A Concise History of Greece

Author: Richard Clogg

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521004794

Category: History

Page: 291

View: 9862

Now reissued in a second, updated edition, this book provides a concise, illustrated introduction to the history of modern Greece, from the first stirrings of the national movement in the late eighteenth century to the present day. It is designed to provide a basic introduction for general and academic readers with little or no prior knowledge of the subject, and supersedes Professor Clogg's A Short History of Modern Greece which became a classic following its initial publication in 1979. This wholly new book, first published in 1992, was conceived afresh for a broad readership.
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A Concise History of Greece

Author: Richard Clogg

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107656443

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 2529

Now re-issued in a third, updated edition, this book provides a concise, illustrated introduction to the modern history of Greece, from the first stirrings of the national movement in the late eighteenth century to the present day. The current economic crisis has marked a turning point in the country's history. This third edition includes a new final chapter, which analyses contemporary political, economic and social developments. It includes additional illustrations together with updated tables and suggestions for further reading. Designed to provide a basic introduction, the first edition of this hugely successful Concise History won the Runciman Award for the best book on an Hellenic topic published in 1992 and has been translated into twelve languages.
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Hellenic Temples and Christian Churches

A Concise History of the Religious Cultures of Greece from Antiquity to the Present

Author: Vasilios Makrides

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814795684

Category: Religion

Page: 345

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People, A Global Agenda discusses the social impact of global transformations. A collaborative effort of more than fifty thinkers from countries throughout the world, the book contains specific proposals intended to address several of the major problems afflicting virtually every country today. The crises confronted by the contributors include poverty, unemployment, and social disintegration. Part One examines the need for a shift in our understanding of security from a political to a human sense of the term. Contributors devise strategies for improving human living conditions, and propose new frameworks of development cooperation and new patterns of global governance in order to enhance human security. Part Two highlights the impact of poverty in political, economic, social, and environmental terms. The character of unemployment, under-employment, low-productive employment, and the new phenomenon of jobless growth at the turn of the 21st century forms the heart of Part Three. The selections seek to delineate measures, at both the state and market level, for the expansion of productive employment and sustainable livelihoods, and for the role of new technology in this endeavor. Part Four examines the causes and impacts of the world's social disintegration and inequality, and advocates means by which social cohesion and justice can be enhanced.
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A Concise History of Mathematics

Fourth Revised Edition

Author: Dirk J. Struik

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486138887

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 9052

Compact, well-written survey ranges from the ancient Near East to 20th-century computer theory, covering Archimedes, Pascal, Gauss, Hilbert, and many others. "A work which is unquestionably one of the best." — Nature.
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A Concise History of Mathematics

Author: Dirk Jan Struik

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486602554

Category: Mathematics

Page: 228

View: 455

This compact, well-written history covers major mathematical ideas and techniques from the ancient Near East to 20th-century computer theory, surveying the works of Archimedes, Pascal, Gauss, Hilbert, and many others. "The author's ability as a first-class historian as well as an able mathematician has enabled him to produce a work which is unquestionably one of the best." — Nature.
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A concise history of the Balkan Wars, 1912-1913

Author: Army History Directorate (Greece)

Publisher: Hellenic Army General Staff Army History Directorate


Category: Balkan Peninsula

Page: 385

View: 6148

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A Concise History of Hungary

Author: Miklós Molnár

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521667364

Category: History

Page: 370

View: 3581

A comprehensive history of the land, people, society, culture and economy of Hungary.
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A History of Ancient Greece

Author: Nancy H. Demand

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages


Category: History

Page: 397

View: 2041

This text is a concise history of Ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age through Alexander the Great. The text focuses on the interpretation of ancient sources, both written and visual. It teaches students to think "historically"by providing them with questions and suggestions for analysis as well as directed reading questions, and includes both current scholarship as well as a balance of political, social, cultural and military history. Suggested readings are found at the end of each chapter.
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Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Concise History of Western Art

Author: Fred Kleiner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 142406922X

