An Inner Silence

The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson

Author: Agnes Sire,Jean-Luc Nancy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500288757

Category: Photography

Page: 159

View: 5698

Published to coincide with a first Fondation exhibition to be drawn entirely from the twentieth-century photographer's archives, a volume of famous and lesser-known works is comprised of pieces that most represent Cartier-Bresson's intentions.
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A Touch of Inner Silence - Seelengesang

Author: Karin Tag

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783954470327


Page: 4

View: 8740

Tracks: Sunrise Amor Santa Ama Anaeij Mother Earth Curare Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Peace Om Bhur Bhuvas Swaha Vision Santa Maria Hallelujah
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The Inner Silence

Author: Christena Stephens

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780464771487


Page: N.A

View: 3335

An introduction to her photography and her first solo photography exhibition. You'll get a sense Christena's photographic style and more importantly what inspires her.
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Desperately Seeking Self

An Inner Guidebook for People with Eating Problems

Author: Viola Fodor

Publisher: Gurze Books

ISBN: 093607728X

Category: Psychology

Page: 173

View: 3399

The intimate dialogue that forms the basis for "Desperately Seeking Self" is between a therapist and a client with bulimia--a composite character based on the many patients Viola Fodor has helped in her practice. Touching and insightful, it helps readers to open their minds, explore their inner natures, and recognize the importance of self-love in overcoming their eating disorders. B&W illustrations.
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The Inner Way

Author: John Tauler,Aeterna Press

Publisher: Aeterna Press


Category: Religion

Page: 286

View: 1985

We read in St John’s Gospel that St John the Baptist was standing, and two of his disciples, (one of them being Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother), and, when he saw Jesus pass by, he said: “Behold the Lamb of God.” The two disciples heard that, and saw them following, and said unto them: “What seek ye?” They said unto Him, “Rabbi (which is to say, being interpreted, Master), where dwellest thou?” He saith unto them; “Come and see.” Aeterna Press
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The Inner Way

Author: N.A

Publisher: CCEL

ISBN: 1931848246


Page: N.A

View: 1872

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Samyama - Cultivating Stillness in Action, Siddhis and Miracles

Author: Yogani

Publisher: AYP Publishing

ISBN: 097864963X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: N.A

View: 6354

Samyama - Stillness in Action, Siddhis and Miracles covers a powerful yoga practice that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Yet, it is as close to us as our most immediate hopes and dreams, for it is the principles of Samyama that are operating behind everything good that is happening in our life. The key methods of Samyama are covered here, simplified to enable anyone to engage in daily practice leading to profound results. Our deepest desires can be enlivened by systematically letting go into our inner silence. Whatever we surrender will come back to us a thousand-fold, purified in a divine outpouring. This is Stillness in Action. Yogani is the author of two landmark books on the world's most effective spiritual practices: Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, a comprehensive user-friendly textbook, and The Secrets of Wilder, a powerful spiritual novel. The AYP Enlightenment Series makes these profound practices available for the first time in a series of concise instruction books. Samyama is the fifth book in the series, preceded by Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas, Tantra, Spinal Breathing Pranayama, and Deep Meditation.
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Soulful Spirituality

Becoming Fully Alive and Deeply Human

Author: David G. Benner PhD

Publisher: Brazos Press

ISBN: 1441214364

Category: Religion

Page: 206

View: 6898

Spirituality has an indispensable role to play in the expression of our humanity. However, spiritual practices can sometimes make us less, not more, authentically human. We may be good Christians, but we aren't good human beings. How can we ensure that our spiritual journey is conducted in a way that allows us to become fully alive and deeply human? David Benner has spent thirty-five years integrating psychology and spirituality. Here he presents an expansive, psychologically informed understanding of spirituality, probing the contrasts between soulful and soulless spirituality, deep and shallow religion, and healthy and unhealthy relationships with God to affirm the vital role of human development in the spiritual journey. Benner then suggests soulful practices for cultivating the Christian spiritual life. This book will appeal to readers seeking depth and substance in their quest for authentic spirituality. It will also be a helpful resource for mental health professionals and spiritual directors. Reflection questions and exercises for individual or group use are included at the end of each chapter.d
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Simple Awakening

The Power of Inner Silence

Author: Michael Linenberger

Publisher: New Academy Publishing

ISBN: 9780983364740

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

View: 9867

Michael Linenberger tells the extraordinarily tale of how awakening entered his life with dramatic transformations: work and daily activity became very easy, all striving ceased, all fears and doubts disappeared, and unconditional happiness bliss moved in permanently. Most important, a profound and accurate intuition took residence that began guiding his life to greater achievements. Michael tells what awakening is, how readers might cultivate it, and the many ways it can revolutionize your entire life."
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The Magic of Inner Silence

