Magic Christmas

For Relaxation Meditation Blessing, Adult Coloring Book

Author: Cherina (ART) Kohey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781517098964


Page: 62

View: 3793

This is a time of joy, relaxation meditation and blessing. This coloring book s Christmas theme will help you always access to the happy time. We are provides the different design for this Christmas themes. You will find the beautiful ball, bright bell, wonderful present, charming Christmas tree, snow flake and all the whole world of the Christmas time. We wish you happy with this book and love it. Leave your stress life on the table and come with me to find the wonderful moment with coloring book. It's good for relaxation by yourself and perfect for the Christmas gift to the one who loves. Enjoy !! book. Enjoy !!
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Adult Coloring Book

Nice Little Dragons

Author: Tatiana Bogema (Stolova)

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981635801


Page: 108

View: 3193

With this book Tatiana opens new series Nice Little Dragons. 20 unique images. You can find there dragons named Rowdy, Sleepyhead, Lazy and others. Also you can name each one of them with your own names. Plunge into cute world of little dragons. Color them brightly! Single-sided black backed coloring pages Each image printed on one side with black colored back side. It helps so much for markers, gel pens, and watercolor pencils. So you can use more different instruments for coloring without bleeding through! Double copy of every image You can enjoy coloring your favorite images a second time without buying another copy of this book. Color with a friend and look who's colored better? Easy! You have an extra copy for this case or in case you make a mistake. Please, join our group on facebook (you can found link inside the book or in author biography) and share your colored images with the comunity. Look for more books on author's page on Amazon. Color with pleasure!
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Color at Home

A Young House Love Coloring Book

Author: Sherry Petersik,John Petersik

Publisher: Paige Tate & Company

ISBN: 9781944515096

Category: Games

Page: 80

View: 7070

New York Times best selling authors, Sherry & John Petersik of the popular home blog Young House Love, have teamed up with Paige Tate & Co. to create a fresh and fun adult coloring book full of interior design eye candy. Dive into beautiful rooms and home decor inspiration illustrated by the talented Joan Borawski. Get lost in intricate design details like built-in bookcases, patterned pillows, and ornate rugs - and bring them to life with your own color schemes. Each page is printed on white premium paper and offers countless opportunities to experiment with different looks without having to repaint a room or buy new furniture, so you can test drive different styles and color combinations before committing to them at home. Whether you're exploring new decorating ideas or just looking for a way to escape reality and get lost in some lovely spaces, this book is for home decor enthusiasts of all kinds.
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Vive Le Color! Tropics (Adult Coloring Book)

Color In; De-stress (72 Tear-out Pages)

Author: Abrams Noterie

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 9781419724381

Category: Games

Page: 144

View: 865

Whether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged while commuting or watching TV, this adult coloring book offers 72 pages of beautiful and meditative designs featuring flamingos, parrots, orchids, palm trees, and other flora and fauna of the tropics.Top-bound coloring pad is perfect for the right- and left-handedDetachable sheets make it easy to display your finished work or share pages at coloring parties72 illustrations are printed single-sided on high-quality paper that is suitable pencils, markers, and watercolorsCompact size is great for travel, and a smaller page is less time-consuming to completePad has a thick backer board so that you can color with the book on your lapCover has gold foil stampingThe "Vive Le Color!" collection includes: "Vive Le Color! Africa" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722523 "Vive Le Color! Arabia" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722530 "Vive Le Color! Butterflies" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419719806 "Vive Le Color! Christmas" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724350 "Vive Le Color! Energy" (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720529 "Vive Le Color! Flowers" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722547 "Vive Le Color! Harmony "(Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720536 "Vive Le Color! Hearts" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724367 "Vive Le Color! Horses" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724374 "Vive Le Color! India" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419719820 "Vive Le Color! Japan" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781617691812 "Vive Le Color! Mandala" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722554 "Vive Le Color! Meditation" (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419722868 "Vive Le Color! Peace" (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419722875 "Vive Le Color! Serenity" (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720543 "Vive Le Color! Tropics" (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724381 "Vive Le Color! Vitality" (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720550"
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Adult Colouring Books

