An Introduction to Mineral Sciences

Author: Andrew Putnis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521429474

Category: Science

Page: 457

View: 6605

The subject of mineralogy has moved away from the systematic treatment of mineral groups toward the study of the behavior of minerals in response to geological processes. It is vital that we understand the physics and chemistry of minerals as this response generally involves structural and chemical changes within individual minerals as well as reactions between minerals. This is the first text to provide an introduction to modern mineralogy for undergraduate students. The main, and often complex, concepts required to understand minerals and the processes that take place within them are presented in an easy to follow manner without any complex mathematical treatment. The book deals with solid-state transformations in minerals, which take place in response to changes in temperature and pressure, as well as introducing the basic crystallography, physics and chemistry needed to understand these processes. No knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics beyond high-school level is assumed.
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Gesteine Und Minerallagerstätten

Exogene Gesteine und Minerallagerstätten

Author: P. Niggli

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3034871732

Category: Science

Page: 558

View: 2309

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Thermodynamics in Mineral Sciences

An Introduction

Author: Ladislav Cemic

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540288082

Category: Science

Page: 386

View: 7449

This book presents the fundamental principles of thermodynamics for geosciences, based on the author’s own courses over a number of years. Many examples help to understand how mineralogical problems can be solved by applying thermodynamic principles.
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Grundlagen der Geologie

Author: Heinrich Bahlburg,Christoph Breitkreuz

Publisher: Springer Spektrum

ISBN: 9783662549308

Category: Science

Page: 434

View: 4137

Für Studenten der Geologie ein Muss! Im System Erde wirken geologische, geophysikalische, mineralogische, chemische und astronomische Vorgänge und Kräfte zusammen. Für die vierte Auflage haben Heinrich Bahlburg und Christoph Breitkreuz den Inhalt an vielen Stellen überarbeitet und erweitert, v.a. die Abschnitte über Sedimentation und über den Menschen im System Erde - hier sind neue oder erweiterte Abschnitte über Tsunamis und Hurrikane hervorzuheben.
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An Introduction to Minerals, Rocks, and Mineral Deposits

Author: Martin Okrusch,Hartwig Frimmel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662573143

Category: Science

Page: 492

View: 9918

This book presents a translation and update of the classic German textbook of Mineralogy and Petrology that has been published for decades. It provides an introduction to mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry, discussing the principles of mineralogy, including crystallography, chemical bonding, and physical properties, and the genesis of minerals in a didactic and understandable way. Illustrated with numerous figures and tables, it also features several sections dedicated to the genesis of mineral resources. The textbook reflects the authors’ many years of experience and is ideal for use in lectures on mineralogy and petrology.
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Wills' Mineral Processing Technology

An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery

Author: Barry A. Wills,James Finch

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0080970540

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 512

View: 7175

Wills' Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery has been the definitive reference for the mineral processing industry for over thirty years. This industry standard reference provides practicing engineers and students of mineral processing, metallurgy, and mining with practical information on all the common techniques used in modern processing installations. Each chapter is dedicated to a major processing procedure—from underlying principles and technologies to the latest developments in strategies and equipment for processing increasingly complex refractory ores. The eighth edition of this classic reference enhances coverage of practical applications via the inclusion of new material focused on meeting the pressing demand for ever greater operational efficiency, while addressing the pivotal challenges of waste disposal and environmental remediation. Advances in automated mineralogy and analysis and high-pressure grinding rolls are given dedicated coverage. The new edition also contains more detailed discussions of comminution efficiency, classification, modeling, flocculation, reagents, liquid-solid separations, and beneficiation of phosphate, and industrial materials. Finally, the addition of new examples and solved problems further facilitates the book’s pedagogical role in the classroom. Connects fundamentals with practical applications to benefit students and practitioners alike Ensures relevance internationally with new material and updates from renowned authorities in the UK, Australia, and Canada Introduces the latest technologies and incorporates environmental issues to place the subject of mineral processing in a contemporary context, addressing concerns of sustainability and cost effectiveness Provides new case studies, examples, and figures to bring a fresh perspective to the field
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An Introduction to Tropical Food Science