How to Connect with Nature and Find Inner Peace

Author: Brigitte Novalis

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780988655966


Page: 134

View: 2001

The Magic of Inner Silence How to Connect With Nature and Find Inner Peace This delightful, interesting, and inspiring book helps you to develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with nature. Follow Brigitte on her path of connecting with the intelligent forces of nature. Engage in her meditations and exercises, and fine-tune your inner senses to nature as well as to your own higher nature. When you experience the Magic of Inner Silence and embrace the spirit in everything that is alive, you become lighthearted, peaceful, and free. A transformative book by the healer, therapist, and author Brigitte Novalis.
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Everybody Present

Mindfulness in Education

Author: Nikolaj Rotne,Didde Flor Rotne

Publisher: Parallax Press

ISBN: 1937006476

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 7040

Everybody Present illustrates the transformative effects of mindfulness on educators, students, and their classrooms. Using concrete examples, Didde and Nikolaj Flor Rotne present a mode of classroom engagement that reduces stress to make room for thoughtful learning. A working manual addressed to everyone in the educational universe, Everybody Present presents real-world applications grounded in solid research. Stories, exercises, and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of mindful practices across all areas of education. By exploring the challenges of teaching, Everybody Present will help all educators transform feelings of inadequacy into experiences of abundance. Everybody Present seeks to create a new kind of culture in our schools: one that counters stress and facilitates learning. It reframes the student-teacher relationship, showing teachers how to supplant antagonism and foster strong relationships by planting seeds of mindfulness in their students and encouraging them to embark on a mindfulness practice of their own. Everybody Present is intended to contribute to the creation of a culture throughout the educational system writ large, working against stress and victim mentality to set in motion a revolution of silence, allowing each individual the experience of inter-being, inner calm, and joy.
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Poems of the Inner Life

Selected Chiefly from Modern Authors

Author: Robert Crompton Jones

Publisher: N.A



Page: 288

View: 462

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The Journey of the Anointed One

Breakthrough to Spiritual Encounter

Author: Theodore J. Nottingham

Publisher: Theosis Books

ISBN: 0983769710

Category: Religion

Page: 162

View: 5719

The journey of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ or the Anointed One, is the template for every human being in search of reconnection with their spiritual origins and identity. He is known as "the first fruit of many" and the stages of his spiritual journey, along with his teachings, trace the path -- the Way -- for each human being of every century and culture toward their true destiny: encounter with the living Presence which transforms us into "partakers of the Divine Nature." This book is divided into two sections: PART 1 The Journey PART 2 The Fruits of the Journey Included are some of the following themes: Wilderness The Invitation The Core Teachings Becoming Disciples Rebirth Meister Eckhart and the Birth Within The Dark Night of the Soul Lost Teachings of Ancient Christianity The Individual and the Community Learning to Forgive
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The Christian Disciple

Author: John E. Skinner

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780819136589

Category: Religion

Page: 81

View: 5869

Defines the distinctive characteristics of true Christian discipleship derived from following the pattern of the life and death of Jesus Christ. This pattern consists of the three conditions of, in the author's words, 'self-denial, taking up the Cross, and following Jesus.' Concludes that spiritual discipline and the conditions for discipleship are one and the same reality. Co-published with the Episcopal Divinity School.
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Science and the Riddle of Consciousness

A Solution

Author: Jeffrey Foss

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792379362

Category: Computers

Page: 225

View: 9462

Consciousness has become a major topic of scientific interest, and dozens of books have been written in recent years to explain it, yet it still remains a mystery. Science and the Riddle of Consciousness explains why consciousness is a riddle for science, and demonstrates how this riddle can be solved. The questions examined in the book speak directly to neuroscientists, computer scientists, psychologists, and philosophers.
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Heroes, Sages & Madmen

Author: A. Roy Horn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1441576126