Category: Art

Page: 504

View: 1390

Featuring unique NEW study tools for students and dynamic NEW lecture resources for instructors, GARDNER’S ART THROUGH THE AGES: A CONCISE WESTERN HISTORY, Second Edition takes this brilliant bestseller to new heights in addressing the challenges of today’s classroom. It is specifically designed for the one-semester survey. The second edition adds to this heritage with new images and new full-color reconstructions, as well as a unique scale feature that helps students visualize the size of each work. Students will also benefit from the clarity that only a book written by a single author can provide, as well as from The Big Picture overviews at the end of every chapter, a special foldout timeline, and ArtStudy Online (a free interactive study guide that includes image flashcards, video study tools, quizzes, and more to help students master the material quickly). Dynamic lecture tools -- including a digital library with a full zoom and side-by-side comparison capability and the exciting Google Earth technology will save instructors time in preparing for class and personalizing their lectures. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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A Concise History of Bulgaria

Author: R. J. Crampton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521616379

Category: History

Page: 287

View: 5473

Second edition of the history of Bulgaria, now including the period 1995 to 2004.
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A Short History of Greek Literature

Author: Suzanne Said,Monique Trede

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134806574

Category: History

Page: 232

View: 8433

A Short History of Greek Literature provides a concise yet comprehensive survey of Greek literature - from Christian authors - over twelve centuries, from Homer's epics to the rich range of authors surviving from the imperial period up to Justinian. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to the extraordinary creativity of the archaic and classical age, when the major literary genres - epic, lyric, tragedy, comedy, history, oratory and philosophy - were invented and flourished. The second part covers the Hellenistic period, and the third covers the High Empire and Late Antiquity. At that tine the masters of the previous age were elevated to the rank of 'classics'. The works of the imperial period are replete with literary allusions, yet full of references to contemporary reality.
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Ancient Persia

A Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire, 550–330 BCE

Author: Matt Waters

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107652723

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 5054

The Achaemenid Persian Empire, at its greatest territorial extent under Darius I (r.522–486 BCE), held sway over territory stretching from the Indus River Valley to southeastern Europe and from the western Himalayas to northeast Africa. In this book, Matt Waters gives a detailed historical overview of the Achaemenid period while considering the manifold interpretive problems historians face in constructing and understanding its history. This book offers a Persian perspective even when relying on Greek textual sources and archaeological evidence. Waters situates the story of the Achaemenid Persians in the context of their predecessors in the mid-first millennium BCE and through their successors after the Macedonian conquest, constructing a compelling narrative of how the empire retained its vitality for more than two hundred years (c.550–330 BCE) and left a massive imprint on Middle Eastern as well as Greek and European history.
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A Brief History of Ancient Greece

Politics, Society, and Culture

Author: N.A

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 402

View: 5800

The story of the ancient Greeks is one of the most improbable success stories in world history. A small group of people inhabiting a country poor in resources and divided into hundreds of quarreling states created one of the most remarkable civilizations ever. Comprehensive and balanced, A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society, and Culture, Second Edition is a shorter version of the authors' highly successful Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History, Second Edition (OUP, 2008). Four leading authorities on the classical world offer a lively and up-to-date account of Greek civilization and history in all its complexity and variety, covering the entire period from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic Era, and integrating the most recent research in archaeology, comparative anthropology, and social history. They show how the early Greeks borrowed from their neighbors but eventually developed a distinctive culture all their own, one that was marked by astonishing creativity, versatility, and resilience. Using physical evidence from archaeology, the written testimony of literary texts and inscriptions, and anthropological models based on comparative studies, this compact volume provides an account of the Greek world that is thoughtful and sophisticated yet accessible to students and general readers with little or no knowledge of Greece.
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Kurze Geschichte des modernen Zypern