Mandala for a Stress Relieving Experience

Author: Pegasus Coloring Book

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542337311


Page: 130

View: 9766

MANDALA COLOURING FOR ADULTS | Amazing Mandalas This beautiful Mandala Colouring Book will offer you countless hours of relaxation. Mandala means "circle" and "center" in the ancient Sanskrit language. The circular shapes of mandalas have the power to balance the energies of your body, promote relaxation & enhance your creativity. It perfectly fall under the category of adult colouring books zen. The mandala is created from a centred point, from which everything is possible. Colouring a mandala means that you are in need to express your desire for healing and wellness. Either you have a quest to restore your inner peace or you would simply like to express your artistic talent, the mandalas will help you achieve it. What should I expect in this adult colouring book? 60 wonderful mandalas to colour. From medium to very intricate designs for a pleasant experience. White background for every design. One-sided pages with enough space to cut off the page if needed. NOW ON SALE Regular Price: 9.99� | SAVE 2.00�, 20% OFF | Limited time only Through the 60 mandalas offered in this beautiful colouring book, you will feel the power it brings out from you when enjoying the peaceful moment between you and your drawing. In a quite environment, with a warm cup of herbal tea and maybe relaxing music, open your book and start colouring. Don't wait up, buy this book and start enjoying the mandalas... Scroll up and click on the buy button. TAGS: adult colouring books, adult colouring books mandalas, adult colouring books zen, adult colouring books UK, colouring books for adults, mandala colouring book, mandala colouring adults, mandala colouring for adults, mandala colouring for grown ups, colouring books for grown ups, colouring for adults, colouring books patterns, stress relief colouring book, mandala, mandalas, stress relief, relaxation.
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Christmas Coloring Book for Adults

Author: Celeste von Albrecht

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781505659719


Page: 50

View: 7193

Giving an adult a coloring book will boost his/her creativity, reduce stress, as well as help keep and develop fine motor skills. It's a great way to refresh body, mind and soul.
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Winter Magic

Beautiful Holiday Patterns to Color

Author: N.A

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9781438007335

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

View: 1337

A new addition to the bestselling Color Magic series! Add your own colorful, distinctive touch to this beautiful assortment of wintery patterns, including snowflakes, trees, and more. Once completed, these beautiful images are ideal for decorating, framing, and gift-giving.
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Creative Haven Creative Christmas Coloring Book

Author: Marjorie Sarnat

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486827798

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 64

View: 9291

Welcome to a colorful Christmas! Marjorie Sarnat's wonderfully imaginative designs feature 31 traditional holiday motifs in a unique and decorative way. From Santa walking with his reindeer to elves kissing under the mistletoe to dancing snowmen and candied wreaths, this book of ready-to-color illustrations will make the perfect gift for anyone! Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Creative Christmas and other Creative Haven® adult coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment. Each title is also an effective and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress.
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Johanna's Christmas

Author: Johanna Basford

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0143129309

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 80

View: 8516

From the creator of the worldwide bestsellers Secret Garden and Lost Ocean, a beautiful new adult coloring book, printed on ivory paper and featuring delicate tangles of holly and ivy, bauble-laden Christmas trees, and mountains of exquisitely wrapped gifts. From flurries of delicate snowflakes to deliciously decorated gingerbread houses and reindeer-led sleighs, Johanna's Christmas is a celebration of this wonderful holiday season that invites you to pick up your pens and pencils to color, complete, or embellish each of the festive artworks. Each of the 37 images in this book are printed single-sided on perforated paper, so you can color and remove the images--the perfect frameable holiday gift! Now printed on specially selected ivory paper. This paper has been specifically created for Johanna Basford's coloring books. It has a medium tooth which is perfect for creating beautiful colored pencil effects or chalk pastel backgrounds but also wonderful for pens, which will glide effortlessly over its surface.
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Creative Christmas

The Gift of Colouring for Grown-Ups

Author: Michael O'Mara

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781782433446


Page: 80

View: 8370

Colouring for grown-ups is an exciting new craze which cultivates your inner calm and helps to de-stress. Lose yourself in these pages of festive patterns, or give this attractive book as a gift, perfect for any colouring fan. Colour and complete the Christmas-themed patterns in this book and fill the festive season with creative fun. Perfect for cold winter evenings and for getting well and truly into the Christmas spirit. With a beautiful foil cover and featuring flaps with inspiration for Christmas wrapping gifts, this book will get you feeling creative and festive in no time.
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Home for the Holidays

A Hand-Crafted Adult Coloring Book

Author: Galadrel L. Thompson

Publisher: Spirit

ISBN: 9780996599801


Page: 72

View: 7369

A hand-crafted coloring book for adults featuring intricate designs for the holidays. Welcome to a unique winter wonderland, one full of timeless holiday favorites and traditions. Relax and get cozy with snuggles while letting your artistry bloom. Take the time to reflect and engage in a world all your own as you create colorful, magical moments within beautifully illustrated designs.
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101 Dad Jokes

