A Concise History of Russia

Author: Paul Bushkovitch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139504444

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 4378

Accessible to students, tourists and general readers alike, this book provides a broad overview of Russian history since the ninth century. Paul Bushkovitch emphasizes the enormous changes in the understanding of Russian history resulting from the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, new material has come to light on the history of the Soviet era, providing new conceptions of Russia's pre-revolutionary past. The book traces not only the political history of Russia, but also developments in its literature, art and science. Bushkovitch describes well-known cultural figures, such as Chekhov, Tolstoy and Mendeleev, in their institutional and historical contexts. Though the 1917 revolution, the resulting Soviet system and the Cold War were a crucial part of Russian and world history, Bushkovitch presents earlier developments as more than just a prelude to Bolshevik power.
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A Concise History of the Russian Revolution

Author: Richard Pipes

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 030778858X

Category: History

Page: 464

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Richard Pipes's authoritative history of the "violent and disruptive acts" that created the first modern totalitarian regime portrays the crisis at the heart of the tsarist empire. Drawing on archival materials newly released in Russia, he chronicles the upheaval that began as a conservative revolt but was soon captured by messianic intellectuals intent not merely on reforming Russia but on remaking the world. He provides fresh accounts of the revolution's personalities and policies, crises, and cruelties, from the murder of the royal family through civil war, famine, and state terror. Brilliantly and persuasively, Pipes shows us why the resulting system owes less to the theories of Marx than it did to the character of Lenin and Russia's long authoritarian tradition. What ensues is a path-clearing work that is indispensable to any understanding of the events of the century.
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Napoleon Against Russia

A Concise History of 1812

Author: Digby George Smith

Publisher: Pen & Sword


Category: History

Page: 235

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"[The author's] new account of the great, grim events of 1812 is based on the diaries and letters of soldiers who survived, many of which have not been published in English before. They describe ... the deadly effect of Napoleon's faulty decisions on the lives of his men, to say nothing of the innumerable Russian military and civilian casualties his campaign caused. The introductory chapter examines the background to the invasion and the immense preparations that were made under Napoleon's orders ... The author also covers the campaigns on the northern and southern flanks that are often overshadowed by the events in the centre"--Jacket.
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A Concise History of the Russian Revolution

Author: Richard Pipes

Publisher: Paw Prints

ISBN: 9781439506806

Category: History

Page: 431

View: 4398

Looks at the decay of the tsarist empire and the causes of the Revolution, discusses the aims of the Bolshevik party, and recounts the major events of the conflict
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A Concise History of Russian Art

Author: Tamara Talbot Rice

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art, Russian

Page: 288

View: 1498

From its beginnings in tenth-century Kiev, through the post revolutionary period, up to the formulation of modern art.
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A Concise History of Poland

Author: Jerzy Lukowski,Hubert Zawadzki

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052185332X

Category: History

Page: 371

View: 5720

Updated and expanded second edition covering Polish history, from medieval times to the present day.
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A Concise History of the Baltic States

Author: Andrejs Plakans

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521833728

Category: History

Page: 472

View: 9335

An integrated history of three Baltic peoples - Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians - from their origins as tribal societies to separate nations.
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Hundert Jahre Revolution

Russland und das 20. Jahrhundert

Author: Orlando Figes

Publisher: Hanser Berlin

ISBN: 3446248684

Category: History

Page: 400

View: 761

Eine glänzend geschriebene Geschichte Sowjetrusslands – von den Wurzeln des Bolschewismus bis zum Putsch gegen Gorbatschow 1991. Laut Orlando Figes erstreckt sich die Wirkung der Russischen Revolution von 1917 über die Jahrzehnte der Diktatur bis in die Gegenwart. So waren die Sowjetführer bis zuletzt überzeugt, dass sie die von Lenin begonnene Revolution fortsetzten und auf ihre Ziele hinarbeiteten: eine kommunistische Gesellschaft des materiellen Überflusses für das Proletariat und ein neuer kollektiver Menschentyp. In einem historischen Moment, da in Russland unter Putin die autoritäre Staatstradition wiederauflebt, liefert Figes eine überzeugende Interpretation des russischen 20. Jahrhunderts.
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A Concise History of Hungary

Author: Miklós Molnár

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521667364

Category: History

Page: 370

View: 2945

A comprehensive history of the land, people, society, culture and economy of Hungary.
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A Concise History of Finland

Author: David Kirby

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052183225X

Category: History

Page: 343

View: 5452

Few countries in Europe have undergone such rapid social, political and economic changes as Finland has during the last fifty years. David Kirby here sets out the fascinating history of this northern country, for centuries on the east-west divide of Europe, a country not blessed by nature, most of whose inhabitants still earned a living from farming fifty years ago, but which today is one of the most prosperous members of the European Union. He shows how this small country was able not only to survive in peace and war but also to preserve and develop its own highly distinctive identity, neither Scandinavian nor Eastern European. He traces the evolution of the idea of a Finnish national state, from the long centuries as part of the Swedish realm, through self-government within the Russian Empire, and into the stormy and tragic birth of the independent state in the twentieth century.
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A Concise History