1878 - 2009

Author: Heinz A. Richter

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz

ISBN: 9783447062114

Category: History

Page: 330

View: 1936

Diese "Kurze Geschichte des modernen Zyperns" wendet sich an den an der Geschichte Zyperns interessierten Leser, der mehr wissen will als das, was im Reisefuhrer oder gar in der Zeitung steht, aber nicht die Zeit hat, sich in die Geschichte dieser Insel zu vertiefen. Sie ist die Zusammenfassung meiner vierbandigen "Geschichte der Insel Zypern," die zusammen 2.667 Seiten zahlt und in rd. sieben Jahren niedergeschrieben wurde. Sie umfasst den Zeitraum zwischen 1878, als Zypern britisch wurde, und 1977, als Makarios das sog. High Level Agreement unterzeichnete und wenig spater starb. Zum besseren Verstandnis der Entwicklung bis zur Gegenwart enthalt diese "Kurze Geschichte" jedoch einen knappen Uberblick uber die Entwicklung nach 1977 bis 2009.Bei der Darstellung wurden die Fakten auf das notwendige Minimum reduziert, die Interpretationen aber weitgehend beibehalten. Naturlich mussten dabei viele Einzelheiten stark verkurzt dargestellt oder ganz weggelassen werden. Es sollte aber kein trockenes handbuchartiges Werk entstehen. Das Ziel war ein flott lesbarer, spannender Text, der dennoch alle wissenschaftliche Standards erfullt, jedoch mit einer Ausnahme: Es wurde auf einen umfangreichen Beleg- und Nachweisapparat in Form von Fussnoten und Bibliographien verzichtet. Ein solcher hatte nur die Lesbarkeit beeintrachtigt, den Text aufgeblaht und das Buch unhandlich und teuer gemacht. Wer die im Text zitierten Passagen oder Aussagen uberprufen oder Einzelheiten genauer wissen mochte, moge den jeweiligen Band der Langausgabe zur Hand nehmen. Die vier Bande entsprechen den vier Hauptkapiteln der Kurzausgabe. Da die Kapitelgliederung der Kurzausgabe jener der Langausgabe entspricht, durfte es leicht fallen, die gesuchte Stelle dort zu finden.
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A Concise History of Australia

Author: Stuart Macintyre

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139915533

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 2842

Australia is the last continent to be settled by Europeans, but it also sustains a people and a culture tens of thousands years old. For much of the past 200 years the newcomers have sought to replace the old with the new. This book tells how they imposed themselves on the land, and brought technology, institutions and ideas to make it their own. It relates the advance from penal colony to a prosperous free nation and illustrates how, as a nation created by waves of newcomers, the search for binding traditions was long frustrated by the feeling of rootlessness, until it came to terms with its origins. The third edition of this acclaimed book recounts the key factors - social, economic and political - that have shaped modern-day Australia. It covers the rise and fall of the Howard government, the 2007 election and the apology to the stolen generation. More than ever before, Australians draw on the past to understand their future.
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A History of Science in Society: From the ancient Greeks to the scientific revolution

Author: Andrew Ede,Lesley B. Cormack

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442604492

Category: History

Page: 180

View: 2425

A History of Science in Society is a concise overview that introduces complex ideas in a non-technical fashion. Volume I begins with a small group of philosophers in ancient Greece and ends with the work of Sir Isaac Newton.
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A Concise History of the Arabs

Author: John McHugo

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 1595589503

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 5614

From Algeria and Libya to Egypt and Syria, the Arab world commands Western headlines, even as its complex politics and cultures elude the grasp of most Western readers and commentators. Perhaps no other region is so closely linked to contemporary U.S. foreign policy, and nowhere else does the unfolding of events have such significant consequences for America. A Concise History of the Arabs argues that the key to understanding the Arab world today—and in the years ahead—is unlocking its past. John McHugo takes the reader on a journey through the political, social, and intellectual history of the Arabs from the Roman Empire right up to the present day. His sweeping and fluent account describes in vivid detail the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, the expansion of Islam, the origins of Shiism, medieval and modern conflicts, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the interaction with Western ideas, the struggle to escape foreign domination, the rise of Islamism, and the end of the era of dictators. McHugo reveals how the Arab world came to have its present form, why change was inevitable, and what choices lie ahead following the Arab Spring. This deeply informed and accessible account is the perfect entry point for anyone seeking to comprehend this vital part of the world.
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A Concise History of Britain, 1707–1975

Author: W. A. Speck

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107782422

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 1576

This book provides a concise, illustrated history of Great Britain over the past three centuries, from its formation as a sovereign state between the Union of England and Scotland in 1707 to its partial loss of sovereignty in the accession to the European Community, confirmed in the referendum result of 1975. Professor Speck emphasises political and social trends. In particular he argues that conservative politics prevailed largely in a deeply conservative society, and that reactionary causes generally obtained more support than radical campaigns. The book is highly illustrated with pictures and photographs and contains a bibliography and other features of use to students and general readers.
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