Author: Hans Gerd Muller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521336864

Category: Nature

Page: 316

View: 982

This introduction to tropical food science addresses the needs of two groups of people. First, there are those living in the tropics who require a simple introductory text. Food science is perhaps the most important science affecting their lives. The second group consists of students, administrators, and workers in industry and research in temperate zones, who are concerned with food problems but who have no firsthand knowledge of the tropics. The text provides a concise and accessible guide to all the major elements of the subject, including the nutritional value of tropical foodstuffs, its digestion, and the preparation and preservation of food. The author has taken care to avoid the use of jargon and the text is supplemented by many useful and explanatory illustrations.
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Mineral processing technology

an introduction to the practical aspects of ore treatment and mineral recovery

Author: Barry Alan Wills

Publisher: Pergamon


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 525

View: 4940

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Earth Materials 2nd Edition

Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology

Author: Cornelis Klein,Anthony Philpotts

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108108008

Category: Science

Page: N.A

View: 1185

This concise, accessible, market-leading textbook brings together the wide-ranging fundamentals students need to understand rocks and minerals, and shows them how they relate to the broader Earth, materials and environmental sciences. Designed specifically for one-semester courses, it is beautifully illustrated to explain the key concepts in mineralogy and petrology. This edition has been fully updated based on classroom experience, and new features include a completely new chapter providing an elementary introduction to thermodynamics, kinetics, radioactive decay and absolute dating; new mineral descriptions and many new stunning color photographs; and a new section on hydraulic fracturing and discussion of some of its most serious potential environmental consequences. The book uses stunning photos of mineral specimens and rock thin sections to help students build a core understanding. It also creates a highly effective learning experience through close integration of clear illustrations with engaging text, and helps students to easily visualize crystal structures through the CrystalViewer's 3D software, available online.
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An Introduction to Economic Geology and Its Environmental Impact

Author: Anthony M. Evans

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444313525

Category: Science

Page: 376

View: 6222

As it has grown in length and level through successive edtions, the same author's Introduction to Ore Geology (now Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals) has left behind its original audience: first- and second -ear students. This new textbook, designed to fill that niche , was written specifically for introductory courses. Introduction to Economic Geology and Its Environmental Impact covers oil, coal, water and nuclear fuels, as well as economically important ores and bulk minerals. In keeping with current concerns and constraints, particular attention is paid to the impact of mining and drilling on the environment
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Mineral Processing Technology

An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery

Author: B. A. Wills

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483182428

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 646

View: 6407

Mineral Processing Technology, Third Edition: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery details the fundamentals of contemporary ore processing-techniques. The title first introduces the basics of ore-processing, and then proceeds to tackling technical topics in the subsequent chapters. The text covers methods and procedures in ore handling, industrial screening, and ore sorting. The selection also deals with ore-processing equipment, such as crushers and grinding mills. The book will be of great use to students and professionals of disciplines involved in mining industry.
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An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geology

Being an Introduction to the Study of These Sciences, and Designed for the Use of Pupils,--for Persons Attending Lectures on These Subjects,--and as a Companion for Travellers in the United States of America. Illustrated by Six Plates

Author: Parker Cleaveland

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geology

Page: 668

View: 6207

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An Introduction to the Rock-forming Minerals