Author: Ronald Hingley

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

ISBN: 9780500276273

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 1573

Russia's history, from her beginnings as a pagan Slav community centered on Kiev to superpower status, has its own unique rhythm. Appalling calamities have shaped Russia: the Time of Troubles; the Napoleonic invasion; two world wars separated by a great civil war; a multitude of famines and epidemics. Not least among these scourges have been leaders such as Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin. In this revised and updated edition, Ronald Hingley considers the recent astonishing developments: the first steps towards liberalization, the collapse of communist rule throughout Russia's former satellite states, and above all the demise of Soviet communism and the disintegration of the USSR. Russia's present can be better comprehended as the latest chapter in a long and enthralling history; a history—evoked here with the aid of over 200 illustrations—which is now being energetically reassessed by the Russians themselves.
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Red Notice

Wie ich Putins Staatsfeind Nr. 1 wurde

Author: Bill Browder

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446443193

Category: Political Science

Page: 410

View: 6150

Moskau nach dem Zerfall der Sowjetunion: Die Oligarchen sichern sich die Pfründe und machen ein Vermögen. Der Amerikaner Bill Browder nutzt die Gunst der Stunde und investiert in aufstrebende Unternehmen. Doch dann kommt er Putin und seiner Politik in die Quere: Er wird erpresst, verfolgt und bedroht. In einem Rechtsstaat kann man sich dagegen wehren. Aber nicht in einem Russland, wo Willkür und Tyrannei herrschen. Browders Anwalt Sergej Magnitski wird unter fadenscheinigen Vorwänden inhaftiert, gefoltert und schließlich im Gefängnis erschlagen. Aber Bill Browder gibt nicht auf. Als Menschenrechtsaktivist macht er international Druck auf Putin. Eine wahre Geschichte – packend geschrieben wie ein Thriller.
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In a Maelstrom

The History of Russian-Jewish Prose (1860-1940)

Author: Zsuzsa Het‚nyi

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9789637326912

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 316

View: 1348

Russian-Jewish literature is discussed in four periods.
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A Concise History of Greece

Author: Richard Clogg

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107656443

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 5036

Now re-issued in a third, updated edition, this book provides a concise, illustrated introduction to the modern history of Greece, from the first stirrings of the national movement in the late eighteenth century to the present day. The current economic crisis has marked a turning point in the country's history. This third edition includes a new final chapter, which analyses contemporary political, economic and social developments. It includes additional illustrations together with updated tables and suggestions for further reading. Designed to provide a basic introduction, the first edition of this hugely successful Concise History won the Runciman Award for the best book on an Hellenic topic published in 1992 and has been translated into twelve languages.
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Nataschas Tanz

eine Kulturgeschichte Russlands

Author: Orlando Figes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783827010148


Page: 720

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A Concise History of Afghanistan in 25 Volumes

Author: Hamid Wahed Alikuzai

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490714464

Category: History

Page: 1016

View: 9352

For 35,000 years ancient Afghanistan was called Aryana (the Light of God) has existed. Then in 747 AD what is today called Afghanistan became Khorasan (which means Sunrise in Dari) which was a much larger geographical area. In the middle of the nineteenth century the name Afghanistan, which means home of the united tribes, was applied originally by the Saxons (present day British) and the Russians. During the Great Games in the middle of nineteenth century, the Durand Line was created in 1893 and was in place until 1993. Saxons created the state of Afghanistan out of a geographical area roughly the size of Texas: in 1893 before which there were 10 million square kilometers, larger than the size of Canada, as means to act as a buffer zone between the Saxon-India & Tsarist-Russia and the Chinese.
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Russia's War

Author: Richard Overy

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141925124

Category: History

Page: 416

View: 9398

RUSSIA'S WAR is the epic account of the greatest military encounter in human history. In a vivid, often shocking narrative, Richard Overy describes the astounding events of 1941-45 in which the Soviet Union, after initial catastrophes, destroyed Hitler's Third Reich and shaped European history for the next half Century.
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A Concise History of Finland: the 11th to the 21st Century

Author: Soile Varis

Publisher: Klaava Media

ISBN: 9525901386

Category: History

Page: 64

View: 4997

In 2017, Finland will celebrate its 100th Independence Day. It has been a long and turbulent path to prosperity for this Northern European nation, but today, Finland is a stable democracy. This book outlines the key historical events that created the nation. The story of Finland starts from the early Middle Ages, and takes readers to the new challenges set by globalization. Geographically located between East and West, Finland has been influenced and ruled by both cultures. The King of Sweden ruled Finland until the early 19th century, when he lost the scarcely inhabited territory to the Czar of Russia. 100 years ago, when the last Czar was dethroned, Finland seized the moment, and became a sovereign state. It, however, meant the beginning of a civil war. Later, Finns fought for their independence in the Second World War. History isn't about wars alone. The book describes how international relationships and a strong president can define a nation for decades. The concept of Finlandization can still be a touchy subject for Finns, but it is an elemental part of the nation's history. Today, Finland is the home of some 5.4 million people, millions of Angry Birds, rock group Nightwish and Nokia. Finland is also renowned for its high rankings in global school system comparisons and for its economical competitiveness. A Concise History of Finland starts from 1000-year old events, but the focus of the book is on the 19th and 20th centuries. The book is a perfect guide to Finland's past for travelers, students, business people, media, and everyone interested in history.
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