The apartheid state employed many weapons against its opponents: imprisonment, banning, detention, assassination - and banishment. In a practice reminiscent of Tsarist and Soviet Russia, a large number of 'enemies of the state' were banished to remote areas, far from their homes, communities and followers. Here their existence became 'a slow torture of the soul', a kind of social death. This is the first study of an important but hitherto neglected group of opponents of apartheid, set in a global, historical and comparative perspective. It looks at the reasons why people were banished, their lives in banishment and the efforts of a remarkable group of activists, led by Helen Joseph, to assist them. Book jacket.
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Restoring Human Dignity and Building Self-reliance

Youth, Woman, and Churches and Black Consciousness Community Development, South Africa, 1969-1977

Author: Leslie Anne Hadfield

Publisher: N.A


Category: Anti-apartheid movements

Page: 614

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African Higher Education

An International Reference Handbook

Author: Damtew Teferra,Philip G. Altbach

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 714

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Explores several facets of higher education in Africa, including a history of available resources, the scope of such education in each African nation, and current issues affecting the system.
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South Africa Yearbook

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: South Africa

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South Africa 2002-03

Author: Government Communication & Information System (South Africa)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781919855141

Category: South Africa

Page: 648

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Under the Tree of Talking

Leadership for Change in Africa

Author: Onyekachi Wambu

Publisher: Counterpoint LLC


Category: Africa

Page: 291

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Leadership is one of the issues facing Africa, which is often seen only as a space of famine, conflicts, bad governance and failing statistics. This book contains essays by 18 thinkers and leaders that testifies to hope on the horizon for African societies.
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Resources in Education

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

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Race, repression and resistance

a brief history of South African civil society to 1994

Author: Phiroshaw Camay,Anne J. Gordon,Co-operative for Research and Education (South Africa)

Publisher: Core


Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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Marxisms in the 21st Century

Crisis, Critique And Struggle

Author: MIchelle Willaims,Vishwas Satgar

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1868148467

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

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The current resurgence of Marxism is based on new sources of inspiration and creativity from movements that seek democratic, egalitarian and ecological alternatives to capitalism. The Marxism of many of these movements is neither dogmatic nor prescriptive, but rather, open, searching, utopian. It revolves around four primary factors: the importance of democracy for an emancipatory project; the ecological limits of capitalism; the crisis of global capitalism; and the learning of lessons from the failures of Marxist-inspired experiments. Marxisms in the Twenty-First Century challenges vanguardist Marxism featured in South Africa and beyond. Featuring leading thinkers from the Left, the book offers provocative ideas on interpreting our current world and serves as an excellent introduction to new ways of thinking about Marxism to students and scholars in the field. Many anti-capitalist traditions and themes - including democracy, globalisation, feminism, critique and ecology inform and shape the contributions in this volume.
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World Education Encyclopedia

A Survey of Educational Systems Worldwide

Author: Rebecca Marlow-Ferguson,Chris Lopez

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9780787655808

Category: Education

Page: 1747

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This country-by-country survey of educational systems provides detailed essays on the histories, legal foundations, and primary and secondary educational systems of 233 countries. This updated and expanded edition gives users up-to-date coverage of reorganized educational systems and high-interest topics such as technological advances.
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State of the Nation

South Africa 2008

Author: Peter Kagwanja

Publisher: Human Sciences Research Council


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 380

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Drawing from the ranks of academics, political analysts, civil society, and the research community, this annual collection of intellectual commentaries features a range of pertinent and captivating contemporary viewpoints on social and cultural South African issues. With discussions on the role of black consciousness in South African politics, urbanism and the changing South African housing policy, globalization and transformation in the South African Merchant Navy, and South Africa's role in the United Nations Security Council, these insightful essays each reflect a finger kept firmly on the South African pulse.
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Soweto, 16 June 1976

personal accounts of the uprising

Author: Elsabé Brink,Gandhi Malungane,Steve Lebelo

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780795702327

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 6987

The 16th of June 1976 marked a turning point in the political struggle for equality in South Africa.
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Apartheid and Education

The Education of Black South Africans

Author: Peter Kallaway

Publisher: Ravan Pressof South Africa

ISBN: 9780869752562

Category: Social Science

Page: 409

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New Dictionary of South African Biography

Author: E. J. Verwey

Publisher: HSRC Press

ISBN: 9780796916488

Category: South Africa

Page: 310

View: 9177

This series of publications aims to fill the gaps in our history, highlighting in particular the significant roles played by black leaders form all walks of life.
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