Author: William Alexander Deer,Robert Andrew Howie,Jack Zussman

Publisher: Mineralogical Society

ISBN: 9780903056274

Category: Science

Page: 498

View: 2336

In this edition, most of the commonly occurring minerals of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are discussed in terms of structure, chemistry, optical and other physical properties, distinguishing features and paragenesis. Important correlations between these aspects of mineralogy are emphasized wherever possible. The content of each section has been updated where needed in the light of published research over the 21 years between editions. Tables of over 200 chemical analyses and formulae are included and a number of older entries have been replaced by more recent examples. Major new features: Entirely new views of crystal structures in perspective using CrystalMaker colour images; Over 60 colour photographs of minerals in thin sections of rocks under the petrological microscope; Considerably expanded treatment of feldspar and zeolite minerals; Mineral identification table based on birefringence and listing other properties; Colour strip with appropriate interference colours and birefringences for the main rock-forming minerals. This book will be useful to undergraduate students of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry, especially those at third or fourth year, engaged in more advanced courses or specialized projects, and also as a reference work for students for 'Masters' degrees by taught courses or research. For doctorate students, and research workers in the Earth Sciences as well as those in Materials Science and other related disciplines, this work can be useful as a condensed version of the very extensive treatment presented in the volumes of the DHZ Series 'Rock-Forming Minerals', second edition. Buyers through online retailers should contact the Mineralogical Society in order to receive the free CD which goes with the book ([email protected]).
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An Introduction to Coal Technology

Author: N. Berkowitz

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0323138381

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 359

View: 7979

An Introduction to Coal Technology provides an overview explaining what coal is, how it came into being, what its principal physical and chemical properties are, and how it is handled or processed for particular end uses. This book is divided into two parts; the first of which focuses on coal science and the second on technology. This volume is organized into 15 chapters and begins with a brief account of the origin, formation, and distribution of coal, along with its composition, classification, and most important properties. It then turns to beneficiation and handling; combustion; and various partial or complete conversion technologies. The final chapter deals with some aspects of pollution and pollution control. This book provides fairly detailed discussions on coal chemistry, including the molecular structure of coal. The challenges and limitations of coal technology are also considered. This book is intended for scientists and engineers who are active in other fields, but who might want to bring coal within the orbit of their interests, and to advanced students of chemical and mineral engineering who are contemplating careers in coal-related endeavors.
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Grundzüge der Erdwissenschaften

Vorlesung für Universität und ETH Zürich

Author: Volkmar Trommsdorff,Volker Dietrich

Publisher: vdf Hochschulverlag AG

ISBN: 9783728126627


Page: 187

View: 2215

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Minerals: A Very Short Introduction

Author: David Vaughan

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191505331

Category: Science

Page: 144

View: 3758

Minerals existed long before any forms of life, playing a key role in the origin and evolution of life; an interaction with biological systems that we are only now beginning to understand. Exploring the traditional strand of mineralogy, which emphasises the important mineral families, the well-established analytical methods (optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction) and the dramatic developments made in techniques over recent decades, David Vaughan also introduces the modern strand of mineralogy, which explores the role minerals play in the plate tectonic cycle and how they interact with the living world. Demonstrating how minerals can be critical for human health and illness by providing essential nutrients and releasing poisons, Vaughan explores the multitude of ways in which minerals have aided our understanding of the world. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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Living with Earth

An Introduction to Environmental Geology

Author: Travis Hudson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315506599

Category: Science

Page: 576

View: 1275

For many students with no science background, environmental geology may be one of the only science courses they ever take. Living With Earth: An Introduction to Environmental Geology is ideal for those students, fostering a better understanding of how they interact with Earth and how their actions can affect Earth's environmental health. The informal, reader-friendly presentation is organized around a few unifying perspectives: how the various Earth systems interact with one another; how Earth affects people (creating hazards but also providing essential resources); and how people affect Earth. Greater emphasis is placed on environment and sustainability than on geology, unlike other texts on the subject. Essential scientific foundations are presented - but the ultimate goal is to connect students proactively to their role as stakeholders in Earth's future.
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Author: Hans-Rudolf Wenk,Andrey Bulakh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107106265

Category: Science

Page: 620

View: 1119

Designed for use on one- or two-semester courses, this is a comprehensive study of modern mineralogy, for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of geology, materials science and environmental science. New online resources include laboratory exercises and PowerPoint slides, making this a sound investment for the next generation of mineralogists.
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Earth Materials

Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology

Author: Cornelis Klein,Anthony R. Philpotts

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052114521X

Category: Nature

Page: 533

View: 9034

Key concepts in mineralogy and petrology are explained alongside beautiful full-color illustrations, in this concisely written textbook.
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