Christmas Edition

Author: Elias Hill

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781977645210


Page: 106

View: 4770

Here we go again. The dad jokes are back but this time we are making it a bit festive by only including dad jokes related to the holiday season. Get this humorous 101 Dad Jokes: Christmas Edition book today if you want to read dads' take on gift exchanges, Santa, the reindeer and holiday traditions. All of these jokes are family-friendly so everyone can enjoy 101 Dad Jokes: Christmas Edition together. Get dad what he really wants this Christmas and all year round - more jokes to annoy everyone with!
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Wonderful Winter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Creative Coloring Inspirations Bring Balance - Trees, Winter Designs

Author: Adult Coloring Book J. Kaiwell,John Daniel

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519706577

Category: Design

Page: 70

View: 3563

Wonderful Winter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Volume 1Merry Christmas Adult Coloring Book : Creative Coloring Inspirations Bring Balance:A Stress Management : relaxation meditation and blessingColour yourself calm, a mindfulness colorings book. There are 34 beautiful designs of different pattern element with Christmas elements, Deer , Bird Rhinocerost etc. All patterns are cute and creative and their graphics are beautiful. Detailed Magic Merry Christmas Coloring Book For Adults : A Stress Management Pattern for You Balance, Relax and Creativity. Graphic Design With Illustration And You Can Pencil Color Drawing To Enjoy This Amazing Merry Christmas Coloring Book. The Image Is Printed On 8 X 10 Paper Sizes, High Quality, So You Have Plenty Of Space To Work In Detail And Creativity. After You're Done, You'll have A Lovely, Modern and Abstract Works of Art That Are Worthy of Hanging on Walls. "Wonderful Winter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Volume 1" Is A Creative, Novel Way For Busy Everyone To Relax And Unwind From The Hectic Pace Of Modern Life. Kids Or Adults And Teen Can All Enjoy This Book Paints A Unique And Special.
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Winter Wonderland

Christmas Coloring Book for Adults

Author: Alena Lazareva

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781979609258


Page: 98

View: 4828

A beautiful coloring book featuring the illustrations of Alena Lazareva . Grayscale and Line art illustrations. Includes TWO full sets of the 23 amazing illustrations. * Page size is 8.5x11inches. * Pages printed on one side only. Each image is printed on a black-backed page to reduce bleed-through. *Two Copies of Every Image: Share with a family member, color with a friend. Enjoy coloring your favorite images a second time. Have an extra copy in case you make a mistake. * Paper non-perforated (typical of CreateSpace published coloring books) I recommend using colored pencils, soft pastel. It is not suitable for use with wet media such as watercolor. Use sheet of card under the page you are colouring. Happy coloring!
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The Snow Queen Colouring Book

Author: Helen Crawford-White

Publisher: Pushkin Press

ISBN: 1782691170

Category: Coloring books

Page: 64

View: 7382

"My goodness! Such beauty and fine smells! Every imaginable flower from the entire year stood there in the most magnificent blossom. No picture book could be more colourful or gorgeous." "A little boy and a little girl live happily in a big city. The little boy's name is Kai, and the little girl's name is Gerda. But one day, Kai is kidnapped by the wicked Snow Queen and swept away to live for ever in her kingdom of ice. Follow Gerda as she travels through snow-filled fields and endless forests in order to find her beloved friend. From the city rooftops to the snows of Lapland, from the Northern Lights to the palace of the Snow Queen herself, a mesmerising world of icy journeys is waiting to be brought to life by your pen..." A gorgeous, beautifully designed coloring book: 30 unique and exquisite spreads, inspired by the classic fairy tale, of line drawings of winter landscapes, flower-filled meadows, crows, princesses, castles and reindeers, accompanied by quotes from Andersen's timeless tale.
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Creative Christmas Coloring

Author: Lark Crafts

Publisher: Lark Books (NC)

ISBN: 9781454710424

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 3420

Have a merry, colorful Christmas! Celebrate the holiday with this beautiful coloring book, filled with delicate snowflakes, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and pretty garlands. This creative and festive book will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit!
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Butterflies & Flowers Adult Coloring Book

Stress Relieving Patterns

Author: Cherina Kohey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781516866748


Page: 62

View: 9222

Coloring time is calming time! This is my special coloring book. It's perfect gift for the "Butterflies and Flowers". You will found 30 designs of different dimension of butterflies and flowers such as cute butterflies, art butterflies, creative butterflies, graphic butterflies and etc. range in complexity from beginner to expert-level.Let's join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!.Please enjoys!!
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