Category: Philosophy

Page: 508

View: 2798

Heroes, Sages and Madmen is not a book for everyone, but its potent message is about everyone. It reveals a direct and honest no nonsense revelation for spiritual aspirants who with courage, heroism, and sincerity are ready to go beyond the limitations of popular religion, academic philosophy, physical exercise yoga, and mental meditation. It is a revealing new, fresh, and amazing look into the four major traditional Paths of Enlightenment. It takes you where very few will go. It takes you into the midst of the personal attainments, blisses, challenges, pitfalls, and dangers of spiritual practices. And, it takes you into the consciousness and personal strategies of the far reaching socially popular and pretentious pop-guru. The seventy-nine short conversations in this book are guaranteed to convey many key secret spiritual teachings of the past. These secret spiritual teachings are traditionally known only by true and ripe spiritual Heroes and authentic Sages, Saints, and Yogis. Within these pages, you can discover what causes the social bondage, personal dissatisfaction, and the failing habitual struggles for inner Happiness and Peace. In the midst of the enigma and quagmire of ordinary thinking and analytical minds, the author reveals and restates many ancient esoteric secrets of spirituality. And, most importantly, the author shows how you can find a way out of your spiritual, social, and personal dilemmas. In the questions and answers in these conversations, many universal truths are delineated from major philosophies, religions, and spiritual practices and then their apparent differences are explored, summed up, and reconciled. The questions and answers in this book originated from dozens of sincere spiritual aspirants from group sessions, e-mails, personal notes, formal letters, telephone conversations, and one-on-one sessions since the early 1980s. Each question and answer is paraphrased by the author. The information, knowledge, and wisdom in this book have been distilled directly from personal experience from a lifetime of spiritual study and practices. The questions and answers are direct and sometimes surprising. At other times, the authors direct answers may challenge the spiritual assumptions of many neophyte and mature spiritual aspirants. The purpose of each answer was to directly serve the sincere spiritual aspirants spiritual development and awakening beyond their popular religious, academic philosophical, and social belief assumptions. In addition, popular misunderstandings surrounding classical spiritual teachings and their four major traditional Paths of Enlightenment and practice of yoga are described, evaluated, and discussed in depth. And lastly, the thinking-analytical meditation methods of popular spiritual movements in the West (European cultures) are considered in contrast to the contemplative meditations of the great Sages, Saints, and Yogis of the classical East (Non-European cultures). Unfortunately, the English language does not lend itself to explain and define the metaphysical principles and concepts of contemplative spirituality. Contemporary English is predominately a language of definitions, names, forms, and objects as demonstrated in English as used throughout the material world for business and commerce. Other languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, Tamil, and Hebrew are spoken and written to understand and verbally communicate both the dual physical world of objects and the multidimensional transcendental spiritual world beyond social psychology and formulative physics. For this reason, the author has modified many spelling, grammar, and syntax rules to emphasize and endeavor to explain contemplative concepts that cannot be explained by academic English. Therefore, you may discover that many sections may contain imperfect spelling, grammar, and syntax that are ordinarily absent from professionally produced books. To assure the authors metaphysical meani
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The inner power of silence

a universal way of meditation

Author: Mark Thurston

Publisher: Are Pr

ISBN: 9780917483066

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 109

View: 3408

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Effortless Mind

Meditate with Ease — Calm Your Mind, Connect with Your Heart, and Revitalize Your Life

Author: Ajayan Borys

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608681548

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

View: 7845

"Meditation instruction from a teacher with forty years of experience, including studies with major Indian teachers. Focuses on ease over struggle, emphasizing that busy minds and schedules need not be obstacles. Technique includes clearing chakras, promoting health, and opening the heart. Final chapter offers suggestions for integrating benefits outside the practice"--Provided by publisher.
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Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2

Author: Yogani

Publisher: AYP Publishing

ISBN: 0981925545

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: N.A

View: 1512

FROM THE BACK COVER OF THE PAPERBACK EDITION: Yoga opens the doorway between our outer and inner reality, leading usto Oneness and Joy in all aspects of life. Our nervous system is the doorway...Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP), Volume 2 refines and enhances the core practices presented in the first volume, and provides plain English instructionsfor new practices designed to cultivate middle and end stage development onthe path of human spiritual transformation. Additional practices include advanced applications of samyama, diet, shatkarmas, amaroli, non-dual self-inquiry, bhakti and karma yoga, and a variety of approaches for building and managing a progressive and stable practice routine.Volume 2 does not stand alone, relying on the first volume as a foundation, and building on it. There are nearly 200 additional lessons here for assistingthe serious practitioner to realize a life filled with abiding inner silence, ecstatic bliss, outpouring divine love, and unity.What readers are saying as they make use of the AYP lessons: "It's almost a science. You do the practices and progress as predicted." - MA"As a physician, it is moving to see the effects on medical conditions." - KC"I will be adding AYP to my class offerings to cover the whole of yoga." - MR"Far above and beyond all other yoga writings I have encountered." - KG"A growing inquiry in stillness has taken me to new levels." - CL"Especially useful for stabilizing my kundalini awakening." - SR"The tantra techniques bring great pleasure into our lives." - ZA"This approach includes a deep tolerance of other paths." - AN"Thank you for being the one who said: The guru is in you!" - KKFor more reader feedback, see the last section in the book...
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Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church

Author: Robin Maas,Gabriel Odonnell

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426775040

Category: Religion

Page: 466

View: 2843

This volume offers a comprehensive intellectual and experiential introduction to Christian spirituality. It embraces spiritual traditions from the Patristic period to the present day. Part I, "The Roots of Contemporary Western Spirituality," covers spiritual types that have been fundamental in shaping spiritual practice. Part II, "Distinctive Spiritual Traditions," offers major introductory essays on spiritual traditions formed by such notable figures as Luther, Wesley, Ignatius, and John of the Cross, as well as ecclesiastical traditions such as Anglicanism. Part III, "The Feminine Dimension in Christian Spirituality," is devoted to Marian Spirituality, holy women, and feminism. Each of the fourteen chapters is followed by a practicum which enables readers to assimilate the practice prescribed into their own devotional life .
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